Saturday, September 6, 2008

Slogan Contest!

Announcing the HappyEndingz first annual T-shirt slogan contest!

You guys gave me a few good ideas recently for some slogans for this blog thing of mine. Trina and I had a good laugh thinking up a few more, but let's see what you guys can come up with.
Here's a few ideas to get you started...

I went to HappyEndingz and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

With T-shirt you get Happy Ending

HappyEndingz: Where Every Story Has A Happy Ending!

Wee-Tug-Yu: Asian Massage Parlor

HappyEndingz Massage - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Porter Woodward said...

Happy Endingz - where a happy ending can be a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

Happyendingz: Live Happily Ever After (for an hour or so).

Happyendingz: Tips appreciated (yours and mine).

Happyendingz: I give your husband handjobs so shut up.

Happyendingz: Up. Down. Repeat as necessary.

Happyendingz: Making the world a happier place, one dick at a time.

Happyendingz: Lending a helping hand (well renting one anyway).

Sorry, that's the best I can do right now. Still tired from the stupid hurricane evacuation. But it is good to be home.

Henrietta Hussy said...

t-shirt included with happy ending... or something like that

Henrietta Hussy said...

actually all of the ones that jack said are way better than mine.

Thomas Hauptmann said...

I went to The Business and all I got was this T-shirt*.

*and a handjob.

Anonymous said...

A couple more:

They're called Happy Endingz. But on my resume it's "manual labor"

I like to shake hands with my clients' wives. It is as close as they get to sex with their husbands.

My hands aren't big. You're just small.

em jay peeee said...

I couldn't really think of any good ones, so I tried to be evil.

Happyendingz: No hanky-panky, just a little wanky-yanky

Happyendingz: Lay back and relax while we take matters into our own hands

Happyendingz: don't die on our table cuz we will throw your ass in the dumpster

Happyendingz: the only "full service" you can get around here is a tugjob by the fat bitch in the other room

Happyendingz: you've only got 2 minutes left - why the hell are you wasting time reading my t-shirt?

Happyendingz: if God didn't me to be so rough with your wang, then why the hell did he tell the Jews to start circumcising everyone?

Greg said...

Happyendingz: We'd give you a testimonial, but the guy can't move.

Happyendingz: We give you handjobs, why do we need a slogan?

Happyendingz: You'd better hope it's not half-off.

villageidiot said...

Happyendingz: More Tugz and Jugz Than You Can Handle!

Happyendingz: Big Jugz and Big Tugz You Can Bet, But We Can Help It If You Get...Wet!

(A theme is emerging...)

Happyendingz: Relax and/or Climax - We Aim to Please!

Anonymous said...

@ em jay peeee: "..Wanky yanky" & "...throw your ass in the dumpster" made me laugh my ass off! Funny stuff!

I'm hooked on your blog CJ! Thanks for everything.


Anonymous said...

No sucky, no fucky, no freebie. Where d'you think you are, an Asian parlor?!

Adult massage: non-therapeutic, almost-legal, all-American!

Come within 5' or you're on your own, pal! [oh, wait, that one wasn't a joke...]