Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone for making this a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend. Not quite what I was expecting, but good nevertheless.

First off, what's usually the busiest week of the year for us here at The Business turned into a Homecoming of sorts. We did better than usual, but not what I had hoped. What was weird though was that there were few newbies. Instead, I saw guys I haven't seen in ages finally stopping by for a session and to catch up.

It almost felt like a happy hour that went on for 4 days. Guys would stop in for a session then just hang out and chat afterwards. The coffee machine was working overtime! There was soooooo much to catch up. Customers telling us about their kids and their jobs and their vacations, etc. But in general, people came back because they finally got work and aren't broke anymore. I guess that's a good sign of the economy, right?

As for me, I can't complain. Most guys took topless, but I got quite a few nudes and even a couple mutuals. Cha-ching!

But the highlight of my weekend was definitely an old Regular I'll call Big-Toe Pete. Big-Toe is (as you probably guessed) another foot guy. His thing is to suck on my toes while I stroke him. We both lie on the table and he takes both my feet in his hands. Meanwhile, I use the oil on him and perform the happy ending. I can tell when he's about to cum because he takes both my big toes and pops them in his mouth. Then as he cums, he sucks them like he's a diabetic and my toes are full of insulin.

Ever had your toes sucked? It's weird and fun at the same time - especially when you can feel that tongue darting over your skin. If you haven't I would suggest you try it at least once. Oh - and wash your feet first.

Big-Toe was more than happy to get his Toe-On, and he showed his appreciation when he tipped me. Let's just say that my nieces and nephews won't be too disappointed with their Auntie CJ this Christmas. And I was worried for a while there!

So go out there guys and buy some Christmas presents! And maybe I'll see you at the mall. I'll be the one with the numb hands trying to dig change out of my wallet.



Joker_SATX said...

Glad to see that you had a great Thanksgiving....good for you...

Sucking on Toes? That's interesting.....

Soul Powers said...

So funny... Glad you enjoyed it.

Iguess I need to go back and read, but how do the 'mutuals' work?

Anonymous said...

CJ, I'd love to do a mutual with you. I'd love to massage your boobs.


Reflex said...

Your right about people having money again, the economy is definatly in an uptick, at least around here.

Hit the end of my contract last November and was looking forward to a few months of down time before seeking another(and hoping I wouldn't find myself desperate and jobless when I did). Then yesterday a former colleague gets ahold of me and begs me to forward my resume. Long story short, I have an interview friday.

But thats not the interesting part. In the past year I'd been forced to take a pay cut in the middle of my contract, and lots of friends of mine remained unemployed. But this new job is apparantly desperate to find someone qualified, and is more or less offering to double my pay from my previous contract!

Seriously suprised, if I get the offer on friday I'll have to accept. Was really worried about finding work, but this is working out better than it was a couple years ago when I was demanding 10% yearly raises and getting them.

Sorry to blather on. In a good mood about this, and at least on a personal level the economy seems to be finally rebounding. Still need to see a drop in unemployment numbers before I'll believe its improving in general....

Reflex said...

Er, by 'last November' what I meant was 'end of October'...

cj said...

Dear Soul,
"Mutuals" are when we take turns massaging each other. I don't offer them to everyone, just people that I would be comfortable with touching me.

Kinky video. Guys who truly know how to massage breasts are rare. Most guys don't know anything beyond grabbing and squeezing. Another reason why I don't offer mutuals to just anyone.

Good for you!! I'm happy to see that people are starting to get back on their feet after the last miserable 2 years we've had.

Now go see your local masseuse to celebrate! She has Xmas shopping to do too.


arc said...

How does one get an appointment with you? Your blog is the most incredible sales tool and I have no way to schedule!

Anonymous said...

I love to suck on the toes of my massage girls, and you are right, particularly there at the end... They also have such soft legs and feet.. Sometimes I take nylons with me, and they wear them, with sexy shoes... It is really a nice experience, and I give them foot massage ( which they all love), and a nice tip!