Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cindy and the Full Service Option

So I'm sitting in the back room TRYING to say something intelligent on this blog thing, when Cindy pops out of her session room to talk to me.

"Hey CJ - you're not gonna believe this, but Roger wants to do a double!"

Roger is one of Cindy's Regulars, and also the first one to see her since she came back from having the baby. He's THAT big of a fan.

I'm almost as surprised by this news as she is. "What, did he win the lottery or something?" For the new guys out there, a "double" option is when the customer wants 2 girls. Since the entire world is broke, we don't get any calls for them anymore, so this is good news.

"Kinda. He said he just won some settlement or something and wants to celebrate..." Cindy trails off and looks down for a second. She starts to turn red and then tells me, "I think he wants me to blow him. Do you mind?"

Cindy was a good girl for a little while there, but I knew deep down it wouldn't last. And it's not like I haven't watched her do a customer before. Heck, the stories I could tell you from the old days... Anyway, I'm more impressed by the fact that she's embarrassed and turning red. I think she's really been trying to turn over a new leaf.

I look her in the eye and say "Naaaaah. That baby of yours needs some new clothes, so let's do this. As long as I don't have to do anything weird."

Cindy takes me by the hand and starts dragging me to her room. "You know Roger. He's cool."

The way a double typically works is that 2 girls massage the guy at the same time. For example, I may work the guys back while the other girl works the legs. The tip is the same as if he were paying each of us for a single. Now if he wants "extras" then the price goes up quickly. For example, guys almost always ask for the "lesbian show" during a double.

Roger isn't a bad looking guy. He's probably in his late 40's and burly. Cindy's probably more than happy that I'll be helping out with the massage. His face lights up when he sees me walk in. "Hey girl! Ready to party?!" He's obviously in a good mood.

"Since when did you become Mr. Money Bags, huh?" I ask as I take my shirt off and unhook my bra. He explains that he finally got some money for falling off a roof or something over a year ago. As he's talking I finish undressing and then push him back on the table where I start on his shoulders while Cindy takes his lower legs. Guys tell me it's a wonderful sensation to have 2 very different parts of the body worked on at the same time.

When our 4 combined hands finally meet at Roger's rear end, we ask him to flip over. Cindy moves to take his legs again, and I move up over his head so I can massage the top of his shoulders. But now that he can enjoy the view he paid double for, he eventually brings it up, "Uh... can I get you two to be 'friendly' to each other?"

Wow - Roger must really be in a good mood. Cindy and I look at each other. She gives me a pleading look and I just sort of sigh. "Sure Roger," Cindy starts, "and are you still interested in what we talked about?"

He nods vigorously and smiles. I give Cindy a questioning look and she gives me a wink. She's already negotiated the extra tip, so we both move to the same side of the table.

Now let me stop here and mention that Cindy's breasts are HUGE. Between the baby and the implants, they have been busting out of her bra for a couple months now. I'm a little nervous to touch them because they're shaped kinda weird and I know they're not empty. So to start, I just kinda run my fingertips around the sides. Cindy keeps working on his leg while I move behind her and cup both her breasts in my hands.

I have a "script" I use for the lesbian show which is usually along the lines of "Oh baby... you are so hot..." etc. But this time I genuinely say, "Damn Cindy... your breasts are totally swollen and they're warm to the touch!"

Cindy laughs. "Aren't they? Watch my nipples... they're really really tender right now."

Now we're actually having a real conversation and this is not part of the show, but Roger is like "Fuck! This is hot!" When I realize he's getting off on what for us is a technical discussion, I use it to my advantage and start playing it up. I exaggerate my rubbing and say things like "Mmmmmmmm... I wonder if they'd be hot on my tongue... Mmmmmm" etc.

Eventually we switch places and I start to massage his pecs, while Cindy starts running her fingers under my breasts and over my stomach. After a few minutes of this, Cindy reaches between his legs - signaling that the shows over and it's happy ending time. That's the one good thing about the lesbian show - it really hurry's things along.

Since I'm closer to the rack, I hand the bottle of warm oil over to Cindy. Then I take my place next to him so I can caress his chest.

Let me take another moment to explain how we typically do a double happy ending. Usually 1 girl will do most of the work while the other caresses the customers thighs or chest. Upon request, the lesbian show might continue through the ending but we've discovered that it's kinda awkward to try to fondle someone when she's trying to concentrate on the job at hand (pun intended). Besides, the caressing technique also helps the guy finish quicker.

A lot of customers ask for the double handjob at this point. I hate to break it to you guys, but unless you're hung like a horse it's really hard to wrap more than 2 hands around a prick. And even trying 1 hand from each girl isn't easy. You really have to pay attention to what you're doing to get the timing and the rhythm right else it's just painful for the guy. So please stop asking and let us do our jobs - we're professionals you know.

OK - back to Cindy. She puts of bottle of oil down and instead says "Roger wants a special ending." I forgot about the blowjob, so I go back to caressing his chest while Roger directs her to get a condom out of his pants pocket.

Interesting... he came prepared. That means that Cindy is NOT doing this on a regular basis. That's my girl - there's hope for you yet!

While she's putting the condom on him, Roger looks at me and asks "Will you do something special for me while she does that?" I'm assuming that Cindy's explained that I'm not full service, so maybe he wants me to rub his balls or something - who knows. I usually don't have to get involved at this point.

"Uh... like what" I ask suspiciously.

"Could we make out?"

That I was not expecting. Roger then explained to me that one of the most intimate of pleasures that one can enjoy from a threesome is that of kissing while receiving oral favors. Whoa - that had never occurred to me before. And I have to admit that I was intrigued, BUT this was one party where I had to give - not receive.

Now if Cindy would be willing to... NAAAHHHHH

I told him that, no offense, but I don't kiss customers. It's not that "Pretty Woman" bullshit about keeping some things "personal" either. I just think the idea of making out with strange men is gross. As we all know, you should only make out with strange guys in the parking lot of a bar, piss drunk, while your girlfriends are trying to drag you into the car. THAT'S ok.

But I have to admit that I could see where Roger was coming from. I didn't want him to leave feeling like he missed a rare opportunity, so I decided that maybe we could negotiate something.

I asked him if it was absolutely necessary that we make out.

He said "no" but he really really would appreciate it.

I told him I've never done that with a customer before.

He said if it's a money issue he would gladly take care of me.

I said it's not - I just think it's weird.

He asked if he could give me a hickey.

I said "no fuckin way."

He asked if he could suck on my tits instead.

Cindy pulled the cock out of her mouth and said "Just fucking kiss him already. My jaw is getting tired!"

THAT was the moment I was waiting for. I was wondering how long I could keep him distracted before she realized what I was up to. I started laughing out loud and I could hear a "... I...uckin...ate...oo..." between slurps. Have you ever tried talking with a dick in your mouth? It's harder than it looks.

Anyway, I had my fun so I decided to finally help her out. I had no intention of making out with anyone, so I grabbed his head in both my hands and pulled him in between The Girls. "You gonna take care of me Roger?" I knew that between his face buried in my breasts and Cindy's mouth wrapped around his cock, he was going to say "yes" to anything. Heck, I coulda asked him to buy me a car at that point.

But I just wanted him to finish, so I continued to hold his head in my hands and I moved slowly down till my face was just inches from his. I looked him deep in the eyes and asked "Is this OK?" I exhaled deeply so he could feel just how close my mouth was to his. I knew it was working when he squeaked a little "un-huh." So I held his gaze and just sort of lightly brushed my lips over his lips and nose while doing some dirty talk. He came a few moments later. I noticed that Cindy did the move where she keeps him in her mouth till he's finished cumming. Nice touch I thought.

I let her clean him up while I put my clothes back on. I figured my job was done! LOL Roger left a happy man and I made a few extra bucks. Not a bad day afterall.



Anonymous said...

Damn damn damn...

jbird said...

WOW - this was a very hot post -- been a while since there has been one that worked me up like this one did ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love reading about all the details of what goes on in session. If Roger came into a LOT of money, maybe he'll be back for another double in the future.

As I've learned from watching Cathouse on Showtime, negotiations go way easier once the customer's dick is hard. (It must be a lack of blood in the brain or something)


Anonymous said...

I'm getting lightheaded from the lack of blood flowing to my brain. Jeez!

mommasboy said...

"Now let me stop here and mention that Cindy's breasts are HUGE. "

Bigger than yours?!?!

Anonymous said...

Who is taking care of the kid while Cindy works her shift? Early daycare or is your employer kid friendly?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Would be nice to get some additional visuals with your posts.

Anonymous said...

Kissing would without question finish me off quickly. A couple of times my girlfriend "made out" with me while also giving me a handjob... hotter than hell! I came VERY quickly and it was a very intense orgasm. I'd love to do that again someday.

cj said...

Cindy's implants are at least a C. But combined with the lactation and they must be DD by now. But a really weird looking DD.

When a guy makes decisions under "excitement" we call that "Cha-ching" moment because he'll practically agree to anything. Take that as a lesson guys - negotiate everying UP FRONT before all the blood rushes away from your brain. LOL

Cindy's grandma is watching the kid I think. Can you imagine daycare on site? Did you read my earlier post on babysitting on the job?

Visuals???? Remember - I don't usually allow cameras. But one day I do need to finish telling my story about the one guy who I allowed to use a video camera.


jbird said...

Whoa - a video camera? I don't remember this one and how did we not get the conclusion? Sounds like a good one - don't hold that one out on us too long. If she is now DD - what are you?

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not typical, but money talk during the session makes me lose it. It just kills the fantasy. It's true that we tend to say yes to anything then because we want this delay out of the way to go back to "business", I think. Unwelcome distraction.

zeot said...

haha i think you played it pretty cool to be honest
i'm sure he left real happy.