Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Or What Do You Call Inappropriate When Ass-Pinching is in Your Job Description?

Today I thought I'd get serious for once. I got some really interesting comments the other day on my post about stealing a business. So that got me thinking about some of the other shit that we have to put up with in this line of work - both from customers and bosses.

Let's start with customers...

For the most part, the customers are usually respectful and know what is or isn't allowed. Let me point out here to those of you who haven't tried your first erotic massage yet - NEVER ASSUME WHAT YOU CAN DO IN SESSION, ALWAYS ASK FIRST. In other words, ask before you touch. I can't stand it when some asshole thinks he can start grabbing my breasts or rear end as soon as I walk in the room. I allow touch "within reason" and I appreciate it when the customer asks permission first.

So consider yourself lucky - where else is it perfectly normal to ask "Pardon me ma'am, but may I fondle your breasts?" See? that wasn't so bad, was it? It's just standard massage parlor etiquette. Heck, I recently had a customer ask me very politely if he could finger my asshole. I politely declined, but the point is that he ASKED FIRST (then I told him that he might want to try Cindy next time - LOL).

Probably the most common form of harassment from the customers is the grabby kind. - guys that are just constantly grabbing, pinching, or squeezing something. Remember - no touch is welcome until you ask first. That's true of any place you go to. So when a guy starts to act like an octopus, I generally just tell him to either back off, or fork over an extra $50. You would be surprised to see how well that works when you put a dollar amount on harassment. It's really funny - once the customers realize that I'm not a rented sex toy and that this is just a strict business transaction, they start to act professional as well. I think it's a guy thing.

When a guy just won't lay off, or is disrespectful in other ways, I just say "hit the road." Letting some asshole ruin my day is NEVER worth the cash. In my room, I'm in charge and I make the rules - not the customers cash.

Then there are the bosses...

The most common form of harassment from a boss is usually the "Pay to Play" kind. In other words, he wants a little action on the side if you want to keep your job.

I've only worked for 1 guy who tried that shit on me. I think it was the second place I worked at, and the guy bought the business and assumed management. He had no clue what he was doing, and he just assumed he was this Big Old Pimp Daddy, and we were his Ho's. He tried his shit on everyone, until one by one we all left. What these guys don't understand is that a Business is just that - a business. If you fuck with the employees, they will fuck with you.

But in every Business there will be some girls who are like "what's another blowjob?" when they're pulling down big bucks during their shift. Heck - even I've given away the occasional handjob as a favor, but that still doesn't make it right.

Now if you want to see true "harassment" in the workplace, you gotta go to the mob-run Asian places. There, the girls live on the premises, aren't allowed to leave, and never see any of the money they earn. Don't believe me? In all my years in the Business, I have NEVER worked with an Asian girl. No one around here has either - because they just never leave the premises.

I hope you guys have been paying attention during my little lecture. To summarize - the next time you want to stick your finger up your co-workers ass - remember to ask first.



Skip Cunningham said...

You said:

"I generally just tell him to either back off, or fork over an extra $50. ... the customers realize that I'm not a rented sex toy and that this is just a strict business transaction."

What's the difference between a "strict business transaction" and you being a "rented sex toy" if you charge someone $50 to do something sexual to you?

Wack said...

Awesome blog cj!! Just found this and practically read it beginning to end. Keep up the good work. Always been curious about the happy ending and could never figure out how to find one. Now that I know how to find one, dunno if I'll ever get the nerve to go. Only tome will tell.

Keep up the blogging! Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Assuming the guy is respectful & asks before touching, are there any areas off limits for touching? Also, during the happy ending, do you use sound effects & verbally teasing (moaning & sweet-talking)?

Anonymous said...

why don't you call the "harassment" against the asian-mob girls what it really is, trafficking.

Anonymous said...

"What's the difference between a "strict business transaction" and you being a "rented sex toy" if you charge someone $50 to do something sexual to you?

whats the difference between a bookkeeper and an adding machine?

Anonymous said...

You don't see the AMP girls elsewhere because most (not all but most) are actually kept as slaves and moved around between AMPS fairly frequently by an organization that owns several AMPs in a geographic region.

cherry said...

we have asian massage parlors here too. They're open 24/7. The girls SLEEP in the brothel and are awoken when a client walks in. They have to see him too. I often turn down clients. Freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...


I visited a place in CA mini-mall that says "Oriental Massage" on the sign, has a neon "Open" sign, and is open 10am - 10pm everyday. They seem very descreet and no names are exchanged. I paid my fee up front at the counter and then went back to the room with massuesse. I've seen the same girl twice and she is really sweet and nice but no "happy ending". I've tried to guide her hands but she says she can't do that. Am I missing something? I don't want to get her in trouble if it isn't that kind of place but it sure seems to fit all the characteristics you say to look for. Any thoughts? BTW, I love reading your posts. You're awesome!!! :)


cj said...

Dear Anon 1,
Hands off the cookie. Breasts and/or ass if you ask nicely and I like you. I'll do some sweet talking or dirty talking if it helps get the guy off.

Right on! That's what I'm talking about. Avoid the Asian massage parlors and go American!! LOL

Last Anon,
You must look like a cop, or the place does hair and nails too. LOL. Ask for another girl next time and explain it's your 3rd visit. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading backwards, catching up with old posts, and ever more sickened by the amount of disinformation about Asians CJ spreads and the naivete of her readers.

Not ALL AMPs offer extras. Many are legit. Sometimes a guy can be turned down because he looks like the fuzz, it's true, or because there is a cop car in the parking lot, or because another AMP was just busted and they're waiting for the heat to come down.
BUT the fact is that not all break the law, so please:
1. Quit saying that, and...
2. If you don't get what you want, just go somewhere else instead of harrassing the poor masseuse.

Not ALL Asians live at the parlor, and not all that do are "slaves". Sometimes, they just do out of convenience. Asians are very gregarious among themselves and know little privacy or boundaries, unlike us, fierce individualists. They freaking BATHE together!
AMPs also have breakrooms where the providers hang out and wait for their turn. They eat, play cards and watch TV there. If you're a regular, you may be invited to hang out with them there one day. No shackles! No bars!
So please, just because you saw a room full of Asians... don't announce that you got a glimpse of the slaves' cage. You guys are like those crazies who see the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast. People believe what they want to believe, and cops never trust an eyewitness for a reason. Sigh.

"Slaves". Don't you guys get it, already? Those chicks pay the mob to smuggle them to the States and owe Big Money. They repay the debt by working at the AMP for free for a few months. No papers, no English, no cash... where are they gonna go?! And would the owners let them roam free anyway? Probably not. But that's not exactly slavery unless they have been taken against their will and forced to do things they don't want to do, is it? Newsflash: a lot of those chicks were already whores in the old country and that's all they know to make money. Now some were just poor and agreed to sell some pussy to come live in the greatest place on earth.
Wonderful? Hardly. But although this IS trafficking, and fake travel documents, broken immigrations laws, and tax evasion are involved (all reasons LE gets involved, ESPECIALLY the last one)... this is not what you guys make it out to be.

Those AMPs open and close, rotate managers, and shuffle the girls around to prevent LE from making a case (it takes time!). How can you go after a business when you don't know who runs it, or prove that a sex act took place when the provider can't be identified or found?
Sneaky and illegal? You bet. Slave trade? Please.

Those joints aren't licensed and don't pay taxes, so they're cheaper than The Business. That makes them tough competition, and if anyone prefers not to go there, it's their call, but people can't make informed decisions when all they read is made-up, outrageous BS.


Anonymous said...

The reasons why CJ doesn't meet these chicks, or why they don't apply at her parlor are obvious. But 1st generation Asians only work with Asians anyway, even in legit places (they are pretty xenophobic). Only Latinas stand a chance to work at AMPs. That's just the way it is.
And if I get all riled up reading these allegations and all the racist shit, how do you think an Asian would feel? You think they don't know?!
If you see an Asian in a white parlor, or vice versa, it's probably a legit and high-end establishment, of the kind I've never seen.

How do I know all this? Well, unlike the newbs posting here who just get a guilty thrill out of driving by, and CJ who lives in a small town, and therefore a freaking bubble, I have patronized a great number of AMPs, of ALL kinds, and have talked to many Asian providers. I was a regular to several, a boyfriend to one, and not only saw them outside, but drove them to work, went to their homes, or invited them over to mine. Do slaves own cars? Homes? Run small businesses?
Quite a few masseuses have given me their phone number, then called me if I was taking too much time to come back for a session. Do slaves have phones?

Enough said.

If you don't want, or are too chickenshit, to go to AMPs, peruse review sites and blogs from Asian providers (do slaves own computers?), even research press articles (biased and drama-filled as they are), read about prostitution in Asia, and you'll come to the same conclusion that I did: the slavery myth was created by Big Brother to justify crackdowns on a particular segment of the prostitution population (that doesn't have a voice or a lobby), and to seize the millions generated by Korean smuggling rings.
Since prostitution is as illegal as tax evasion or organized crime, the authorities are well within their rights to do so. But all the talk about human-trafficking is just a smoke screen.
Because those "slaves" don't want to be freed, you see? They just want you to come to the AMP so they can pay off their debts ASAP, go work for a regular AMP, save money, become legal, open their own salon, and otherwise live their version of the Asian-American Dream.

Now if there happens to be an actual "slave" here and there, I apologize to them for making light of the subject and LE should get on that ASAP. But I would really surmise that they would be the exception. Because I'd really like to know how come those who actually go inside AMP, instead of running their mouths or speculating (and some of us have a brain and/or investigative skills), can NEVER find evidence of it