Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Narc

Audrey finally hired someone. I like how she waited until I was off to do it. The new girl is named Rachel, and she worked for the Other Business a couple years ago. Trina and I vaguely remember her name. I called over to the Other Place just to make sure it was the same girl we were thinking of and it checked out. They didn’t have much to say about her, other than she was kinda on and off for a while before she finally quit.

It’s unclear what she was doing the last couple years. She told Audrey during the interview that she was at home taking care of her boyfriends kids and doing odd jobs. Trina and I called up some of our Go-To girls to get the real story. Rumor has it she had run-ins with the law over the years - possibly drugs or some domestic shit. One of my friends implied she may have been an informant for the police, but she had no proof. Trina heard something similar, except that Rachel had blabbed about the Other Business to the police in order to get out of a drug rap. Once again, no proof of any of this, so now we’re stuck with her. Oh well.

She’s kinda cute. Medium height, thin but not skinny. Dark brown hair in a perm. No obvious signs of drug use (thank God). So far she’s been really quiet, which is kinda creepy, but I guess that’s normal with people you don’t know. I was trying all day to get some sort of personal dirt out of her, but nada. If she really is a Narc, maybe we can get her to trip up on her own story.

Narcs aren’t common in this business. I mean, how can a Narc work her way into a full-service Business when she actually has to fuck customers to do it? And the non-full service places like us – forget it. You think the cops are interested in a story about how you DIDN’T blow some guy for money? Please…

Anyway, I gave Rachel the first customer of the day just to see how she’d do. Audrey already gave her the talk about how we are NOT full-service, the speech we give before the happy ending, our prices for the options, how to dress, etc… (as if Audrey actually follows any of her own rules). Rachel’s first session was 30 minutes with a $80 tip. Well I know that guy went home happy, so it looks like she’s one of us.

I insisted we close the business so we could do lunch together - partly because I get bored eating by myself, but mostly because I wanted to see how she reacts when she’s not alone. I mean, would she spend the hour glancing at her cell phone? Or maybe sneak off to the bathroom and come back wiping her nose? You can learn a lot about a person when they’re stuck sitting next to you for an hour.

Unfortunately, I have nothing exciting to report about her other than she recently broke up with her boyfriend and now has to work. I did think it was odd though that she claims she never worked full-service for the Other Business when I know all the girls there do (I know I was able to get away with it, but that was a while ago). The next time Trina works with her, I’ll make sure she asks the exact same questions so we can compare notes. I’ll keep you posted on how she works out.

As for me, I don’t have anything new to report. I had the entire weekend off, so I spent it hanging out at my mom’s place doing gardening. I also had a “date” with the Brad Pitt clone. He’s nice and all, but if he apologizes one more time for how he treated me in high school, I’m going to strangle him.



Kenny S. said...

Just found the blog and its fantastic. Very interesting read.

Just wondering how many massages you give in an average day. And what's the fewest you've ever given/ most you've ever done in a day?

cj said...


Nowadays we get about 8 per shift, and of course it goes up on Friday and Saturday.

The fewest... I don't know how many dry spells we've gone through with ZERO per day. Ugh. We went through that this winter.

And the most... wow - that would be back in the days when I first got in the business. Back then the most I would have done would have been on a double shift (12 hours). I think I once did about 35 or 40 customers. I remember because I was actually worried about walking out with that much cash on me. But back then a typical Session was 15-30 minutes. I don't want you guys to start thinking that I was doing 2 guys at a time!


kenny s. said...

Thanks for the response....can't believe you did 35-40 massages in a day....your arms must have been about to fall off!

Athena said...

I also just found your blog, wanted to say howdy. and yay, for the new woman not being a narc (so far anyway).

ez cheese said...

Ok CJ I'm all caught up now. Can't wait to hear more about the narc

ContinuousButPlural said...

''I did think it was odd though that she claims she never worked full-service for the Other Business when I know all the girls there do (I know I was able to get away with it, but that was a while ago). ''

Wait, what? Really? You used to get away with, what? exactly?

cj said...

I got away with being the only girl who wasn't full service. Wasn't easy, but I managed for a few weeks. LOL