Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Audrey is a lying, stealing, motherfucking bitch

You wanna know how much money I’ve made over the last 2 shifts? Exactly $23. Wanna know how you earn $23 in 2 shifts? I had 3 therapeutic massages, and only 1 of those cheap fuckers bothered to tip me, and he gave me (out of guilt) everything left in his wallet - $23.

Why am I getting screwed? Because that cunt Audrey has been hogging the front desk for the last 2 days, and she just conveniently schedules paying customers for herself and non-tipping therapeutics for me. Look – I know I gotta do the therapeutics just like everyone else, but she’s purposely been sticking me with them. How do I know? Because those 2 non-tipping shits told me they had requested Audrey, but she was too “busy.” THAT BITCH!

Hey – I gotta fill my gas tank just like everyone else. I also have to pay for my food and cell phone and cable and electricity. $23 dollars doesn’t even cover my lunch and gas for 2 days. Fuck I’m mad!!!!!!

And while I had 3 therapeutics in 2 shifts, you wanna guess how many PAYING customers Audrey had? EIGHT (8). When that dumb bitch saw how angry I was getting after watching her book customers for 2 straight days, all she had to say was “Sorry, they were all appointments.” Yeah – appointments to finger you, you dirty skank. Or are you blowing them now? I wouldn’t doubt it. Gawd I hate this place.

Trina feels the same way. Apparently Audrey has been pulling the same shit with her all week. We need to quit this place and start our own business. But then again, I don’t know if I can trust Trina either. I think she’s just 1 late rent payment away from offering blowjobs in session.
Who knows – at this rate maybe I’m not that far behind her either!

And to make things worse, I had to throw out 2 customers today. The first was some cheap ass piece of shit from Philly who actually argued with me about how he thinks everything should be included in the door price – namely the options and happy ending. Sorry buddy, but your $40 only gets you a Crack-Ho around here. Now what really set me off was the next guy who waited till he was already in the room to let me know that he only had $20 to tip, but he wanted a topless with hand release. Now I’ve had this type of asshole plenty of times – the guy who knowingly gets in the room with little money, and hopes you’ll bargain with him. Normally it doesn’t set me off, but after the week I’ve had, this guy said the absolutely wrong thing to me – “But Audrey does it all the time…”

I was actually looking forward to coming in today since it was just gonna be me and Trina. But that was it - I went ballistic on his ass. I started yelling at the guy, “I don’t care what you do with that bitch! You’ve been here before, so don’t you even pretend you don’t know what the prices are. If Audrey wants to jerk your sorry ass off for $20, that’s fine. But ya know what - ya get what you pay for. And her shit may be worth only $20, but mine ain’t!”

And with that I opened the door to the room and stood there looking at him. I don’t think he was expecting his session to go this way because he just left without looking me in the eye. He may end up telling Audrey that I was rude to him, but at this point I don’t really care anymore. She can have as many customers like this that she wants.


p.s. It's nice having a place to vent.

p.p.s. Since I originally wrote this, I had a customer confess that she blew him for $100. Gawd I hate her so much!!!!!


TomboCheck said...

Sorry to hear of your plight...
Totally sucks when bosses start thinking they are more important than the employees. It always ends badly for them.

Hope things turn around soon!

em jay pee said...

Maybe you should stick up a paypal link on your page. No shame in asking for donations - you're providing us with good entertainment!

Anonymous said...

If the truth was known, I'll bet Audrey probably gets fingered, sucks, fucks, and takes it up the ass too. When she hogs the front desk and takes all the "good" customers, she deserves to have her employees run off and start their own business. There's no reason you couldn't compete with her. I'm sure your income would change dramatically, if you did.


Father Bob said...

start your own gig...it can't be all that much overhead.

just my 2 cents

ez cheese said...

I think you need to set that cunt straight. I know I don't know her or you but you don't need her walking all over you and your wallet...fuck her, you don't need that shit.

Anonymous said...

Audrey is giving BJs for $100?! I don't know about the market there, but here in New Orleans even the AMPs charge more than that. $100 won't get you anything, at least not anything anyone would want.

Mrs. Hall said...

This business seems very short term. It will not provide for you in the long term.

I also think that you should consider not opening your own business. You spoke about how your job is really one that is dying. Again, short term things here.

I do not think it is a wise move to let costumers touch you. I have patients who have lived such a life. Some for a few months, some for years. Either way, they spend a life time recovering from it.

I think the only chance you have is to go back to school. It is viable if you plan it right. There is opportunity out there, it is up to you to grab it.

Take care:

Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hall, save your "let's save all the sex workers" bullshit for somebody else. It's obvious that CJ is a smart girl and if she wanted to go back to school she would've thought of it without your help.

cj said...

Dear Mrs. Hall and Anon,

Settle down guys. I appreciate any advice you guys have for me since I obviously have no idea what's going on anymore.

I actually have 3 semesters of community college under my belt. I put my schooling on hold 2 years ago when things got complicated around here, but I hope to pick it up again when I get my head straight. I loved English, but hated Math. Believe it or not, I'd like to get a degree and get some kinda job working with kids.

And advice? LOL


cj said...

Dear MJP,

You're not gonna believe this, but for some reason the paypal donation thing feels way too much like pan-handling to me.

I'd be afraid that I'd starting telling sob stories just so you'd guys would feel bad and start sending me money!


Em jay pee said...

CJ -
I feel as though most people will be okay with the idea of voluntary donations as long as it is not over-the-top. Just place a small link somewhere and don't draw attention to it. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised!

You've got some good content built up here - it is worth something. I keep a modest blog of my own and I know it takes a while to write a good post.

If you're not comfortable with that, you could set a Cafepress shop or something. You just need to come up with some snappy slogans for your t-shirts, like "I went to Happyendingz.blogspot.com and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and a handjob!)"

Scazar said...

Or perhaps, "Handjobs and massages don't work via the internet, so I got a t-shirt instead"

Unbroken said...

What happened to the Rules that she set up? I guess if anyone gets to break them, she’s the one… Almost seems like you need to confront Audrey. It sucks though, when things at work go bad. Sorry!

wait2cme said...

I bet all of the other ladies at your place are “putting out” but just don’t say so. The owners have to make it clear to the workers that full service is not allowed. Not saying that would make her liable should a police sting take place. I used to visit parlors all the time. And most of the girls tell you if you come back and see another girl don’t discuss what happens with another girl. Most of the girls seemed friendly with the other girls but behind closed doors they rip into them trying to discourage the guys from picking them on the next visit. If I was you I would go back to school like Mr. Hall suggested and be ready to leave this business. The longer you wait the harder it will be. I will put it to you bluntly the older you get the less money you will be able to make for none full service. I think I speak for most men when I say we are visual creatures and if we had to choose between a nice older woman and nice young women we would go with the young woman.

cj said...

Now you guys got me thinking...

A whole line of products from The Business. T-shirts, mugs, and lotions!

This gives me an idea for a future post. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

Blowjobs for $100?! Where the fuck do you guys live, the moon?! It's $60 here. In AMPs, I'll have you know. If you add up the house fee, it comes to that.

To CJ and her readers who apparently live up her virtual behind: you can't, on the one hand, claim that AMPs are rundown, unlicensed houses of slavery staffed with druggies and diseased whores, and then on the other come up with rates like that. People are gonna put two and two together and wonder how they possibly stay in business and/or why you say stuff like that...