Friday, March 26, 2010

The Coup

Trina and Cindy know about this blog, and even occasionally read it. Well this week they got a big kick over all the talk about me taking over The Business.

And I mean a REALLY big kick. In fact, it was all they talked about for a couple of days. Yeah - we've all had fantasies about ditching Audrey and doing our own thing. Hell, Cindy and I once talked about leaving everything behind for Vegas and becoming high-priced call girls.

Ahhhhhh... good times... good times.

Anyway, this time the idle chit-chat wasn't so idle. They both approached me and said they would back me 100% if I decided to jump ship and start up a new place. They didn't care much for this location and insisted we move across town to a more central spot with better access to the freeway.

Of course they would suggest that - it's MY money they're spending on this move. But they do have a point. In fact, it was Cindy of all people who pointed out that this would be the perfect time to start fresh because:

1) Commercial rents are cheap
2) Audrey has no interest in coming back
3) Recent parlor crackdown has other girls ready to join us
4) Half our competition has been shut down, so all their customers are free for the taking

And this was Cindy who had this sudden insight. The same Cindy who has trouble spelling her own name. The same Cindy that once insisted a sweater on sale for 50% off with a coupon for 50% off was 100% off. The same Cindy who thinks Mount Rushmore is a natural phenomenon. You get the picture.

Of course after Cindy made this intelligent and well thought out argument, I had to turn to Trina to verify I wasn't hearing things. "She's right you know" was all she had to add. This is the problem when you work with your friends - it's hard to just dismiss them.

So I caught myself the other day looking at the phone numbers of the 3 girls who recently applied for work here. They were all experienced erotic masseuses. They were ready for something new. Heck - a brand new Business with 6 girls ready to absorb the customers from FOUR other parlors plus all our current Regulars? Shit - that's tempting. I mean really really tempting.

And that's what's going through my mind this weekend. A LOT to think about.



Jim said...

Okay, I've read through all your "questions answered" posts and haven't seen this one yet.

What's the deal with the "four hands" massage? I mean obviously it involves two masseuses, but is it a pretty good indicator if a massage place offers them? How does a release work with four hands?

Just Visiting said...

As I said, my first bit of advice is "get out of the handjob business while you can."

Since I don't think you seem so worried about that, my next bit of advice is "go for it." This is your chance to do things your way and make more money - that's as much as anyone can ask for.

Two more cents.

DrChako said...

Go for it!


PS. Cindy must be a REALLY good friend if she reads this blog...

Riggstad said...

What are you waiting or?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should set up venture account for your readers to contribute to.

I would be willing to put money towards your venture in hope of being paid back with interest if you succeed.

Anonymous said...

If Audrey has so many friends in your local police force, I'd think twice before pissing her off. What happens when people who "look the other way" for her now think you did her wrong?

Just Visiting said...

Discounts for all cops - no worries :)

Joker_SATX said...

The Best of luck to you! This Joker hopes you make millions! And I say, go for it!

ABE-RDG said...

I had a friend who delivered pizza for a living.

It was a great job, he'd been doing it for years and all, and on average made $12-15 hour a decade a go, the lion's share was untaxed and under the table.

The problem with that is its hard to think about getting a "real job" because it would pay $10-12 an hour, and all of it taxed.

Eventually, he was in his 30's and delivering pizza full fucking time.

Think about that.

How long do you plan to jerk guys off? You gonna quit when you're 30? 35? 40? How old is Audrey?

When the girls are starting to sag, and you're putting on a few more pounds as your metabolism starts to slow, what are you gonna do to help keep those numbers up? At this point, no one's going to want an LMT who got her cert 15 years prior but has no experience anywhere (you certainly can't tell a legit business you were providing manual releases, now can you?).

If you're seriously entertaining this idea, then you might as well give up alot of your dreams, because you will become Audrey, or you will become busted. Period. Only a matter of time.

You'll be a lifer.

Oh, and while you can (and would eventually) meet a guy who's cool with that, think about all the other men who'll recoil in terror that your employment consists of whacking off strangers.

You deserve better. So do Cindy and Trina (should they read this). Get out before you can't.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me with the crackdown, any new place is going to be investigated like crazy. Gonna need to be real careful on the clients with the happy endings. And might not get as many people as you think to start with. They'll want a release the first time. If they don't get one they might not come back. Other than that nugget of joy I'd say go for it.

DickyTrick said...

You have two talents that I'm aware of, CJ: giving swell handjobs and writing great prose. You really should use the one to help you move into the other.

Keep rubbing for now. Take a course in writing a novel and start working on it this week. Bring chapters to your writing instructor. Let other students read and critique.

Write, write, write!

Seriously. I did this and had a novel written about a subject of interest to me in less than six months. Do you think a publisher might be interested in a well written novel about a massage girl turned, what . . . detective, psychic, priest or whatever? You bet!

Do it now, Babe!

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING like being your own boss...if you have the opportunity, how can you pass it up?

Continuous But Plural said...

So tired of hearing the same comments over and over, like the one ABE-RDG left. She's said it over and over again how she CAN keep doing this for a long while. Why does every anonymous guy assume she'll sag and get fat? She's been doing this for a long while and knows what her customers want; otherwise she wouldn't consider putting her money into doing this and owning the whole operation.

Anonymous said...


How do any of us know what we'll be doing in 5+ years? You can make a plan, but you never know.

Just ask your Milk Man.

Rdg-abe said...

Basic physiology.. Everyone gets heavier and saggier when they age. Furthermore, if I can get a 20yo to jack me off or a 35yo can you guess which one I pi k?

This is a great way to make mad cash, but it's not a career. Sooner or later you WILL flame out, not maybe.

As a dirty old man I apprechiate the women who work in the sex industry, I enjoy their services up and down thechain but I'd hate to see another washed up nobody who pissed their lfe away being a two bit sex worker, or worse the equivilent of a madam selling other, younger, girls servces be they hand releases or more.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather the more experienced 35 year old jack me off.

cj said...

Hey guys!

Still considering what I want to do for the rest of my life, versus advice I'm getting from everyone. Managing my own parlor is such a commitment, and it doesn't do anything to help me go legit. But the money can be fantastic if everything goes well.

No decisions as of yet... still weighing my options.

I have the cash socked away to get started, so that's not a problem. First/last months rent, deposit, utility hookup, plus a couple thousand for new tables, fixtures, etc.

Of course I was always hoping to start ANOTHER kind of business with this money - which makes it all the harder to want to part with it this way.

Not worried about the cops. I have just as many if not more cops as Regulars than Audrey.

Last Anon is right... in this business you may start with the 21 year old, but you'll always go back to the 35 year old.


Rdg-abe said...

Fair enough re:35, I admit I don't know and can only assume as a nonpatron of such places, but a guy who's been to his share of strip clubs where the only aged chick who get regulars are the ones who give extras.

All in all, riding this train to the last stop isn't what I think a very bad idea, it's raking it to rye next level.

Bank what you can, then as it starts to crash use that parachute and go legit massage and tanning. If anything, take your trusted regs and ad they start to stop coming don't replace them. Maybe thah helps ease the sting of going legit.

But running a full fledged parlour is a recipe for eventual ruin, even if you start to move more legit. Would the crowd you want to attract come to a place that often has your current clientele?

Anonymous said...

Not telling CJ what to do - that's her life. But I agree with those who'd go for the 35 year-old. Watching a stripper is one thing, but otherwise nothing beats an experienced hand or pussy. As long as the woman isn't burnt-out and hasn't let herself go, I'm all for maturity in sex workers.

The young providers I've had often (not always) sounded much like CJ, which makes sense given her age: self-involved, a bit conceited, greedy, impatient, not that knowledgeable. The ones who weren't could be clumsy and naive. If they don't quit fast, find the ultimate sugar daddy, or turn into witches... with maturity comes a bit more compassion and understanding for men, professional technique (up, down, repeat? LOL!), and a measure of emotional openness and neediness, given how difficult it is to get attached in this racket. Not saying the we should exploit them at all, rather share the mutual comfort, something that hot young things don't think they need yet, and/or are too blinded by the mighty next buck to see.

I've had almost guaranteed GFEs from all my 30-40 providers, which is ideal for a single guy like me. And in my middle age, they're more my speed anyway. The "kids" (early 20s) are cute and firm, but like fast food, not very... satisfying.

Most mongers/hobbyists are in fact after chicks as hot and young as possible, and I think they're missing something. Men are visual, but if THAT was the main focus, there's porn and strip joints for the itch. I'm shooting for some human touch.

Anonymous said...

Good to have cop customers, especially IF they're willing to give you a heads-up for impending local action, or intel on crime againsts parlors and such.

But the sweeping raids made in the name of stopping human-trafficking (and that "innocent" parlors can get caught up in) are initiated by federal LE agencies, so I doubt that local cops get much advance notice... precisely because the feds know that local LE can have some unsavory ties. =)