Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Job Satisfaction, Employee Benefits, And Other Bad Puns About Getting Off On The Job - Part 2: And the Award for Best Actress Goes To...

OK... last time I talked about what secretly turns me on at work. Now today I'm gonna give away a few more secrets - but not the kind you wanna hear. Sorry guys, but today's topic is about what I secretely DON'T get off on at work.

Ya see, a lot of what I do is called ACTING. Sometimes we get these customers who want to role play, or do some minor discipline stuff, or just want to see me get off. It's all just an act. Over the years I've learned how to:

Act like a cheerleader who's been naughty
Tie bondage knots
Pretend masterbate
Make "no" sound like "yes."

I could write tons of stuff about all the weird role playing stuff I've been asked to do, but I'll save that for more Freak of the Week stories. What I want to explain to you today is how I fake it.

I won't finger myself for a customer, but I've mastered the art of faking it. This is a rather expensive extra that I don't mind doing. I have my whole technique down to a science. I fold my index finger in just the right way to make it look like it's been inserted. Then if I move it around fast enough (in a dark room), the customer won't be able to tell the difference.

Dildoes and Vibrators
Customers can bring in sex toys as long as they're still sealed in the original packaging. I will NOT stick anything inside me, but I'll play with them and rub them around my pussy and stuff. This is one of my most expensive extras, so please don't start dragging bags of toys to your next massage appointment. My trick with vibrators is to hold them in just such a way that they don't actually touch my clit. But I'll moan and squirm on the table like a dirty little whore all the same. I wish you could see it - my performance is worthy of an Oscar. Fuck Meryl Streep - getting a guy to believe that you're fucking yourself silly with a vibrator while he's standing just 2 feet away - THAT takes talent.

In all my time here in The Business, I’ve only seen a strap-on once. It was brought in by this quiet little guy (it’s always the quiet ones, right?) who only came in once. When he first showed it to me, I thought it was just another dildo that I would have to pretend-fuck. Then he explained to me what it was really for…

“Holy shit! You want me to do WHAT?” I couldn’t believe that this guy had just walked in off the street and asked ME to fuck HIM up the ass. I swear to you I had never heard of this before. I was amazed that a device actually existed for women to do this sort of thing. Where do you guys come up with this stuff???

Anyway, we talked for a while and he discussed the mechanics of how it all worked. After the shock wore off, he asked me (more like pleaded) if I’d do it. Now normally I don’t offer to do extras for new customers, but I was intrigued by the whole idea. So a couple hundred dollars of “intrigue” later, I found myself strapping that sucker on.

I find it hard to describe. But I think the closest thing to compare it to is a power trip. I just felt this rush of being in charge because I was doing the fucking. He was on all fours and I was kneeling behind him just ramming away. Thank Gawd he couldn’t see me because I was starting to make my fuck faces – that is how much I was getting into it.

After a while he asked to change positions. That’s when I discovered that I was soaking wet! I began to panic, but luckily he was too much in his own world to notice me trying to casually clean myself. We ended the session with him on his back and me fucking him missionary style. From this position he was able to take care of himself at the same time, while I did my best not to let him know how much this was turning me on. I don’t know how you guys do it, but missionary fucking is HARD on the legs!

When it was all done, I had this weird feeling of confusion because this total stranger had just managed to get me all hot and bothered in a way I had never experienced before. I had absolutely no interest in having sex with the guy, it was just this act of pretend-fucking really turned me on. And that was the one and only time I had ever used a strap-on. I don’t think I could do that with a guy I was dating because I think part of the power trip for me was that whole humiliation thing going on. After you fuck a guy in the ass, I doubt you could look at him the same ever again. I hope that makes some sense.

............. wow.... I even felt a little funny remembering all that just now. I never saw that guy again, which may or not be a bad thing. The problem for me with getting aroused at work is that I feel like it's a loss of control. Inside that room I am in charge and nothing happens without my consent. So when something like that happens where I let myself go, I feel that loss of control which makes me feel very uncomfortable. But that's just me.

I hope I didn't burst too many bubbles today. And to all the guys who've asked about seeing me in session - ya still wanna see me now? LOL



Tim said...

"And to all the guys who've asked about seeing me in session - ya still wanna see me now?"

Yes, would love to see you in session

Anonymous said...

there is a whole series of videos called "bend over boyfriend;" that are about what you described.
it is all about power, that's why people like to tie others (or be tied). that's why pro dommes make so much bank...

Billy Smith said...

Hi CJ - interesting blog this time around. The whole strap-on thing has never appealed to much (although there is a funny story about prostate massage, a dominatrix and lots of lube I could tell you!). Glad you are still writing - I am sure your acting skills are truly worthy of an Oscar. In the meantime, take care and keep an eye out for a UK accent next week (yes, I am still coming over and hope you were not talking about me you naughty minx!). Drop me a note when you can.

RIV said...

Another fascinating post, but I am a bit surprised you never knew of a strap on. While I know your feelings of doing that to a boyfriend, would you be adverse to doing it to another client?
While I am not one that enjoys being the receiver of the strap on, it IS interesting to watch.

You discovering how difficult the missionary position is (now you know how WE feel), perhaps this might work a whole new set of muscles.
A new workout regimen, if you will. :)

Seeing you in a session? I know I wouldn't mind it in the least, but I'd rather sit at a dinner and pick your brain and we can trade stories. LOL.

Thorn said...

As far as I know the strap on thing was more about the ladies than the gents [original production being aimed at the lesbian market].

The first one I am was aware of being used were by friends in the lesbian community on each other.

Though it was only a short time between that and hearing about other uses. You can't make a sex toy without people adding uses, intended or not. I'm sure we've both heard lots of stories from people we know.

As much of a hedonist as I am I have to admit that insertion of things into my rear end has never done it for me. A true buzz kill in the stiffy department, butt [sic - pun intended] to each their own. :)

Thorn said...

Hey, RIV... I finally looked at your profile. Interesting? I manage the floor and security for a series of very large private parties in NYC. Many guests [all screened].

If you get out to NYC sometime let me know and if we are having a party at the time we'll talk. You can come on over and see how we do it NYC style. :)

If you want to read about the parties you can check out the party threads on www.utopiaguide.com , the site which hosts the parties.

mommasboy said...

Not only would I still like to see you in session, If I ever find out where you work I'm bringing a brandy-spankin'-new strap-on. As my handle suggests, I have an oedipal submissive fetish. Being under you, working me over, completely submitting to your power, with that magnificent mammage would be well worth the price.

Really, you could make alot more as a dominatrix and you might find it quite satisfying.

Tom Moran said...

CJ, I think you would be surprised at how many of the guys on this board would be not only willing but eager to have you fuck them in the ass with a strap-on.

I should point out at this juncture that I am not one of them. :)

Su Kuhnel said...

I wish it turned me on like that, CJ. My BF loves me to use a strap on with him but I find it a bit boring really and don't get anything out of it. I have to rely on my acting skills to make it look as if I'm enthusiastic, see you at the next Oscars, hun!