Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm off this week, so nothing to report from work; which is nice because I didn't take a vacation this year. And from what I'm hearing, it looks like I'm not missing anything.

Audrey is actually working all this week. I think part of it is greed, and part of it is because she has nothing else to do. All of her family is on the west coast, so she tends to become a workaholic on holidays.

But the weird thing is that business just tanked right before Christmas. Normally things get slow right about now, but Audrey said it's been absolutely dead. Believe it or not, we usually sell quite a few gift certificates at this time of year. Most of them get redeemed by cute little old ladies for therapeutic massages.

This year I think we sold just a handful. That's not a good sign since it looked like business was starting to pick up again after 2 years. I don't know... Maybe I shouldn't read too much into it.

Someone asked for a Xmas story, so here's one from last year. Speaking of gift certificates, I had a guy who got one from his wife who did NOT know that we offer more than therapeutic massages. Well, what she didn't know was that he was already a Regular here. I guess he "hinted" to her that he could really use some body work and she actually came in and bought him an hour session.

Well, now that the cat was out of the bag, he felt free to talk about what a "relaxing" time he had at The Business in the hands of Trina. In fact, he made it sound like so much fun, that his wife decided to try a session herself! AND she asked for Trina!!

So now this guy was shitting a brick - his unsuspecting wife was in the hands of his monthly little secret. Trina did manage to take good care of her, but she said it felt kinda weird to here her talk about how her husband turned her onto the idea of getting a massage. Meanwhile Trina's thinking to herself "... lady if you only knew..."

I know it's not the most exciting Christmas story, but hey - I'm on vacation! Time to eat cookies, drink eggnog and figure out the instructions to all the toys for the nieces and nephews. I'm sure there will be plenty of debauchery to share next year.



David said...

Thanks for the blog.

Happy christmas and have a great new year.

Anonymous said...

Did trina give her a "Happy Ending"?

Joker_SATX said...


Here is hoping that your Christmas was awesome and that you have a very prosperous New Year!

From all of us at Arkham....

Little Red said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year CJ!

RIV said...

Well, I hope you have a happy ending of 2009!

Be safe and be careful with whatever you plan on doing NYE, dear.

Anonymous said...


Lawrence said...

...and a great New Year to you! Keep up the writing, and I hope business picks up soon!

cj said...

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

And to answer 1 final question this year... No - no happy endings for women.

We have a number of female Regulars, but they're all local women who get therapeutics. Some of them are the cutest little old ladies you've ever seen.

Hope you guys have a great 2010!!!


Johnny said...

About gift certificates--they can be a lifesaver! I got one from my ATF's place two years ago and I always have it in my shirt pocket when I go in. I figure that someday one of my co-workers, bridge-playing buddies, friends from the synagogue, or SOMEBODY will will spot me going in or coming out. I can just say, "I found this gift certificate from 2008 in my dresser and was just stopping in to make sure it's still good. I think I'll put it in the Valentine's Day basket I'm making for my wife."