Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sex Addicts

Hey Guys! My allergies are really acting up, so I've been off work the last 2 days. I think The Business can survive without me for a few days in the very capable hands (pun intended) of Trina and Cindy. And maybe very soon we'll finally meet the mysterious new girl that Audrey has picked out for us.

So in the meanwhile I wanted to talk about "Sex Addicts" since it's all in the news. Now let me get this straight - if a guy cheats on his wife, he just calls himself a sex addict, goes to rehab, then everything is fine? It's not his fault, but an "addiction?" Well if sex is an addiction, then I guess that makes me one of the biggest dealers in town considering all the married men who come in as customers.

Look - getting a hand release every now and then at the hands of a professional is hardly signs of an addiction. If you're married is that cheating? I think so, but it's still no where near an addiction. I've seen real sex addicts, and it's got nothing to do with cheating on your spouse.

Here at The Business I've seen 2 types of people I would call sex addicts. The first is what I would call the "Happy Ending Addict." This is the guy who loves his first happy ending so much, he just can't stop. These are customers who quickly turn into Regulars. And I don't mean every month, or even every week. I've seen guys who would come in almost every day. It never lasts very long because they run out of money, but they run their course in 2-3 weeks. They're like handjob junkies - they spend all their time thinking about their next fix.

Then there are the guys that I would call genuine sex addicts. These guys just have this total obsession with getting off. And they don't care whether it's by their hand or someone else's - they just need to have a constant series of orgasms. I've seen a few customers like this in my colorful history. They usually request the happy ending up front (not an unusual a request). But afterwards they will masterbate during the massage.

I had one guy - and I SWEAR this is true - who got off 6 times during the course of a one hour massage. My hands weren't tired because I only did the first one. The other 5 he took care of while I massaged him. He even asked me if it was OK, and told him he could knock himself out - makes my job easier. And in case you were wondering... there was no cum to speak of. Each orgasm was dry.

Now THAT is what I call sex addiction. Jesse James and Tiger Woods sleeping with a bunch of strippers - that's just boys being boys.



RIV said...

Most people will just blow off (so to speak) the "sexual addict" thing and that's unfortunate.
I believe it's real, and have met some during my adventures. In fact,I might fall into that category myself, but I'm not entirely certain. The pattern is there, but not as extreme as others.

While I don't think you are, do you think anyone gets into the business because its it a fetish? I recently met someone that loves to see (and cause) men to orgasm.

GC85 said...

I'm the kind who doesn't mind tooo much if I only get off once or twice a day. Dont get me wrong I mean I'm never gonna complain that I'm having too many orgasms its just not vital to have more than 3 a day.

RIV I'm sure there's someone who has that fetish in the erotic massage business. I'm not sure if any LMTs are working solely because they love seeing men orgasm I think its an added bonus like what CJ has. I'm curoius about unlicenced massage therapists (UMT?) tho. Just my opinion probably better to listen to CJs answer tho.

Joker_SATX said...

6 times? Ok, that has me beat! But I guess you can put me in the category of Sex Addiction. I wouldn't mind working myself up to six...in fact, you can now say that this is a goal.

Little Red said...

Don't know if you're a South Park fan, but they did one on guys with "sex addiction", freaking hilarious (they blame it on an alien wizard). I think some guys are just man whores...plain and simple. I don't doubt that addictions exist, but I think Tyger and Jesse James are just man whores.

- e xox said...

I think you bring up great points. I'm actually quite annoyed that celebrities seem to have pegged this term for their cheating and it's now a laughable condition.

I think what you're referring to isn't exactly sexual addiction though because well.. it's foreplay. I think that they either have fetishes or maybe a sexual addiction.
The thing with fetishes is, the more you engage in them the more of a fetish they become.

Also GC85 I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or not but, having it be vital that you cum twice a day? Kinda sexual addicty :P

Keep the updates coming luv hope your allergies improve.

- e xox said...
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Matt said...

I think Tiger and Jesse is a little more that just boys being boys. I think it is beyond sex - perhaps some sort of need to dominate and render insignificant women in general.

Kenny S. said...

My allergies have been horrific as well. What do you use to treat them?

GC85 said...

-e xox
I was not being sarcastic. As a 22 year old male it is vital that i get off twice a day!
I read this blog cos its amusing not to get off.
That was meant in the nicest of ways! :)

Anonymous said...

How do you know Tiger isn't compulsively having dozens of dry orgasms a day? Or exhibiting other symptoms of a real psychological addiction?

Mike said...

CJ - Love your blog.

Male orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate phenomena controlled by different areas of the brain. Its just that 99%+ of the Western male population doesn't know this (or how to separate the two.) By separating the two it is possible for a man to enjoy multiple orgasms without the energy draining ejaculation.

I believe your client is a practitioner of Taoist or Tantric sexual methods.

Anonymous said...

Over the past couple days, I've been thinking of writing a blog post basically saying the same thing (minus the client parts). I'm with you here. Nice excuse, buddy. Now, America, go find something better to do than follow the sex lives of golfers.

Anonymous said...

People call it an addiction because if there's a name for it, they're not responsible. Blame the syndrome, not the man. It's the victim society we live in now, where folks act like kids whose fault it never is.

As far as addiction to massages... there's gotta be degrees, and it does come and go, but I think I got addicted for a while. Went weekly, with an extreme of 4 times in one day, for years.

You're right that it's dependent on income and I miss being able to afford that (my record was $14K in '05).
But I drove around looking for massage joints, perused ads for entertainment and research, read up on the subject, compared online reviews, read and posted on blogs like this one, and exchanged tips with other mongers... so I'd say that it did qualify at least as a very involving hobby. =)

I've been able to stop for long periods without withdrawal or having to steal to support the habit, so "addiction" may be a big word, but still...