Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 15 Minute Option

Someone sent me this comic today and I thought it was hilarious. It got me thinking about all the guys who ask for our "cheapest" option. It was never really an issue back in the good old days, but for the last 2 years we basically had our own version of a Bargain Basement Special.

The 15 Minute Option was made official by Audrey when business had all but tanked a couple years ago. I mean we each had our own personal version of it, but it was kinda hush-hush. The problem was that the shortest session we offered was 30 minutes, which means that it cost at least $30 just to walk through our doors. Then on top of that, our cheapest option is topless for an additional $80. So the cheapest session with happy ending was a total of $110.

Then Audrey cut her prices for topless without telling anyone, and the customers start complaining that the rest of us are charging too much. So then Trina, Cindy and me dropped our topless price as well. Then to make matters worse, the economy tanked and now customers are trying to barter with us. "Look, I'll give you $27 and this half-used gift card for Olive Garden..." It was that bad.

Now I had my own "Blue Light Special" if you will. For Regulars that I liked, and who were in a hurry, I'd offer a 15 minute session when Audrey wasn't around. Without her at the front desk, I could let the customer skip the door fee. Then in the room, I'd basically give them a 10 minute back rub, followed by a fully-clothed happy ending for $60. They're happy for saving time and money, and I'm happy for pocketing a decent tip without having to undress. A win-win for everyone.

When business got bad, we were hit with this wave of bargain hunters. Guys with hard luck stories. Guys threatening to take their business elsewhere. And in some cases, guys offering to pay with DVD players and cartons of cigarettes.

And their M.O. was usually the same - get their naked asses up on the table before I had offered options. They figured I'd have no choice but to agree to whatever scheme they had in mind. But unfortunately for them, in my line of business, the customer is NOT always right. I don't know about you guys, but in my book lying naked on a table with your limp dick hanging in the breeze is not exactly a good position to negotiate from. So whenever some customer would say "I only have $20, take it or leave it," I'd usually just open the door to our brightly lit hallway and then point to the exit. Amazing how that bright light helped them find extra money in their wallet.

Sometimes I'd compromise and offer them either a topless massage OR a happy ending. NOT both. But I never liked offering this option because I still spent the same time in session, but for a smaller tip. So when Audrey finally let us start offering a 15 minute session, none of us argued.

It works basically like this: $20 at the door so Audrey still makes her money, plus another $40 in session. And in 15 minutes, you pretty much only have enough time for some chit-chat and a handjob. I don't even bother to offer clothing options because these guys just want to get in, get off, and get out. Sometimes I'll take my shirt off for a sort of "bra only" option if it helps to get them off quicker, and most importantly - encourage them to take a longer session next time (that's what I call marketing).

The 15 minute option was popular for a while, but now things are picking back up and we're seeing more 45 and even 60 minute sessions again. But the 15 minute option is still great for the man on the go. Get in, get off, get out, and still have time for a burger before lunch is over.



The Cook said...

I think your bra option is a great one for the reasons you mention. I always like to see the breasts, but a sexy bra is nearly as good, with its own appeal for the mystery and shaping it offers.

timeteo said...

I stumbled on your blog about 10 weeks ago, having googled "massage parlor", and your AMP blog came up on the first page of the results. I was immediately hooked, and started at the beginning, limiting myself to 1-2 blogs per day, savoring each one. I've been dreading the day I caught up to real-time and had to wait for new posts, like everyone else.
You are a precious gem , and I'm very sorry I don't live anywhere near you. New Orleans Has a dearth of parlors, so I'm stuck having to wait for vacations.
Anyway, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

If I knew of a place where I could be in and out in 15 minutes for $60 I'd be on my way there right now - and probably every Friday (and Monday) too. Who knows, there probably is one less than 5 minutes from here... but who'll tell me?

Anonymous said...

i paid $40 for 30 minutes, then another $40 for soft massage a.k.a happy ending. she took out her boobs and let me touch them. i would have liked a more affordable verision - just a hand save $20... but this was fine...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad I don't live in your area!!. In my part of the world $60 gets a 30 minute topless handjob. Some of the pretty, younger girls can get $75, but $60 is market.

Some will not offer anything above that, regardless of price. Most recently I have been able to rub two different girls to orgasm over their panties, but was not asked for additional fee -- I did tip however!! I've seen a lot of girls, but having a girl that will let me get her off it the ultimate turn on.

Anonymous said...

I am the anon from the post above. I just got back from seeing one of my two favs. I took and hour option, paid $100. She wall full nude, I made her cum twice and she jerked me off all over her chest, boobs and neck. She also put on a small masturbation show.

Anonymous said...

hello CJ!
what's the update on your boyfriend?
does he know about your job yet?

cj said...

Bra is not a standard option and I don't like doing it often because I just don't want my bra's to get dirty.

2nd Anon,
The problem is when it gets that cheap, it basically takes the same amount of time to earn a $20 tip with top on versus $40 with top off. That's why it's counterproductive of anyone at a business to cut her prices that much.

Next Anon,
Is that $60 including the door fee? If it does, then you've found a keeper.

Last Anon,
Still seeing Derek. No - no clue. LOL


Anonymous said...

I love the 15-minute option, CJ.
There are quite a few in call girls in my area who offer the "businessman's special" between 11AM-2PM daily.

And, like one of the Anons posted, it usually runs about $50 or $60 total cost for the 15 to 20 minute "session".

You should really be thankful (especially given what week it is) that you live in an area and work for an established biz where you can still command a nice tip on top of door fee. :)

Congrats on the blog and your success.

Tony in North Carolina

Phillyboi89 said...

Wow really? How long have u guys been dating?