Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I swear I can't even see straight right now... WAAAAAAY over did last night. And in my inexperienced managerial role, I made the mistake of scheduling myself off yesterday, but on today. BIG mistake - should have done it the other way around. So instead of drinking all day followed by working all day, I should have drank all NIGHT followed by sleeping all day.

Is this the kind of stuff they teach you in business school?

Anyway, let me make this short so I can go back to drinking my 7up and eating my plain crackers...

Audrey told me to stop looking for a new girl because she thinks she found someone. At this point, I don't really care either way. I mean, I've been looking (kinda) but without much luck. But the last time Audrey brought in a "friend" it turned out to be her slutty younger sister. She was sooooo bad that she was offering full service within her first month with us.

It took A LOT of complaining before Audrey finally had the guts to fire her. I think it finally happened with Audrey realized her own customers were abandoning her for Slutty Sis.

Whatever. I don't care. I just work here, right?

Anyway - I hope you guys all had fun yesterday drinking green beer and singing songs.



Anonymous said...

Oh,wow,thats hot.
It would be a helluva thrill to pay a girl for a handjob,then try out her younger,sluttier sister!
Naturally,the guys are thinking the same way.

Oh,and if you're still recovering,CJ,I recommend Milk Thistle and a couple of high-strength vitamin C pills.

DickyTrick said...

I had a delightful erotic massage a few months ago. My lovely masseuse, Cinnamon, tended to all of my needs and many of my desires in a professional and playful manner. Her end-of-massage technique involved climbing above me and presenting her nether regions as she diligently worked me into a state of ecstasy. While I enjoyed the view and feel of her luscious ass and awesome pussy, she managed to pull, pump and stroke all my tensions up, up and onto my belly and chest. I really had a great time and regretted that I probably wouldn’t ever see Cinnamon’s magnificent derrière again.

Last week I went with my wife to look over a property. The real estate agent met us at the door and she was . . . you guessed it . . . Cinnamon.

CJ, from reading your blog, it didn’t occur to me that you ladies might have a life outside the parlor. What other little secrets are you keeping from us?

Anonymous said...

What secrets are you keeping from us says the man with a wife who pays for hand jobs.

What i don't get is why are guys getting so excited about a full service girl, if they want full service why don't they just go to a brothel? Or is that they think they are getting something special by getting full service.

- e xoxo

Anonymous said...

What I wanna know is what's really going on with Audrey and why she can't run her own business. Must be something BIG!

Little Red said...

Do you have the authority to fire the possible new girl should she not work out? Where did Audrey find her?

cj said...

That NEVER occurred to me. You are such a guy!

Dude, are you serious? I mean, really.

Apart from my name and mailing address what else could I possibly be hiding anymore?

It's weird... They come here (no pun intended) and KNOW we're not full service, yet get all excited and flock to the 1 FS girl. I think it's a sort of Forbidden Fruit thing. And when there's more on the menu... Ya know?

It's a bunch of personal shit that's not worth talking about here.

Little Red,
Good point actually, and I will bring it up next time we talk. But if she doesn't work out, the job is yours!


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog -- I looked online for erotic massage in my area. I am in a decent sized city (Pacific NW) but it looks like nothing but official businesses are listed. I'll have to grab a local paper...

On to you: you are essentially the operating manager -- are you
getting a cut of the door now?
If not, what is to stop you from leasing space elsewhere and taking
the employees and customers with you? You can spend a month+ giving them a heads-up that you are moving to a new location... Kinda sneaky, but doesn't sound like the owner has been above-board with you.

Anonymous said...

Re: "official businesses"
ha, that came out wrong. Errr... above-the-board-massage-only-close-by-6pm places ;)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha,thanks,CJ!
I'm new to the whole blogging thing (my blog about my whoring ways) and was fascinated to see there are quite a few Working Girls (and Johns) with blogs,
so I'm kinda new here,I'm catching up on older posts too.
I left a few comments on your post about possibly taking over the business,and I concur with what some others here have said-without you girls that place is an empty shell of a building.
YOU are the main commodity,and customers can be poached.
I go into more detail in my comments to that post though.

Anonymous said...

Hey DickyTrick

That sounds hot as hell. I'm going to try to get my masseuse to do that. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

One thing I love to do at parlors in my area is massage the girls.

It is such a shock for them when we get back to the room and I offer to do the work. They work hard and like to be pampered at times, plus I am told that I am good at it.

I think my offer was turned down once or twice (mainly due to fear of management), but I have executed this probably over 50 times.

It seems to buy the customer lots of street cred.

CJ, have you ever experienced this from one of your customers?

ハリソン said...

you knowマンベアピグ?
it's manbearpig!!

cj said...

Nope - no door cut since I don't own the place.

I could stage a coup and just steal all the customers while Audrey is gone, but that's just not me.

You've definitely given me a lot of food for thought. It's such a big decision and at this point I could either guy Audrey out, open a competing business, go solo, or just quit the business entirely.

Let me tell ya - at this point, it all sounds good.

When you massage me, it's called a "mutual." It's one of my options that I reserve for customers that I trust. And let me tell ya - most of the time it's pretty darn good. On a rare occasion, it's disappointing.

At the same time it's almost never LMT quality. When I need real body work, I'll just ask one of my coworkers to give me a quick session.

ハリソン ,
Dude are you serious? I mean - really.