Monday, March 23, 2009

Freak of the Week - The Marlboro Man

Well, I've got a good one for you this week. 2 months of basic rub and tugs, and now it's like they're coming out of the woodwork. Well, they say it never rains, but it pours...

So anyway, this story starts about 4 months ago when this guy first came in. Nothing to remember really, except that he asked me if I smoked and could he light one up in the room. Personally, I wouldn't give a shit if a customer wanted to smoke in the room, but Audrey was working with me at the time so I gave him a song and dance about how we're a "non-smoking" facility, blah blah blah.

Cut to this week. The Marlboro Man comes back and asks if I remember him. I said "kinda" so he refreshed my memory.

"Is it OK if I smoke now?" he asks with a big grin. I was like "whatever" since I was alone that shift and we were at the front desk. But instead of lighting up he just asks if we could go in session.
Once in the room, he sits me down and asks if I have any cigs. I said sure, so I told him to get comfortable and I'll be right back. I find my purse and grab 2 since I figure I'll burn one as well (The Bitch ain't here, so who cares, right?). I walk back in the room and he's sitting naked on the table. I offer him one.

"Not me... you. I'll pay you extra if you smoke in front of me." Now that's a first! I must have given him a weird look because he said "I love to watch women smoke. It's like a major turn on for me." I told him that's cool, but could we do the massage first because I felt uncomfortable dangling a lit cigarette over a naked body while I'm working.

Let me explain something here. I had a pack of the new FSC's (Fire Safety Cigarettes). These things are wild - if you stop puffing on it for whatever reason, it extinguishes itself automatically after a minute or so! So even if I just wanted to keep a lit one in the room (as an aphrodisiac for Marlboro Man), I didn't have the option.

He paid for a nude, and asked that the Happy Ending last for at least 1 entire cigarette. I agreed and got undressed. The session was pretty plain. We talked about the economy and gas prices - nothing exciting.

After I asked him to roll over onto his back, I worked his legs pretty good and noticed his dick was limp the entire time. But when I finally stopped and reached for that cigarette and lighter, I saw a definite twitch. As I fumbled with the lighter and made a big production of lighting up, his cock went from 0 to 60 - I am not kidding you. He wasn't even touching himself either!

"So how does this work?" I said since I was genuinely curious. I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft - LOL

He motioned for me to come over and stand right next to him. "Can you talk and smoke at the same time?" he asked. I nodded. "In my opinion, this is the hottest thing a woman can do."

That had me wondering. "How do you do in bars? I mean, all the women smoking in public must be a big turn on for you, right?"

He nodded a big yes. Turns out that smoking women are his fetish. There are even websites dedicated to this (guys are so weird). "Just keep talking and do your thing. All I want is to just watch you smoke. And try not to remove it from your mouth while you're talking."

There I was, puffing away while he sat up on his elbows watching me smoke. I leaned right into him and blew a big cloud right in his grinning face. I swear - he moaned just like I was blowing him! So instead of grabbing his cock, I started tugging on his balls while blowing the smoke directly at him. Now he was really getting into it. After a minute of ball play and smoke he says "Pinch my nipples with your other hand... Ohhhhhhhh... that's it..."

Now picture this - right hand pinching his nipple, left hand rubbing his cock, and my lips blowing smoke into his face. Am I good or what?

"Mmmmmmm baby, how do you like that?" I managed to say with the cigarette dangling from my lips. At that he gave out a big sigh. I figured that watching the cigarette bounce up and down while I talked was the mental equivalent of shoving a finger up his ass. This guy was totally in heaven.

I realized that he was getting off more on the smoking than on the tugging. "Fuck! you are so sexy when you do that" he practically yelled. "Uhhhh... Could you do one more thing?" Geez - my 2 hands are busy, and my mouth is already wrapped around a cigarette, so what else could he possibly want me to do? "I want you to look deep into my eyes and talk dirty while you smoke. Just whatever you do, don't stop smoking." So I slowed down the handjob and concentrated more on the talking.

"You're a dirty little boy aren't you?.. (puff puff)... And you like dirty girls who smoke... (puff puff)... You like it in your face, don't you?... (puff puff)"

Well, I managed to keep this up until I smoked that thing down to the butt. Smoking and talking at the same time is hard! I swear to you guys - I didn't realize how much I was getting into this session, because I NEVER smoke a full cigarette. Look at the coffee can outside our door - it's full of half burnt ones. When I got to the butt, I kicked the handjob into high gear and begged him to cum for me.

Even though I was losing smoke, he was still fixated on what was left of the cigarette dangling from my lips. So I gave him one last final round of dirty talk just inches from his face so he could enjoy every last little bounce of that filter. He came very loudly (luckily I was alone that night). Once it was over, I realized how light-headed I was from sucking down a while cigarette. I had to sit down, so I just kinda tossed the towel at him to clean himself up.

He thanked me something like 20 times. I guess he can't find a girlfriend to enjoy his fetish with. He asked what he owed for the "extra" and I told him "whatever" since I was still a little woozy and too embarassed to admit that I had fun too. He tipped me an extra $40.

And the funny thing is that when it was all over and I came down off my nicotine high, I knew this was going to be a great story. So I grabbed my laptop and starting writing everything down before I forgot any details. I think this blog thing is helping me to appreciate some of our "unique" customers more. When I was right in the middle of my nipple-pinching, cock-jerking, smoke-talking happy ending, I was thinking this was gonna make for a great Freak of the Week.

I guess I can only thank you guys for making me look at my job in a new light. LOL. Thanks for the encouragement! And to all you guys out there with a weird little kink - come on in so I don't run out of ideas.



RIV said...

I am constantly amazed at your blog; while I know a huge number of fetishes out there, the smoking girl fetish I have heard about, but had no real clue about it until this one.
Hopefully, you got yourself a new regular and arranged it as such.

You're making me more curious about the ones here, but all we seem to have are the asian ones, in Houston.

In short, another great post.
As a clarification, does that mean you got turned on during this session as well, or did you just have fun, like with the stripper guy?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Love all the little details!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog yesterday. really like the way you tell your stories.

a lot of my family's from PA and I grew up there - its interesting how i can hear the dialect through your writing.

cj said...

I was just having a ball. I mean it's pretty nice when a guy has a kink thats more or less harmless. So I was able to enjoy a relaxing smoke and STILL sent home a happy customer. How many people can say that about their day at work?

Dear Feminist,
Home Grrrrrl in da house! Go Lions!


Anonymous said...

fa sho... though I did go to Ohio State ;)


It was nice to have some pictures in your blog, make things more interesting...

Al Sensu said...

Just found your blog thru Fleshbot and boy am I happy. You're a great writer and practitioner of an important service. I am so grateful for some of the lovely ladies I have visited for HJ-massage over the years.

Him said...

I actually share this fetish, but never thought about fulfilling it this way.

Several girls have been kind enough to indulge me. :-)

Thanks for the story!

Continuous But Plural said...

I like getting fucked while smoking a cigarette, but I've to have a guy request it. That would be awesome.