Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will The Real CJ Please Stand Up?

This weekend I was surfing the web for any new references to me or the business. It's sometimes fun to see what you guys think of us, but occasionally it can be bad.

I did find some recent stuff on a couple of the massage websites, but luckily it wasn't too bad. Someone had some nice things to say about me and Cindy, and some nasty things to say about Trina. But what I found most interesting was a comment about the absence of Audrey. One guy talked about how happy he was that she was gone, so I can only assume that he'll be back more often.

What the heck??!! It's supposed to be about customer service... and people were starting to feel intimidated instead? That's why I'm soooooooooooooo glad that she's not coming back any time soon. I've been saying this for a while now - she was starting to turn bad for business.

Then for shits and grins I looked up any new references to "CJ" or the blog. A couple of people are still out there looking for me, and it's always fun to read the latest guesses. But this time I found some stuff that both pissed me off and made me laugh at the same time.

The first was a guy who said that "CJ" is obviously a man who just really enjoys making up stories about handjobs. That one really deserved a "ROFLMAO." Come on - two and a half years of handjob stories? That man would have to have one VIVID imagination to tell the same story a hundred different ways.

The next was a guy who said I obviously know nothing about massage parlors. Now that one just pissed me off. I've been doing this as a career for Gawds sake - and some shithead who probably goes to a parlor once a month is going to tell ME I don't know what I'm talking about??!!??!!

Look, I know he's full of crap and you know he's full of crap - but it just annoys me that he thinks he knows enough to criticize me to other people. Just the idea that someone would read that and believe he's right makes me angry. But then again, it's the internet and anyone can say whatever they want. That's the way it goes.

And lastly was a guy who said I'm full of shit when it comes to Asian Massage Parlors (AMPs) because he's never had a "slave" as a masseuse. Well you stupid prick - they don't wear chains around their ankles if that's what it takes to convince you. But when 6 women are in this country illegally, and are shipped across 3 states to live inside a brothel NOT to make money but just to pay off a debt - well that's as close to slavery as we get around these parts.

Oh - and when their Mama-san is murdered because she attracted too much police attention - I guess that's not proof of mob involvement either. It's obviously just the ramblings of a man who can't make up any more good handjob stories. Grrrrrrrrr...



Little Red said...

It's ridiculous what guys believe.

- e xox said...

Oh CJ, didn't you get the memo? Females don't have any sexual desires, thoughts, opinions or urges, we just endure it when we wants something.


Anonymous said...

But CJ, if you read it on the internet, it MUST be true!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ,
I had an idea for you. You could make a bunch of money at it I think. And get it paid for with the new Obama Care plan.
Open a dental hygienists office, with options.
Last time I was at the dentists office, he was talking about how guys never go on their own. I'm sure you could drum up a lot more business.

Joker_SATX said...

Tell it like it is CJ!

Matt said...

so your a man baby!!! Well if you look like your pic from the waist up, just keep your pants on and it's cool with me!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a little balance on both sides of the Asian massage parlor perspective is called for. CJ, there is no doubt that the situations you describe are prevalent and wide spread. The one thing that has bothered me about your writing on the topic is that you describe them as though there are no exceptions. It might depend where they are located, but there are places on the west coast that appear to be the same as you describe your business. They have nice massage rooms, are not full-service (might even leave it to you to finish yourself) and the women have their own lives outside of the business.

That said, the guy who said you were full of shit was clearly off to suggest that your description doesn't exist. He may very well have been to a place that wasn't quite as you describe, but clearly a lot of those places do exist.

cj said...

2nd Anon,
I've always said that massage therapy is a form of health care, therefore we should be covered by insurance.

Last Anon,
I can only speak for my little corner of the world. And out here in the suburbs of Philly, the Asian places have all been raided because they're run by the mob. But I'm sure that not all AMPs are mob owned. I've heard that in places like CA, they're quite popular many are run just like The Business, except all the girls are Asian. So forgive me for making generalizations, but I can only talk about what I've seen.


Anonymous said...

And "I've heard that in California, when two fags split up, one of 'em has to pay the other alimony!" ("Taxi Driver", from memory).

I have been an AMP customer for years and have talked to many Asian providers. I have read up on the matter because I wouldn't want to make organized crime profit, or help victimize people. And I believe that while there is some truth to the stories, they are NOT describing the majority of AMPs.

Now if one idiot claims the opposite, hey, it's the internet as your readers say. But if one blogger who's a provider says it... it does make you question her real experience or motives, I'm sorry.

They do raid those places, that cops know all along and PATRONIZE, BTW (the girls told me), for political reasons and to grab tax evasion money, as I've said elsewhere.
Yes, there are people who bring illegal immigrants here for a fee and put them to work in brothels. From what I hear, in about 6 months, the girl (who often did the same thing back home, BTW) is free to earn her own money.

I'm not condoning it, but I'm not judging the girls either. They have a LOT less opportunities than their US counterparts.
And it's hard to convince a guy that a girl is a slave when he goes to her house (that she owns) and takes her out...

I've also read on a massage review site that any AMP open until 10 pm was providing extras, which is another lie. Review sites are notoriously full of exaggerations, BTW, but THAT, you would expect from bragging whoremongers.

I didn't want to play the ethnic game (Asians often specialize), but the Thai parlors, in particular, are (surprise!) overwhelmingly LEGIT. It has to be said.

So if you're going to blog about your industry, don't be shocked if people take you to task for statements made about places where you never worked, and staffed by masseuses who'd never open up to you.
If you ask a girl from an AMP what she does for a living, she'll probably tell you that she works in a store or restaurant. In Japan, they use answering services that pose as legit businesses so the girls can hide what they do from their own families. But since when does having a secret mean that you're owned by the mob?!

Anonymous said...

Again with the AMP-bashing? Sigh.

Yes, you are generalizing and talking as a clueless outsider, which may be acceptable from your average moron on the internets... not so much from an industry blogger.

FWIW, and contrary to popular belief, the overwhelming majority of Thai MPs are LEGIT. They offer great service and are dirt-cheap (sometimes $35/hr), which is reason enough for some to talk trash about them, I guess.
I have been to MANY and never saw any hanky panky there (even when mongers brag about the contrary online). If you ever set foot in one, you'll clearly see why: no locks, open doors, stalls separated by curtains = no extras! I coaxed ONE Thai masseuse into giving me a HJ, but it took probably more work and effort than with your average white girl... She WAS illegal, BTW, and had graduated to massages after hosting in a restaurant for peanuts. Working her butt off and making $5K/month, she had her own car, paid off her house in the old country, and was planning on opening her own AMP here. Slave? Please.

Now the Koreans and Chinese are another story (the raids usually target KMPs). But my favorite AMP for years was a Korean place, full-service, where the girls were all as legal and licensed as you. They just went the extra-mile for a buck and, as VIP regular, I even took up to visiting one at her home. No mobsters or chains!

Again, trafficking is a reality, but an overblown one, and to tell people that ALL AMPs are criminal and must be boycotted is dishonest. Most of your readers obviously eat that up, but AMP customers have a very different take. Because they've actually set foot in those places.

And has anyone considered that aggressive enforcement and harassment of AMPs is only possible because Asians don't complain openly in our society and are viewed as negatively as we see here? Who cares about a few yellow masseuses? They're all slaves or tied to the mob anyway, right? Plus they have funny accents!

I don't know you enough to presume of your motives, so I'll just chalk it up to ignorance and prejudice.