Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone (no pun intended). And the one thing we could all agree on was that Friday was definitely black - and not in a good way.

Business this year was bad. Good for November, but bad for a Thanksgiving weekend. Friday and Saturday nights didn't need 3 girls on schedule. We could have gotten away with 2, and the days may as well have been 1. My Erotic Economic Indicator says that Christmas is going to be a cheap one this year.

The one interesting thing from this weekend is that we definitely had a Black Friday crowd. Let me explain...

I opened The Business early on Friday. Usually it's Maude's job, but she was out shopping all day and was scheduled to close. Anyways, when I got there there was already a guy waiting out in the parking lot. I unlocked the doors and started my morning routine - turning up the thermostat, firing up the oil bottle warmers, and checking the phone messages.

That's when I noticed there were like 3 hang up calls from the night before and about another half dozen from that morning. There was a knock on the front door and I saw the guy who was waiting. I let him in and he admitted that he had called once about an hour before to see if we were open. Turns out he was one of those early morning bargain hunters, and thought this was the perfect excuse to be out of the house and dropping large amounts of cash without anyone noticing.

So I'm guessing that all those hang-ups were from his fellow bargain hunters. But midnight on Thanksgiving - seriously? At that hour you should be home in a turkey induced coma - not out cruising for someone to choke your chicken. Then again, if you're willing to camp in front of a store for 8 hours in the freezing rain for the chance at wrestling a little old lady for a $99 TV, a little manual stimulation may be in order.

Mr. Early Bird made a joke about whether we had any Black Friday "specials" going on. I actually thought that was funny. By the 4th time I heard it that day, it wasn't so funny. And by the end of the night I found myself saying "Please don't make the joke... Please don't make the joke" whenever the front door chimed.

But apart from all the work crap, my weekend was pretty good. Had lots to eat on Thanksgiving at Mom's house. Played with all the kids and caught up on gossip. And I even managed to do some shopping on Saturday before my evening shift. So overall, not a bad weekend.

And now begins the mad rush before Christmas. Now remember guys - giving the gift of massage is an excellent choice for your spouse. And we do offer gift certificates! Just make sure you include the tip. Not kidding - everyone forgets to throw in an extra $20 for the therapeutic gift certificates.

Now go out there and shop!



Ming said...

How does tipping with a gift certificate work? Do I pay tip when I buy the certificate? How do I know the one who perform the massage is going to be the one who receive the tip?

TheMole said...

Hi Cj,
I discovered this blog last week. One word: Excellent! or maybe awesome! Either one will do. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

*Not related to the post but..* Would you ever compile all your stories into a book? I'd buy it.

Continuous But Plural said...

Too bad about the drop in business. I really like the idea of your erotic business indicator. I, too, work in a business dominated by disposable income, being a tarot reader and astrologer. And judging by what you've said, the season doesn't bode well.

Anonymous said...

Cj- I am a cosmotologist who works in a spa. I have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I live or it, wish there was a move about it, Have read it for a while now, and when I want more I read it again... OK-
I want more... I need more CJ!! A LIST OF : more often, longer blogs and better stories, detailsabout customers, how the shop is ran, what type products you use! In the hay-day of your blog-say a year ago- It was great! It still is good, and atleast you have not left us in the dark, but CJ, go to last Thanksgiving, and compare this year to last... You can see it yourself, i bet!

Are you tired, busy, don't wanna do the job anymore or don't wanna blog? Please cj, My sanity depends on it! I am a Mom of a lil one who should be on ritalin, have co workers to rival yours and a boss so picky, jeff lewis woud say he is a micro manager-ok! I live vicariously through your blog!

I love your blog, the way you deliver and CJ, give us what we want and have to have, more of you!!!



cj said...

Gift Certificates work just like cash. You can include the tip in the certificate and specify it on the cert itself that xxx is meant for tip.

Audrey is good about these and doesn't attempt to rip us off when someone cashes it in.

My techno-nerd said I should compile the blog into an easy-to-read book format and put it up on one of those internet book sites. What do you guys think? I know that some of these stories aren't exactly work-related material, so would it be easier for some of you to download it onto your iPads or whatever and read it that way?

Have you seen a similar drop yet?

Thanks! The drop in business this year may be a sign of things to come. It's been a weird year and maybe that's why I haven't written quite as much.

Freaks and Sugar Daddys just aren't as prevalent as they use to be. Audrey doesn't work here anymore, so less to complain about. And the crackdowns almost ruined our business. Who knows, maybe things will pick up next year.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the get back!!! It is a shame that the economy is getting us all down.. I have often thought of getting in the business as well. I have even called a few places, but never went for it! There is nothing decent I know of in my area anyways!

Have you ever thought of being a veb cam girl? I will start full/part time in jan.

If you would like to talk shoot me a email @ suziesnow@live.com.

Loved the last story!!!