Thursday, March 4, 2010

Questions and Answers...

THIS is why I didn't want to say anything about a guy I'm dating. I was afraid I'd start getting a ton of crap and lots and lots of questions that I probably don't want to deal with. But I kinda knew I was opening a Pandora's box by finally mentioning him, so I'll be a big girl and try to respond with maturity.

First off, let me clarify some things regarding the Playboy interview. Apparently this damn show is more popular than I could have imagined. The guys in Jason's shop listen to Howard Stern in the mornings, followed by the Playboy show, and finally Bubba in the afternoons. He said he was working and had tuned out the show when he thought he heard my voice. He started paying attention and just thought it was funny that some girl on the radio kinda sounded like me. He later told me this story because he thought it was funny.

I did not.

After the interview, I had like 3 or 4 people ask if it was me (including 1 close friend and 1 customer). I had no clue ANYONE listened to this damn show. And that's why I made the decision then and there I couldn't do it anymore. They wanted me on the next week since my call was cut so short, but I had to tell them no. Which is a shame because I had fun and it would have gotten me lots of new readers. Believe me, it wasn't easy to drop it, but I was scared shitless for a couple of days until it all blew over.

Now another thing I want to point out is that he's not my boyfriend. We've been seeing each other but it's not to the point where we're using those kinds of terms yet. And when it does, I have no reason to confess anything to him since I've never confessed anything to anyone I've ever dated. Hell, I've lived with guys who had no idea what I really did for a living!

So don't expect any heart wrenching "confessions" from me to him any time soon. Of course if he were to discover the truth on his own - won't that make for a great story?

Now on to your questions...

Very few guys I've dated have known I'm a masseuse - and those that did just assumed I was therapeutic. And no, I don't avoid HJ's or try to give more - it's pretty much just whatever fits for us at the time. And none of them have ever said to me "Gee... you're so good at that you should do it for a living!"

Have I ever met a friend of a friend who was a customer? Believe it or not, that had never happened. I have run into customers while out at the bar, and most of the time they just ignore me, or slink quietly away. I think they're definitely more nervous to be around me than I around them.

As for VD... If a guy looks particularly dirty to me, I'll usually just tell him therapeutic only.

Newbie question... It's not inappropriate to ask for glutes. Shit - I'm supposed to massage your dick at the end, so glutes are fine. Not requested often. In fact, if a customer wants some serious body work, all you have to do is ask. Truckers in particular have special requests regarding lower back and legs, and I do my best to help them out.

G-Dragon... We have strict rules about age at the Business. 21 and over. Catering to younger guys is just trouble, so it's not worth it.

And finally, to all of you wondering if I'll ever come clean to Jason. Who knows? But from my experience - it always ends badly.



Anonymous said...

The message parlor I go to is no five star establishment. The music they pipe into the room to help you 'relax' is a top 40 pop station. Dance music and whatnot. Not the best atmosphere to relax in but usually the coversation/massage is good enouph to tune it out.

The part I have a problem with is the happy ending. Last time I was there my handy started just as the station went to commercials. Kinda hard to cum when some asshole is trying to sell you tires.

I still got my release just took her longer to work it up.
I know this message is a little off topic. I just wanted to share. I recommented this from the last post, so it would actually get read.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason that you shouldn't recontact playboy...what a wonderful opportunity tell them you need to disguise your voice. I'm sure that a publication like that has heard that once or twice before (and you don't have to sound like darth vader!)
just make sure you don't use any "key phrases" or words you say all the time that people might recognize. Guys are generally so dumb probably won't even realize you are the same person, if they hear a different voice. Just a thought....
I grew up around pike county pa...your "accent" can't be too much different than theirs

Anonymous said...


But what if he remembers the webpage mentioned in the interview and reads the blog.

Won't he be able to put 2 and 2 together?


G-Dragon said...

hi cj! I understand what you are saying about the 21 and over rule. I didn't know you had to be 21 and over to get a massage,its not a bar lol! Well ok, say I come back to the same place and say I am 24, will they ask for my id to prove i am 24? maybe they will cuz i hav a baby face maybe, little facial hair if any fuck! But i could say i don't hav my id just cash. right now i am 20, but i will turn 21 in april. so then i can go back there and bring my id if they ask to prove i am 21. cj then will it be ok right?

Al Sensu said...

When I go for therapeutic massage, glutes are often included as are upper thighs and stomach. Although my therapist is attractive, it's never a problem. My mindset is different than when I go for erotic massage. Out of many years, only one time did it move (quoting George Costanza) and we both ignored it. So certainly to the extent your massage is therapeutic, any area should be OK. I think the challenge is the transition. While when I go for erotic massage I appreciate someone who really knows massage, I'm not looking for the same therapeutic result -- the deep tissue massage I often receive as part of my therapeutic would not work for me when I'm going for erotic.

Anonymous said...

Poor schmuck.

Anonymous said...

CJ, would you be open to giving a good regular a prostate massage? You'd have them "coming" back in droves if you did. The orgasm is so intense. You could wear latex gloves and you could charge an extra hundred.

Has any customer ever asked for that?

You could call it the "digging for gold" option.

mikeyg said...

In the Seattle area, the term "prostate massage" is being used to describe a HJ.

I was disappointed when I figured out that it wasn't the real medical type prostate massage.

cj said...

sorry to hear about that... but we usually listen to the local radio too!

I thought about it, but I don't know. Problem is my voice is too distinct and I don't know if Playboy would be interested in hearing sexy stories from a robot voiceover.

He never actually said he heard what was going on the radio - just that it sounded like me. I'm assuming he just tuned it out as quickly as he heard it. Fingers crossed.

As long as you bring in ID proving you're 21, you'll be OK. But I'm sure there are some parlors that will go as low as 18 or 19.

As part of a standard therapeutic massage, it's typical to ask for specific muscle groups to be taken care of. But in erotic massage, you really shouldn't expect more than a girlfriend type massage.

I swear - I get asked about the prostate massage all the time. Half the guys had it and are dying to get it again, while the other half are itching to try it.

I do NOT offer a prostate massage, but I will do it for boyfriends - usually during a blowjob. Some guys dig it, and others are freaked out by it. But I consider it way to personal to offer it at work.

I've heard it as "secret lingo" around here too.


Anonymous said...

Hey CJ this is a little off topic but when you do a breast release does the guy have to put on a condom or is it pretty safe to do it without one?

G-Dragon said...

ok cj! thanks i will bring mi id proving i am 21 kk! then their should be no problemos kk! I think somtimes they wanna see id's to make sure u are not underage but for the purpose to make sure u are not a cop or somthing right? anyways thanks again!

Continuous But Plural said...

Oh, right, I forgot that you had mentioned in earlier posts that you never mention your job to your boyfriends ever because then every argument always includes him calling you really nasty names.

It's amazing that you've lived with two guys already and they never knew what you did for a living. If it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Make your money!

And good luck with your new ''boyfriend.''

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?
I'd date a Massage Therapist,Working Girl,Escort,Prostitute,Hooker,I don't care how far they take it.
I would find it a turn-on,and I wouldn't care who knew.

Anonymous said...

I agree with whoever said that commercial radio sucked for massages, legit or not. Pop music and commercials, ugh. How about a bright light in your eyes? Same thing.