Thursday, June 4, 2009

And the Winner is...........

Announcing the winner of the "Name the new Business" contest... and the winner is....

Hands N Tans!!!

I liked it because it sums up what the 2 Businesses do, but not in a dirty way. I could totally see a legitimate Business actually using this name. Girls would come in to tan and would never even notice, meanwhile their boyfriends would be snickering as they went next door.

And I have to give mention to my other 2 favorites in the "not in a million years" category:

Cum and Tan
Rays and Sprays

I swear - if erotic massage were 100% legal, I would use one of those. Oh well - maybe I should move to Canada.

So let me give you an update on what's going on with all this drama. The landlord hasn't said anything new since he pulled that extortion bullshit a couple weeks ago. However, since then there have been some MAJOR fights between us worker bees and the queen bee Audrey.

It all started when I finished up a customer who usually sees Audrey. I didn't think twice about it since he came in, did NOT ask for Audrey, and took me instead. It was just a normal routine topless with hand release session. As he was leaving, Audrey recognized him. As soon as the door closed behind him, she starts bawling me out. Accused me of stealing her customers behind her back, lying to customers, lying to her... in other words - all the stuff she does to us in front of our faces.

That was it - I had had it. Over the last 2 months we've all noticed that Business has taken a nose dive. Regulars have been disappearing, and those that stay have been complaining about Audrey's bad attitude. They've been getting sick and tired of her trying to lure them away every single time they call for an appointment. She does everything from offering discounts to outright lying ("she's not here today, but I can see you...").

Something snapped in me and I started yelling back at her. Then Trina came in and she joined me. It was UGLY. Three women screaming at the top of their lungs for about 15 minutes. It all ended with her storming off, doors getting slammed, and threats to fire us and close the Business.

Things have quieted down since then, but it's still tense. I spent a shift where I didn't say 2 words to her for 6 hours. Trina confessed that she's started looking for part time work at the mall. Cindy said she contacted another parlor across town and they're hiring. I called a friend of mine who owns a place near the city and she said they could use the help. THAT'S how bad it is.

Now before you all worry that I'm outta here and won't have any new stories for you - don't worry. It's all talk right now. I think we're all gonna sit down very soon and have a serious conversation about the Business and where it's heading.



dan said...

Yay!...I can't wait to use that lotion. :)

But boo! re teh drama.

P. said...

Seriously, how hard would it be to start your own business? I mean is there some kind of shame certification you have to get to have a therapeutic cover or something?

mdcraig62 said...

Well I hope that things work out for you. It was a long strange trip that brought me to your blog,(guy living in a truck, led to Hobo Stripper, led to My dancer diary, to You!) whatever happens keep writing!

Ully said...

Reading your blog to this point in one sitting (over an hour or so?) , there's a giant leap in confidence, self-esteem. Audrey is more a mentor you're confident enough to leave, than a hated boss. When I lived in NYC, a gf of mine grew up in allentown, your PA accent totally comes through in your writing.