Thursday, July 31, 2008


I figured out why I've been such a bitch this week (well, apart from the PMS that is). And the person who figured it out was my mom.

The other day I was just being a nag in general when she pointed out that this is the first July in years that I'm NOT going to the Jersey shore for vacation.

Wow. The realization hit me like a baseball bat. I have no boyfriend. No extra money. No time off. and now no vacation. Holy shit - no wonder I've been so mean lately. I think I cried after she said that (Not that it's a big deal -- when I'm PMSing I'll cry during a dog food commercial).

So there you have it. My life sucks and it took mom to point that out. Oh well... what I need right now is a nice sugar daddy to distract me from my troubles. You guys know any? LOL



Athena Marie said...

Girl I know how you feel. I am 30, divorcing and had to move back home with the folks. I used to go to Wildwood every summer and haven't for years. This year, I'm finally going to OC, Maryland for a week trip with some friends. Keep your head up!

cj said...


Have a cold one for me.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I totally relate! I used to go to Tofino (I'm Canadian, not sure if you'd have heard of it, it's a great surfing town on Vancouver Island) every summer. This summer, I spend six days a week working my retail job. Everybody needs a vacation! I wish I could afford it, or could take the time off work.

You should go somewhere for a weekend at least! Hope life lightens up for you soon.

- Melissa

ps. This is Tofino:

behrooz said...

Given that your life is as unbalanced as your description implies, I'm not convinced that a sugar daddy distraction would really be the best thing for you. Sure, it helps with money, for a while... but anything that comes like that is temporary and still outside your control.

Even if you can't control the money coming in, you can still work on where it goes. Seek out some advice on how you're budgeting, or work to cut down on the least necessary things... until you have enough money to give you breathing room to get out and work on the other things you want from life.

Like in most things, the most critical part is choosing what you want, and how to get there from where you are. The rest is just keeping on going.