Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Hangover

Hi guys. Sorry for not checking in yesterday but I'm still recovering from the weekend. Between the heat and the booze, I was a mess.

The Business was closed Sunday, so all of us were out partying our asses off. But boy did we pay for it the next day. I was working by myself (if you can ignore Maude - she's like wallpaper). Probably a good thing too because I spent the day working off my hangover. And the oven-baking heat wave didn't help things either.

Did you ever notice that when it's really hot outside, you really don't feel like doing anything inside either? Well it's especially true when you're hung-over. Luckily I only had 1 customer all day.

"Ed" is a Regular who I don't see very often, but he's been around for a few years now. He's one of my traveling salesmen customers. With those guys it's either feast or famine - they've got money to burn and I see them often or they're broke and they disappear for months on end. Well I guess Ed was finally making money again because he came in all happy and wanting "The Works." Well I told him that he could do whatever he wanted - as long as I didn't have to move.

Some guys aren't into roleplay, but a number of times now I've been asked to play "Drunk Girlfriend." I pretty much just have to lie there and let the guys dry hump me in various positions while I say things like "I am soooooooo drunk" and "Wheeeee!" I figured the game of "Hung-over CJ" wasn't much different.

Ed was eager to play but didn't know where to begin, so I suggested he start by massaging me. Was that selfish? - sure, but I don't think he minded. So I flipped over and he did a damn good job on my back (of course the way I was feeling, he could have walked on my back with golf shoes and I wouldn't have cared). But when he was finished, he skipped my legs completely and just focused on my ass.

I don't mind some good glute work every now and then, but he was pretty much just fondling and squeezing. I mean you would think he was trying to figure out if each cheek was ripe enough to pick the way he was working. First he'd rub one cheek, then the other. Then he'd give both a good squeeze. Finally he'd spread them both and just stare for a minute before starting all over again.

In "Drunk Girlfriend" it's common to do a butt release, so I offered that to Ed - partly because I'm all about making the customer happy, but mostly because I didn't feel like rolling over. He stammered a "yes" and then didn't really know what to do. I had to walk him through it because he was more of a standard roll-over-for-your-happy-ending kinda guy.

Ed climbed up on the table and I told him to take the oil bottle and get himself well lubed. Then for good measure I suggested he oil up my ass crack which made him really happy.

"Now what?" he asked, genuinely confused.

"Go to town," I said. "Just slide it between my cheeks and sort of dry hump me. And when you're ready to cum, just shoot it on my back."

So I put my head down and relaxed for a few minutes until he was done. Anyway, I relaxed as much as possible with a sweaty 200 pound guy on top of me rubbing against my ass. I was THAT hung-over.

I knew he was done when he gave out a few grunts, then stopped moving. I was praying that he's not a flopper when I started to feel him peel himself off of me. Between all the oil, the sweat and the semen, we were both a sticky mess. I ended up taking a shower afterwards and the cool water felt good and even woke me up a little. Ed left me a generous tip and promised not to be so scarce from now on. It was his first butt release and now I think he's hooked.

I spent the rest of the day parked in front of the AC vent and popping aspirin. Normally I would have caught up on the blog comments, but I was not in the mood. Sorry I've been so bad lately, but I promise to catch up and comment on the last 2 weeks worth.



Anonymous said...

Given the option of a butt release with CJ and her fine ass, nobody in their right mind would turn that down.

BlueLantern said...

I never before considered that people role-played in massage parlours. What other kind of situations do customers request?

A butt release sounds interesting. Frottage can be a step more intimate than just a hand release. If not hung over are you more active squeezing muscles/ pushing back? Or do you prefer to just relax and let the guy go to town?

mh said...

Hey CJ! I just wanted to say thanks for doing this awesome blog! I was able to find myself a massage parlor and left happy without looking like a newbie (^_^) Although, she didn't offer me any options, she just turned me over and asking if I wanted some luvin'. She finished me off and told me she'd meet me up front. Luckily, I had prepared myself by reading your blog or else I wouldn't have known how much to tip her. I tipped her $80 cuz she took off her top and I'll be back soon. Thanks again CJ!

Nicole - Comox Valley Massage said...

Sheesh, no way I'm letting anyone's dick that close to my anus. It would be one "WHOOPS...SORRY" after another. I trust nobody! You're one brave woman. Our holiday was on July 1 (Canada Day). I never drink, but sure made an exception, so July 2 found me feeling less than my best. IDK how I made any money, the day's a blur. You have a very interesting and fun blog...keep it up!

sayitaintso30 said...

Hey I think I may have found a massage parlor that gives happy endings. It has a neon sign that sais "massages" just like you said and they also have showers. I'm actually about to go check it out hopefully they do give happy endings. Thank you so much because I never would have found one without I problably would have strolled into an actual place that just gives normal massages.

Black Pearl said...

Damn girl!! 200lb butt release! I bow down to your drunken gangsta!

Joker_SATX said...

Ed was one lucky guy!

Stay cool!

cj said...

Roleplay isn't uncommon in parlors because we're less expensive than brothels. The stories I could tell...

Sometimes I get actively involved to help the guy finish quickly, but the other day I was too tired!

A success story! Good for you!!

I only offer it to guys I'm really comfortable with. Luckily no one has ever tried to take advantage of it.

The showers are a big tip off. Go for it and let me know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

At this point I have to request that "butt release" be forever changed to "cheeky job".

Butt release sounds like you do after you've eaten too much takeout food.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"[...] we're less expensive than brothels [...]"
No, you're not! Less than the Bunny ranch, maybe, not than the full service massage parlors. $150 all included for 1/2 hour. And no constant add-ons (THIS will cost you THAT - sigh).

"The showers are a big tip off."
No they're not! Every self-respecting massage place offers showers. TABLE showers are another story, but not even a sure thing.
Don't go groping a legit therapist, please?! And don't give LE bad ideas (they probably know better, though).

So after Andy got a busy-on-the-phone masseuse, now Ed got a too-hung-over-to-even-move one?
Outstanding. Keep ragging on Asians, you're so much better! Well, I dunno about better, but at least you're American!
Guys are sooo easy to please (and newbies to mislead), aren't they?