Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Art of the Facial

As you may have noticed, I finally changed my pic. Get used to it, because I'm not changing it again. It was taken a couple of years ago by an ex, and the bra reminded me of today's topic.

Now I kinda understand the appeal of the facial to guys. To begin with, men are just fascinated by their own cum. And I know that you guys enjoy shooting all over us girls as a way of marking your territory (I know - I do this for a living). I'm not knocking it, I'm just saying that I know you guys enjoy the visual of cum splashed breasts, asses and faces. So if some guy wants to pay extra to make a pretty mess, I usually don't mind.

I have to admit that I'm pretty good at making the most of a good cumshot. When a customer asks to cum on The Girls, I have a whole routine I do now. I have a special way of holding them up and out for a tempting target. I also make sexy little faces and say things like "coat me in that hot cum...", etc. And after he's done, I always make it a point to run my fingers through it and comment on what a "mess" he's made. Guys gobble that shit up.

But the facial is a whole step above all that. So, I've only offered it to a very small group of guys that I'm really comfortable with.

Now I know I've made that statement a hundred times before. BUT when it comes to semen on my face, I really really mean it. I have to be practically in love with you. I'm so serious about this that I've rarely agreed to facials with guys that I've dated.

It's not that I have an aversion to semen. I don't mind it's taste or smell. And if it's a boyfriends birthday, I'll even swallow! The problem is that most guys just can't aim. They shoot it all in your eyes, and let me tell you - that shit stings! And cum in the hair??? That shit doesn't come out easily and you pretty much have to jump in the shower. That's why I don't like doing them at work - it's just not worth the hassle no matter how much I'm offered. What's the point of a few extra bucks if I have to spend half an hour washing and drying my hair, or trying not to scare off customers with my "pink eye?"

With that said, I was particularly confused by this one guys request. About 3 years ago, I had this Regular back when EVERYONE was rich (remember those days?). We were seeing each other often, and his thing was lingerie. He would bring in something new each session. Usually it was things like lacey teddys, garters, etc. But this time he had brought just a plain white bra and panties - kinda like the one in the new picture.

It was a Sunday evening and we had the whole place to ourselves. Usually he took a 1 hour massage with me in the lingerie. We would normally finish with me kneeling before him while he stood up and jerked himself off on whatever he bought me. Then he'd take the freshly soiled lingerie home for his own future amusement.

But this particular evening, he said he wanted to " something different... I want to cum on your face." I said "sure" since it was the end of the shift and I had time to shower, and he was essentially just moving the target a few inches up on my anatomy. I was already familiar with the scent and feel of his cum on my skin, and he had even splattered my chin and neck a few times by "accident" in the past.

Now here is the part that I want you guys out there to explain to me...

"But" he said, "I don't want you to clean it up immediately." I gave him a weird look. "I want you to just wear it for a bit. Walk around and stuff for a few minutes."

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. I totally didn't get it but hey, whatever floats your boat. He then proceeded to take care of himself and he shot a rather watery load all over my lips, cheeks and chin.

When he was done, I opened my eyes and asked "can I move now?" only it came out as " I ooove ow?" since I was doing my best not to let it ooze between my lips. I spit a few times till I could open my mouth, then I got up and starting cleaning up the room and putting things away. He started throwing his clothes back on, just as if everything was normal.

When I was done, I asked if I could clean up now, and he said "No, I want you to walk to the office and back. Then you can clean yourself off." So I did, and he followed me. I even took an extra minute back there to check some paperwork, being careful not to leave any stains on the desk.

By now, the bra had taken the brunt of the dripping semen which I'm guessing is what he wanted. But my question to all of you out there is what's the deal of me wearing his jizz for a while when he could have just cum directly on the bra? I'm guessing it's a humiliation or power trip thing, but he totally did not act the part and that's why I'm confused.

So there you have it - a facial story, a new picture, and a puzzle to figure out. This should keep you guys busy this weekend.



Ripkord said...

Definitely a power trip/domination thing.

Anonymous said...

Someone's mommy/daddy didn't give him enough hugs and or "I Love You's" when he was a kid.

During your session did he mention killing small animals as a child?

Anonymous said...

Its not necessarily power, thats a wierd situation and the guy looks like a wierdoe so I can't say for sure. It may just be an erotic situation he's emulating.
When I was in the seventh grade I saw my first porn at my friend's house and since that time I've seen guy's cumming all over hot chicks... thats what I would jerk off to later in life and thats what I equated sex with, it was what I found erotic.
If a guy has mommy issues they usually like piss video's or some type of humiliation theme. There are plenty of those video's around and the disgust me.
A female by nature wants a guy to love them and have empathy/listen to them and show them that they feels these things. But guys differ in that sexually, they want a girl to want their cock, to make them feel manly and wanted and portray these women that turn them on in the porn. A girl that is able to please there man in this way makes him very happy.
If both parties are able to do this you can have a successful relationship until the monogamy gets old which is usually a few months or if one of them gets fat.

Dra. Nada said...

hi cj! =)

i was reading your article on facials and this "safer sex guide" ( ) which states its risks today, and i have some questions for the next time you decide to answer a round:

1.- what happens if you hurt your hands, like if you get little cuts or hurt yourself doing your nails (I don't know what's your nail style, i guess it's more probable if you wear them really short or bite them), how do you avoid getting infections from guys cum if it goes near the wounds?
2.- have you ever had a client obviously infected with something, like warts or whatever? (like, have you ever had a "zombie dick" freak of the week?)
3.- how often do you get tested for STIs?
4.- do you know any masseuse who's ever gotten an infection from a happy ending?

hope that's not too many questions!

love the blog, very funny, sexy and informative. keep it up!



also, in case someone reading this is interested in the info on facials, here it goes:

Ejaculation in Eyes:
High Risk: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Herpes, Syphilis.
Moderate Risk: HIV, HPV.

Ejaculation in Nose:
High Risk: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Herpes (yes, you can get nasal Herpes), Syphilis.
Moderate Risk: HIV, HPV.g

Advizor said...

I just think it's an extension of what you already mentioned, he's "marking his territory" so it fades in to the domination/ownership space that a lot of D/s guys are in to. he gets off on showing the world (even though the office was empty) that he's marked you as his.

Getting cum on the lingerie is a bonus and a reminder, but I'm sure the image of you doing paperwork with his cum on your face is pretty powerful for him.

You are a very understanding woman.

As a side note, I read an article recently that said facials are very age based, that guys over 30 almost never ask for them, while guys under 30 almost expect them. The author believes that this difference is based almost entirely on the prevalence of cum shots in porn.

Have you noticed who is asking for this 'service'? Is it usually the younger guys?

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,
Sorry I know nothing about the turn-on of facials, they do nothing for me (just out of my thirties, to add credence to the previous comment). A facial seems like it could/would detract from what's important to me: the continued attention to my penis while I'm cumming. I'd rather the focus be on not stopping the stroking instead of worrying about cum in your eye/hair.

I do have two questions though unrelated. I'm gathering up the courage to visit for the first time a local place... I've read some mentions about passwords, but without explanations. Do I need a password to hope to receive a hand release?

And my second is about prepping... I am a clean guy (shower daily, etc) but I don't shave or trim the short and curlies... would this lessen my chances of the happy ending at my first visit?


Beijing Escort said...

I get here from Beinganescort, glad to saw your stories and thanks for sharing.

Mike said...

CJ, you've inspired me to take my first trip to a massage parlor.

I found a non-asian place, only one in town. I get there and there's a sign on the door that says ring the bell and have a seat. So I do and a few minuets later an unattractive later walks out with a clipboard. She asks me if its my first time there, I reply yes.

I fill out the paper on the clipboard. It asked if it was my first time there, name (gave a fake), had a disclaimer that they did not perform sex acts. They also had the times and rates of the massage. I chose the 45min for $80 and got led into a hallway.

There was 4-5 girls in the hall way all dressed like strippers. I was given some instructions about table shower and message then told to pick one and then they all called out their name in order. I picked a girl and went back to here room.

I got there was told to undress and she asked for a tip upfront, no options. I told her I'd tip her later, she left and I got undressed and waited. When she returned, I gave her a $100 tip and she asked if I wanted her to take off her clothes. I said yes, she got completely naked and the massage began.

She was no LMT and it showed. Not the best but not the worst. After awhile she asked If I wanted to rub her. I did. So while I have her on her back rubbing her girls she tells me of her other job as an escort and asks me if I want her card. I take the card tell her i'm ready for her to massage my front. I laid on my back and she went straight to the happy ending.

All in all not too bad of an experience. I was a little nervous at first so it took a little while to relax. Was surprised she was so up front about the escort thing my first time there. Times must be getting rough.

That was my first time. Thanks for the advice.

firemike5 said...

Mike, how can I get ahold of you to find out where that place is???

ed4659 said...

I understand the erotic part of the facial but not sure about the "leaving it on". Maybe just one of those freak things.

Great blog CJ

Anonymous said...

Hilarious choice of words ...
"... what a mess he's made. Guys gobble that shit up."

I also don't understand the keep-it-on thing, but it's amusing that people seem to accept facials, but make out like keeping it on is freaky. Why one and not the other?

Cream Pie said...

And if you go to a full service place you can cum right in the pussy (with a cover on, of course) so no need for a facial.

mommasboy said...

I went to my first 'full service' massage last winter. She advertised on craigslist and worked out of her apartment. She was a cute, smaller, slightly overweight, very dark-skinned black woman.

Her ad said she was an LMT, and she had her certificate on the wall of her spare bedroom. The apartment was clean and in good shape, but definitely not a high rent unit.

She was a very good masseuse. I lift weight 4 to 6 times a week and have a regular LMT I go to, and this girl was _very_ good.

one thing I liked was that she wasn't afraid to massage the adductors way up to my crotch and the glutes right next to my sphincter. I haven't had anyone really work that area as part of a legit massage.

When it came time for the happy ending she made one mistake - she forget to get a towel/washcloth beforehand. She stroked quite well, and did this thing where she put pressure right at the base of my cock, I'm assuming to prevent me from shooting cum up to my chin. Well, that part didn't work quite so well either, and my sperm launched well up to my chest, puddling in between my pects.

well, I'm one of the more perverted bisexual men you'll ever meet, and I don't mind wearing my own cum (or anyone elses for that matter) so I actually got a kick out of it and laughed about it. She was apologizing all over herself for it.

I've seen her twice since then.

Full serve said...

Full service means you fuck. It doesn't mean a happy ending, but those can be fun too. I love whores.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

40 yr old guy here who happens to really like the love of a nice facial is not confined to the under 30 crowd. That said, I am sure the correlation has a LOT to do with porn. As I heard from Dr. Drew on the radio (Sirius), the norm in porn now is for girls to do anal so there is a problem with all these young guys expecting anal, the girlfriends doing it (despite the pain for many of them) and the problem with them doing anal all the time.

Back to wearing a facial - I don't think it is all about power / domination. Guys love a pretty face. Guys love to cum. Put 'em both together and it's a big turn on.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think it is all about power / domination. Guys love a pretty face. Guys love to cum. Put 'em both together and it's a big turn on."

i cannot emphasize this enough. your walk showed a level of trust, acceptance & momentary bonding that was almost spiritual for him - yeah, that's how intense it can be for some men. not disrespectful at all. maybe some of you so quick to judge can respect other people's differences more.

Anonymous said...

"Full serve" and "Cream Pie" are the real deal, it's pretty obvious. Lots of newbs on this blog. And way too many people rushing to specify that the parlor they went to was non-asian, to kiss up to CJ. They sound like a bunch of PC idiots, the ethnically-conscious mongers. "I do not support slavery!"... Unbelievable.

Otherwise I'm pretty open-minded and try not to judge others... but to me, and this is no feminist BS, believe me, facial, russian, and anal are certainly about domination. Not so crazy about doggie-style or blowjobs either (my dick ain't very sensitive).
A bit of play is healthy, but the guys who have to have it in the above ways worry me, and yes, it's obvious too that porn give people a twisted view of how sex should be. Like Hollywood can fool people about so many other things (cops don't shoot their guns every day only to get back to work a few minutes later, 90-pound chicks cannot kick a big man's ass without breaking a nail, regular sex is not freaking tantra, etc.).

I think that CJ's customer wanted a trophy to take home for use in future solo sessions. The lingerie, stains, and CJ's smell (I think wanting you to keep wearing the stuff and walk in it had nothing to do with the jizz on your face, girl) would help him relive the experience.
Now THAT, I think you should've charged extra for! Japanese high-schoolers bag worn panties and make a killing selling them to old pervs on the internet, you know?

Careful, though: the other type collecting trophies is serial killers...

Ully said...

I think there's a power/domination thing going both ways. He had the money/fantasy & was pushing the regular boundaries, but sharing it & being trusted you, puts the authority in your hands. Having met a couple of women I could be intimately honest & open with, it felt like (for lack of a better term) "coming out of the closet" as a prev (or a man?) & finally getting what I *really* wanted. I'm still undecided about fetishes, all I know is that I can get crazy focused on some funky stuff. Then I look online & find the Japanese have a huge scene around it.

Charels H said...

I can only guess about him. But many women are grossed out by semen, and I've only two who really WANTED me to cum in their mouth (and Jo got really upset if I didn't).
Nothing ruins a good blow/hand job like some lady gagging or puking or running to the bathroom to brush and gargle. I'm not crazy in love with my cum, but if she's repulsed by something that just felt sooo good, well it kinda puts a damper on things and I won't enjoy another blow/hand job from her.

When the two exes would play with my cum, like it, tell me how good it was, acted happy if it was bigger than normal, cooed over the taste, etc it made the whole experience so much hotter. Janey used to like to smear it all over her boobs and belly and leave it there. I'd tease her later, say something like "Oooh, what's that? Oh you are a nasty little girl . . . " and she'd get hot, wet and her panties were off in a minute.

Drugs, alcohol, red meat and coffee make my semen taste bitter or foul. My ex stopped giving me head/hand till I gave up coffee.

To me, it is a real plus to have a lady that enjoys my semen, makes it mega-hotter.