Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick Update

With all the weirdness going on this week, I thought I'd just catch you guys up quickly on whats going on around here.

Remember the new girl we hired, Rachel? Well, it looks like she's history. Audrey would fire her personally, if she ever bothered to show up to work anymore. Oh well, back to interviewing again. Please feel free to send those resumes to:

c/o The Business

Please include a short paragraph on why you hate yourself enough to work here, and a list of all the non-prescription drugs you are addicted to.

The other big thing going on in my life is that my boy-toy (Brad Pitt Clone) is no longer speaking to me. Apparently I kinda blabbed to him (while drunk) about how I have a profile on This did not go over well (go figure). But the good news is that I think I have an internet blind date Saturday night. Keep your fingers crossed that he's not too weird.

And I ALMOST forgot... I finally heard from Andy!!! Remember him??? Anyway, he called and we patched things up. I promised to make it up to him and we're all cool now. He's coming in next week, so I'll probably give him a free double happy ending. With my luck, I'll probably be on the phone with my mom during Andy's massage this time. How kinky would that be? LOL



Anonymous said...

I knew Andy would be back. I'm surprised it took this long. I wouldn't be surprised if he said, "um, isn't there somebody you could call? I kind of enjoyed it last time."

Greg Voltaire said...

What are the chances Andy has a girl-who's-too-busy-dealing-with sister's-cheating-boyfriend-to-pay-attention-to-his-handjob fetish?

Slim? Moderate?

Anonymous said...

Time to give Andy a surprise. How about treat him to a oiled titty fuck and facial? Oil them up, lay on your back,and smile when you lick his jiz off your lips? That would make his day for the bad, interrupted service.A Quality service for a loyal customer.

Reflex said...

I'm starting to think anon posting should be eliminated. And I'm not one who likes giving up personal info.

cj said...


Don't worry - I ain't licking shit off of anything. Why do I get sneaking suspicion that all you guys are on Andy's side? LOL

Ya know, I spoke to Eric the other day about what happend with Andy and he actually said it sounded a little kinky. The fact that there's another person "in the room" who doesn't know what's going on made the whole session kinda "dirty."

Then Eric suggested that the next time we're in session I should call my mom. I hung up on him.


Anonymous said...

it would be kinkier if you were talking to *HIS* mom on the phone....

Anonymous said...

I think you should tell Andy that the readers on your blog thought he deserved special treatment this time, OR, do you think it would be weird having one of your actual customers knowing about this blog???


Anonymous said...

Reflex, you make me gag.