Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010

Happy New Year Guys!

Sad but true, I will continue to enjoy my time off for another couple of days. In fact with the bad weather and all, I'm glad I'm not coming in. But for any of you guys out on the icy roads this holiday weekend, Audrey will be holding down the fort all by herself.

Good luck with that.

We've been hearing complaints lately from customers who say that Audrey is ALWAYS here. True - since Thanksgiving she's gone into total workaholic mode. That's nothing to brag about since there's nothing more annoying than to have your boss stealing customers during YOUR shift. I know it's her business, but hey - we all need to make a living.

The way things work around here, business will be achingly slow for the next 2 or 3 months. What with everyone paying off Xmas bills and taxes, no one has money for happy endings. But when tax returns start rolling in, business picks up.

So let's hope that 2010 is a better year for everyone! And where are those flying cars they promised we'd have by now?



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year CJ!

I hear what you're saying about the next three months being a slow season for you. I'll be working in your neck of the woods in the next few months so I'll try to stop by and keep you busy for a while. See ya.


master douche said...

Happy New Year, CJ.

Joker_SATX said...

Happy New Year CJ!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in the New Year, CJ. Don't let the haters piss you off. I'm not sure why people feel the need to even act that way over the internet. Small penises and/or feelings of inadequacy I suppose.

I'm debating trying one of these places out some time. If I knew I could get hooked up with a therapist like you I would have already tried one!

tourist said...

Happy New year CJ I was thinking about trying a massage again the first time was really a bad time. I am looking to find a good massage that won't leave me black and blue. not looking for the happyendingz. But i won't turn down options if any are offered. Thanks i love your stories

Anonymous said...


Don't bust my chops. OK, you can bust my chops a little bit. I've been going to an AMP only because it's my only option in this bible-belt BS town.

Three times I've been to the same girl, bringing her a flower each time, 'cause I'm a gentleman and that's how I hang. She hasn't offered to take off her clothes. Should I ask her? She barely speaks English.

Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of a flower bring more cash. Oh and

cj said...

Dear Anon,

I hate to say it, but I kinda agree with Last Anon. The flowers can be creepy - especially if she's totally legit. However, money talks.

I got a couple emails recently from guys who got HE's from their masseuse after they "jokingly" mentioned a HE. At the same time, other guys got thrown out after bringing it up.


Anonymous said...

Agree with CJ's last post for once. Results do vary, sometimes from girl to girl in a same parlor (some are bolder and/or greedier), and sometimes just because they're women!

I've had diametrically different experiences with a chick who didn't remember me, like night and day, for example. Sometimes you spook them, or the customer before you did, and you'll get nothing. And a few months later she treats you like a longtime friend (I confirmed that she didn't know it was my 2nd time).
Another time I got nada in a full service whorehouse: I had no idea that the whole town had just been raided. The poor girl was terrified. I tipped nicely still and left confused. Came back a couple of days later after reading the paper (the heat had passed), the mamasan remembered me being nice about it, and I got "everything" from a smoking hot little Korean thing. Not apologizing for it either.
You just never know. Be cool.

In a way it's par for the course in a woman's world, but that also explains why there are in fact few absolute rules in parlors.
I've had a HJ in a legit place, FS in HJ places, kissed girls who didn't "do that", etc. Read monger sites, I'm sorry, massage reviews, and you'll see the same thing again and again. So every absolute advice or intel has to be taken with a grain of salt.

My usual M.O. is: if there's a doubt, I don't pursue. No need to get slapped or offend a legit masseuse, it's a hard enough job and I don't get off on rejection. Plenty of parlors out there, and masseuse with whom there'll be no doubts or questions asked...