Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Freak Of The Week - Shavers

The new Freak Of The Week is courtesy of my new girl "J" up in Canada. Heya!

She reminded me of a whole class of guys that I never really considered as freaky. They are the shavers - guys who ask you to shave them down. Now I did a FOTW a while ago on a guy we call "Captain Haircut" but his deal was very specific and ritualistic. What I'm talking about are the guys who want me to shave them down with a razor.

I haven't had a request for this in a couple months, but when I do it's no big dea since we have the showers for easy cleanup. Shavers ask me to shave their body, backs, pubes and balls. Most common request is balls and pubes.

Since I classify this as a fetish, I charge an extra $100. We keep disposable razors and shaving gel in the back closet for just this occasion (or another special request where I shave myself - but that's a whole other story). Then we just throw everything away when we're done.

There's usually no massage involved and we just get down to business. I'll ask the guy to take a quick shower first since it helps with the whole shaving process. Then I'll have him lie on the table with a couple extra towels under his butt since it's going to get messy. Next, I'll take some shaving gel in one hand and gently massage it into his pubes and then his balls (if I can remember - I try to stick the container in the bottle warmer before we get started to help make this part more pleasant). I'll fill a cup with some hot water from the shower to keep it handy to clean the razor.

When he's good and lathered up, I'll start by shaving his balls. I've discovered that this makes for good foreplay with a Shaver. I've done this often enough that I even have my own technique of gently manipulating the skin of his sack so I get a good close shave. And all that attention to the balls usually gets him nice and aroused for the next part.

So when he's all cleanly shaven down below, that's when I'll take my well lathered left hand and slowly wrap it around his cock. Then I pull it down and out of the way (and if it takes me a few tries before I get a good angle at his pubes, he never seems to mind). With my right hand I'll then shave a patch of skin, then "reposition" his cock with my left. So in essence the customer gets a sort of alternating tug-n-shave. But I always hold the dick perfectly still while doing the actual shaving motion because the last thing you want is anything moving around when you're using a razor.

At this point, some Shavers might have an "accident" during the shave - which is the point I guess. So that's why I try to help it along because I get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But usually after I finish the shave, I offer to do the happy ending immediately while they're still aroused and not wait till after they've rinsed off in the shower. Some guys don't even ask for the end part - they're just happy with the shave.

After the happy ending, I'll clean them up real quick with a fresh towel and send them back into the shower. With the remaining few guys who prefer their handjob after the shower I have to be extra careful because sometimes the oils we use will irritate their skin. Nothing kills the mood faster than a guy jumping up and down, holding his junk and yelling "That burns! That burns!"

Told ya we should have done it with the shaving cream!



Kenny S. said...

So you'll also shave for the guys? What if you're already shaved? Do they need to "order" in advance?

Anonymous said...

What a timely piece! I had shaved myself the night before going to a Business and was a bit paranoid actually... in particular, if there are open cuts on my balls or shaft, and she has an open sore on her hand, you don't want to mess around.
Hey totally random other question - do you have any referrals for treatment centres, because I actually didn't realize this little habit can become an addiction, which I think it has. I just cannot stop thinking about the next fix, look forward to it like a bottle of vodka, and then after the fact think about what happened. I imagine there are other lurkers on here who may think they have an addiction to this type of activity. At what point do you say, okay, I've got a problem and need help!???

Anonymous said...

For me, I was thinking, that it's a convenience thing.

I grow hair in some mighty tight parts, and it's handy to have someone else shave it. I do it myself because I don't want to spend the money, but there is a hygiene aspect

Anonymous said...

I know I cannot be the only one who would be scared to death to have my nether regions shaved with a razor by someone else. Goodness, I'd be scared to shave my balls by myself. Ha What if a raid happened during the shave and scared you enough to flinch? OUCH!

Cj, are you planning on telling Derek or what?

-No shaver

Madman Mike said...

My favorite massage attendant takes care of me too, except in a slightly different way. I had a problem with skin tags growing on my neck, and my Doctor wouldn't touch them because the insurance didn't cover it. After talking about this with my massage attendant, she offered to cut them off for me. I bought a pair of surgical scissors, some antiseptic, and liquid bandage and she cut them all off for me. She did a great job too.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ - guess what. I shot the goose again. Two times running now. Go me. I went back to that old chinese lady who I thought wasn't into me for happy ending purposes. Well lo and behold, she is, and her technique is quite subtle. She turned me over and wrapped my one leg with the sheet, up to my groin, so it was touching my shaft. She massaged all up my leg and down with oil, and the sheet was rubbing my shaft so I started to uh, get a bit excited. Then she went over to the other leg, same thing, more excitement, and before I knew it, I shot the goose. She didn't really acknowledge what happened so I kind of had to raise it, ehem. I said sorry about the mess. She said don't worry..
All thanks to your practical advice. Still would love to try your double hands one day... I can dream...


Continuous But Plural said...

I'm curious about the question Kenny S. posed, too.

Anonymous said...

Once a month or so, I get waxed - full arm, leg, and yes you guessed it, a "male Brazilian". The first time is the worst, but you get used to it. Just bring a stick to bite on. It's over before you know it. No happy ending, unless one is into pain, but the results are matchless. The enhanced sensitivity is fantastic. Mmmmmm....Freaky deaky