Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

I got a weird request today at work. I know that may sound funny coming from me considering I don't think "could you stick a finger up my ass?" a weird request. But I thought it was odd just the same. Not weird enough to make Freak of the Week, but still worth talking about.

It was a new customer. After we got in the room and I started going over the options (and for all you newbies out there, they are Topless, G-string, and Nude). He took a G-string, but then asked if I offered a "Girlfriend Experience" or GFE as I learned later.

I told him I had never heard of that option before, and he explained that it's basically a more relaxed, laid back type of session with cuddling, kissing, and no clock watching.

Unfortunately I had to tell him "no" - especially for a new customer. But I did end up picking his brain about it during our session. It's the first time I had ever heard of that expression, but I guess it's really meant as an option for full-service escorts. The more he talked about it I realized that it's actually kinda what I do with my Sugar Daddies. No clock watching, more affectionate touching, and the occasional kiss.

I've never really made out with an SD, except for maybe once or twice. And I was drunk. OK, maybe 3 or 4 times. But that's it. And it was just one guy who I really liked. So I've only made out with an SD just the 7 times.

I think it's just never occurred to me that kissing would be an extra or an option. I've never done it in session, and I can't remember any of my co-workers mentioning it either. But I do have a colleague who I met through this blog who does erotic massage, and at her Business they offer "Frenching" as an option. In fact - they consider it a standard option. I guess the idea is that your masseuse will tongue kiss you during the hand release.

I don't know... the idea of making out with strange guys at work seems inappropriate. I told you that story earlier about the guy who wanted me to kiss him during a double. I said that I don't believe that old "Pretty Woman" bullshit about kissing is too intimate for work. I just think it's gross - especially when you think about some of the guys who come in here! I already keep deodorant in the room - I don't to want keep toothpaste as well.

And we do get the occasional Hottie in here, but I don't fantasize about kissing them... I fantasize about fucking them. So nope - I don't see "frenching" as a new option any time soon.



Anonymous said...

There's a recent movie by Steven Soderburgh called "The Girlfriend Experience," starring the pornstar Sasha Grey.

Advizor said...

The GFE for escorts takes the experience to a whole new level, it usually involves a night out on the town, a home visit, usually an overnighter, with maybe even breakfast and a walk in the park.

They are rumored to be extravagantly expensive and they emphasize the "date night" aspects over the business-like feel of, "You give me $200 and I'll have sex with you. Make it $500 and you can......fill in the blank."

I think if fulfills an emotional need more than a sexual impulse.

I'd shy away from it in your business, however, anyone who wants to recreate the GFE in the time allotted at your place is an emotional time bomb. You can find physical intimacy in an hour, or 30 minutes, but fooling yourself into emotional intimacy is playing with fire.

jbird said...

I agree with Advizor -- it's way more of an emotional attachment and more of a "date-type" or over night experience (not that I really know... a friend of mine... -- lol). Anyhow, I wish I could trade places with SugarDaddy Pete (come on, we all know he was the lucky one - times 7)

shannon said...

Really impressed by your blog. Found it by accident but I am glad that I did.
Keep up the great work.

dan said...

Are you sure your colleague wasn't referring to a french release (aka a bj)? Like a breast release being called a 'russian'.

Anonymous said...

Whoa , I learn so much here. I had no idea breast release were called 'Russians' Wonder why that is? Why not Mongolian, or Cuban?

shannon said...

Instead of referring to a breast release as a "Russian," it should be called a "Peruvian" in honor of lake Titicaca.

Anonymous said...

I have a fantasy. A masseuse sees many naked guys and that must turn the massueses on! Girls love huge cock and the chance of stumbling upon a massive one makes me think what does the girl do? Plays with a thick piece of meat . Soon , just bcuz of size , he gets pussy too! That excites me. To think she gets wet after stroking a huge one!

Mack said...

Loved Reading Your Blog
Thanks for Sharing the Information

Thanks & Regards

Anonymous said...

I remember a Chinese chick (not a provider - an amateur) who explained to me once that she had many boyfriends in the old country. She would just offer guys company - basically free-load on dinners, movies, and gifts - while giving away very little. She even bragged about how one tried to take her hand on the street, after ONE YEAR of such dating, and she told him off!
She wasn't even a looker.
I was shocked to see that, in our day and age, some women still acted like princesses, milking suitors for gifts, on the elusive possibility of some pussy way, way down the line. I chalked it up to weird and backward Asian mores, and still had to hear about sugar daddies. =)
I think I know how to treat a lady, but I just can't believe how little some men expect, and I don't know how "liberated" women can live with themselves pulling crap like that.

The GFE is NOT exclusive to escorts. One can get it at a full service parlor, well, an AMP anyway, as Asians freely "give" that away, like the good courtesans that they are. And tell me: what "girlfriend" doesn't have sex with her man, BTW?
Not every provider does it, or does it with every customer, but it's not reserved to regulars.
It's "just" a massage session with kissing, sweet talk, hand holding, hugging, and all the stuff that goes on in full service places. They only ask for FS rate (typically $200/hr), with no discussion of extras or added costs. It's not like you get charged per kiss or because after a BJ, 69,and doggie, the guy can't finish in missionary and has to be jerked off: they just do what they have to do (within reason) until time she's up. No script, no plan, like in life.
Oh yeah, the kissing is DFK (deep French kissing) not faked, girl, and they do hand you some mouthwash at the end of the session. Inappropriate? LOL! But coming on your face is OK, right, and has a price tag...

I've seen you write somewhere on this blog that Asian providers weren't Geisha (you think they're all uneducated, unlicensed and unwilling slaves), but it's clear that you are just clueless about them because it can be pretty close (no shamisen, though). And I can see how they could really rub American whores the wrong way, given the amount of service and for the price. To me, AMPs give like sure thing dates without the Asian BS.
Asian whores RULE.

To those who wonder about the emotional entanglements... well, it's for grown-ups, that's for sure. Look at how many think they've got the hots for a blogger with a grating personality they never even saw. Don't go for a GFE.