Thursday, July 17, 2008

Part 4 - Where are they now?

Welcome to Part 4 of my ever increasingly badly named 3 Part Series. After I finally finished telling that last story, I realized just how difficult it was for me to go through that again. I think that's why I just had no interest in sitting down in front of the computer and saying anything. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to change the subject and talk about funny stuff again.

For example... On Monday I had another 300 pound guy come in (Just gotta love them, right?). He took 1 look at me and (no lie) he said "I like 'em skinny. Is there anyone else working here?" I'm a freakin size 2 for gawds sake. When I told him no, he probably couldn't help but hear the resentment I had in my voice. He said "Fine. I'll take you anyway..." So I told him I had an appointment and he had to leave - NOW. How's that bi-otch! Nowadays I have just zero tolerance for assholes.

My girl Slutty McWhore (great blog - go read it it) left a funny comment about how she hopes our prices have gone up since the old days. Well, even though the job is more or less the same as back when I started, there are a lot of small differences. For starters, our prices have gone up roughly 50% since those days. Unfortunately, guys take longer sessions now - so the house makes more money while we work longer.

I continued being a one-handed-tug wonder for about 2 years before I finally started to improve my technique (not that anyone ever complained). I had been working for a couple of months before I got my first request for a "Breast Release" to which I replied "We don't do that here." After I told a co-worker about that freak, she explained that what he wanted was a good, old-fashioned Titty Fuck. Ohhhhhhhhh... Now I know. She said I could probably charge a couple extra hundred for it, then gave me some pointers on how to keep the semen out of my hair. That's when I realized that I could go from Mo' Money to Mad Money overnight.

A couple years later, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dawn ended up losing that business after going partners with a man. They should have known better!!!! He ripped them off for everything until the place was forced to shut down - then he reopened a new place across town and took most of the girls with him. I'm still in touch with some of the girls to this day. Some stayed masseuses, while a couple others I lost to drugs or abusive boyfriends. A few went legit. I ended up working for that guy for exactly 1 week before I decided that I shouldn't have to blow anyone just to keep my job.

I worked for a couple different bosses before I finally ended up with Audrey. Over the years, the fate of most businesses has been to slowly turn to full-service. After a business stops offering massages, it's pretty much nothing more than a brothel. Then the cops take notice and they shut down. The sleazy owners (usually guys) then open up shop elsewhere, while the girls circulate through other Businesses.

The "Massage Parlor" is slowly becoming a thing of the past. It's getting harder in this business to keep things sexy without actually crossing over into sex - especially when the full-service places are just around the corner. I mean, we still have our fans - guys who just want to relax for an hour with a little something extra at the end. Then there are the fetishists who don't want sex and find masseuses very understanding of their needs.

I can't fault these girls for eventually making the jump to full-service. The money is usually better, but sometimes you have to because every other girl you work with does it. When you realize one day that customers keep going to all the other girls, you might just give in and let some guy finger you so you can pay your phone bill.

So there you have it - I'm the last of a dying breed! And that's a pretty good summary of what's happened around here in between my first happy ending and that last one from this afternoon. I'll try to be more upbeat next time.



mnwhr said...

I appreciate your perspective on massage parlors. It's something I really know little about so your blog is enlightening as well as hella funny.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed this series of posts very much, but it's probably time to move on. It's your blog and you should be enjoying it. Now you can write about another "freak of the week" or the latest news of the new girl.


P.S. - I think that 300 pound guy you sent away on Monday would have been great material for my suggestion of tasing some asshole a half dozen times and bloging about it here for our enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be offended by an unsolicited bit of advice (is anything more despised?): you seem unhappy with the job. Really. And you deserve to be happy. Do yourself a favor and at least try something else--it might be the best decision you ever made. If you don't like it, you can always go back. Again, my apologies for the un-asked for advice. I am crawling back into my hole now.

Henrietta Hussy said...

you rock

ez cheese said...

Your refusal not to go full service, in my opinion, is awesome. You are like the last samurai or some shit, defending an ancient and dying art from the new slutty ways of full service parlors.

Anonymous said...

Calling "Samurai" such an Asian-basher? Oh, the irony...

CJ makes it sounds as though the "real" parlors, with licensed girls who actually CAN provide therapy on top of highly specialized extras not found anywhere else were a dying breed. It's a crock of shit - I'm sorry to be so blunt.

As she admits, the massages she gives are NOT deep tissue, more of a relaxing sort, like what a girlfriend OR ANY OTHER PROVIDER can do.

As for the extras... for the prices charged, I'm amazed that she stays in business. Painting the competition as lowly drugged up skanks full of STDs and other sex slaves who undercut the business is a LIE, pure and simple.
It may be an idea she got from working for only 3-4 parlors in a small town that only has half a dozen, to quote her, I dunno. But that ain't the business as I know it.

I've said it elsewhere on this blog, one can get LMTs if that's important (not sure why for a light massage). And one can get a lot more from them for a lot less. If decor matters (I also like a clean place), there are escorts with nice trick pads, or parlors trying to look legit, that provide anywhere from erotic FBSM to full-on sex.

$200 for russian? On top of the rest? That buys an hour of FS in my neck of the woods.

Sorry but the above may be a clue why business is so tough (on top of the economy)... The sugar daddies who drop 6 C-notes for a simple HJ seem to have warped CJ's sense of reality.
Maybe it's time for her to move on to escorting: this way she'll be able to charge crazy money for simple "company" and dump on Asians all day (and night) long. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

This "Samurai" needs to look into the work ethics of a Geisha, methinks...

MrMike said...

While I have seen parlors drift into the full service realm, there are still many hand job places in Connecticut and actually in NYU too.

Anonymous said...

Not that I understand jack about massage parlors, but I started reading this blog this morning at work and have had to keep revisiting it throughout the day.

When the day comes and you realize that sex may be the only option, take a moment, look in the mirror, and realize you have other saleable talents – this blog isn't Shakespeare, but it's does tend to keep one's attention while being insightful (I for one find it fascinating). You should consider repackaging it as a book. The way your personality comes through your writing is a pretty rare feat. I'm looking forward to making my way through the rest of the posts.