Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sugar Daddy Pete

Today was my first session with “Pete” – an incredibly generous man who first visited me a couple months ago. He called and made an appointment yesterday, which for some reason just made me really nervous and excited – in much the same way as a first date. I know that sounds stupid since he’s just a customer, but for some reason I feel like I need to go out of my way to be nice or impress him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always nice to customers (well – almost always except when they’re jerks, or I’m PMS’ing). Maybe it’s just people who flash too much cash around. Or perhaps it’s because I’m newly single and attention from any guy is now much more appreciated. I don’t know.

Am I babbling?

I think I just don’t know where to start. OK, let’s try it from the beginning. He came in this afternoon. I barely remembered what he looked like – it’s been 2 months. He’s in his 50’s, thin build but some definition, like he still works with his hands. Balding, but he keeps what’s left cut really short. Dark skin from being outside too much. At first glance you’d guess he was just a regular Working Joe, but if you look closely you’ll notice the Nautica shirt and Polo jeans.

Funny thing about expensive clothes nowadays – you spend a lot of money to look like you didn’t. Just look at any Abercrombie and Fitch window. Everything looks torn and faded - and I have a $90 pair of jeans to prove it! Anyways, I’ve learned throughout the years that you can learn a lot about a guy by looking at the labels of his clothes as they’re lying in a heap in the corner of my room during a session.

I tried to hide my nervousness by just doing my regular chit-chat I use on all new customers about the weather and gas prices. He seemed normal enough, but maybe a little on the quiet side. Or maybe I just wouldn’t let him get a word in. Gawd – I felt like I was in high school.

But I quieted down and let him talk during session (60 minute, G-string option). Apparently he owns a construction business in New York, but he’s building a vacation house down near the Amish country. They’ve just started work so he hopes to come by on a regular basis. He has a wife and 3 grown kids – all of which seem to be on his nerves at the moment. From what I can gather, they’re all a bunch of spoiled gold-diggers who only appreciate him for his money. He’d love to divorce the wife, but his lawyer has already warned him of how much it will cost. And the kids have already graduated college, but 2 of which still live at home. So he says he feels “stuck” in this sort of self-perpetuating bad dream.

I’ve seen this type before. They’re very generous with their money – but only when it’s not expected. He can hate his family, but lavish attention on a stranger only because they don’t expect anything from him. So I can be cool with this. I decided to just keep quiet and let the rest of the session play out to see what he wanted from me.

I purposely went a little over our time since he was obviously enjoying his erotic counseling session (remember – never watch the clock when giving the VIP treatment). Then when we got to the hand release, I went a little slower than usual so he’d have time to really enjoy it. I even used my “sexy” voice to talk him through it (this is when I lower my voice and talk slower and huskier – as opposed to my “you got 5 minutes then you’re on your own” voice). When he finally came, I didn’t stop but slowed down and just kept massaging his wilting dick with a combination of baby oil and cum.

Meanwhile I just kept purring at him with my deep voice to relax and let me finish cleaning him up. When he was all clean, I didn’t hurry out of the room, but let him sit up and enjoy the full view of The Girls from a sitting position (do I know how to charm a guy or what?). With the session now over, I knew that the single thought floating around his blood-deprived brain was “make your move!” So I took my time getting dressed and started with my pants instead of the bra. He finally managed to hop off the table and say “Thank you so much… here… I have something for you.” He then put a wad of bills on the table next to the candles.

99% of me was already counting the money. But the logical 1% said “Oh thank you!” while stuffing The Girls back in their lacy home. “I don’t know about you, but I need a cigarette.”

Well that seemed to clinch the deal. He smiled and said “I’ll join you... Can I see you when I come back this way?” Well Duh – like you have to ask. So he said I was “Special” and he’d call the Business the next time he passed through.

I said “What do you mean ‘special?’ Like you have to read to me slowly?”

He laughed, then I gave him a hug at the door. He pecked me on the cheek and said goodbye. Overall it really did feel kinda like a first date. Except for the handjob and the $600 tip.



Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

I like how you threw the $600 tip part in at the end.

I feel like I'm listening to a girlfriend gossip when I read your blog. I think that's why I like it so much. Also, I may be one of your only female readers;)

I hope things with Pete work out, and I look forward to future posts about him.

The Girl in the Mirror said...

I'm a female reader too! haha... I'm sure you have more than you'd think. You should do a poll!

Historical Wit said...

sweet tip! hey I am mostly male but love the gossip aspect you your writing. And I agree, try a poll. I bet you have more female than male readers.

Em Jay PEEEE said...

Six hundred bucks!?! Yikes. That's a lot of scratch.

I'd need more than hand release if I'm laying out that kind of money. How about throwing in a foot rub and dinner as well?

CJ, are you a good cook? If so, what is your top dish?

Em Jay Peeee said...

Anonymous (above) wrote something funny: "I hope things with Pete work out..."

Like he's a boyfriend or something - Ha! I'm sure things will work out fine as long as he keeps laying down the massive tips. :)

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that most guys (and I'm no exception) when they are looking for an escape or an outlet from their current situation, usually just recreate a variation of the same thing. For example, most people that I've polled know some guy who left his wife and kids to marry someone that looks remarkably like his first wife and then starts another family. Or in this case Pete's wife treats him like a walking ATM, so he goes out for a $600 handjob. I wonder why we do that?

cj said...


I make a mean shepards pie. And I would much sooner cook for you than rub your feet - I don't do feet.

As for Sugar Daddies - I have to actually like the guy before I'll go that extra step for him. I've had other rich guys throw money at me, but if they're jerks I won't go that extra mile. One thing I've learned over the years is that money only goes so far - and it DEFINITELY doesn't buy trust.


cj said...


Did you read my post "The Business?" I mention how customers tend to pick girls who look like their wives/girlfriends back in their prime. I think it's just our way of trying to get back to the "good old days."

As for Pete - maybe acting generously is his way of remembering the early days of his family, before they all became jerks. Or perhaps it's a power trip thing, and he feels like he's in charge when spending money. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

His family may not even have become jerks. They probably just became people. Independent, uncontrolled people with their own needs. But I agree with you that control and nostalgia both play big parts in it all. I've certainly seen them at work in my own extra-marital excursions. I also noticed that it is easy to demonize your own family when playing outside of marriage. It likely helps us in the rationalizing process.

Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous first comment. . . When I said that I hope things with Pete work out, I meant I hope you have a fun relationship with a sugar daddy. You seem to want the attention right now, and it seems like it would be fun and exciting, plus you get paid. Maybe that's stupid? I don't think so though. You seem to relish the new beginning part of your business relationship with Pete the same as you would a new guy you had a crush on. I don't think the sentiments are that different.

Anonymous said...

Masseuses, just like most other sex workers, seem to have a self-esteem directly related to the amount they can extract from a guy.

They can't help to brag about how much they get, and for how little. If a man is willing to shell out that much, they must be something!

I also like how anyone who goes beyond a fluctuating and arbitrary line in the sand they draw (no penetration, no kiss, not for less than x amount, or whatever) is a tramp.


As someone said: "Don't try and get in my head - it stinks in there."

Ully said...

Money fetish! Kinky!