Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Crackdown

One of the biggest topics of conversation around here lately is the recent crackdown on local parlors. At least we use the word "crackdown" but the local police chief denies it.

You see, it works like this... The local authorities really don't give a rats ass about the parlors around here. In fact, some of our nicest Regulars are local cops. And the town doesn't really care because we pay our taxes just like everyone else and we take up retail rental space that no one else wants.

Well last year the authorities raided a couple of the local Asian places because of concerns of human trafficking. Now for those of you "hobbyists" out there who still insist that there's no such thing, and all their girls are happy-go-lucky workers following time-honored Asian traditions of pleasing men - none of the girls were local. In fact, it turns out they were all trucked in from NYC and the Businesses were little more than fronts for the Asian mob. The girls were hauled off to jail and the parlors were shut down. Then a couple months later, the "Mama-san" of one of the places was found murdered.

Do I still need to convince you guys to buy American?

The place that was busted recently was not Asian, but employed all local girls. It's familiar to us, but none of us personally know any of the girls who were arrested; which is not unusual since there's a high turnover of girls in this business - especially in the full service places. That particular business is, for lack of a better word, a shithole. It's a dirty full service parlor and the girls there are known for being skanks.

We know this from the gossip we get from friends at other Businesses and customers who've been there. The guys have said that over the last year it went downhill and it was pretty much just sex only with no massage. And when a place turns from massage parlor to brothel, masseuses are replaced by drug addicts, dealers are setting up shop in the parking lots, crime goes up in the neighborhood, the locals finally complain, and BANG - you're busted.

You really have to be making waves before the cops are willing to put down the donuts long enough to do an investigation. So when 3 customers with cropped hair come in, take full sessions from 3 different girls, and then REFUSE their happy endings - it's time to clock out and not come back to work for a few days.

Oh - and that bullshit about a cop has to tell you he's a cop if you ask? That's pure Hollywood fiction. What they can't do is take the happy ending. Testifying in court how you let the "suspect" go down on you while undercover doesn't fly with too many cop-wives.

But it's not like we don't get hassled every now and then. Once in a while someone will call the cops and say they "suspect" something, and then a cruiser ends up parked in our front lot for 2 days. It slows down business for a bit, but then it all blows over and everything is back to normal in a few days.

The last time someone called the cops on us, it was a customer. He was one of those nuts that comes in and DEMANDS full service when he knows nothing about us. Well, Trina ended up throwing him out and he threatened to call the cops if we didn't service him.

We told him to go right ahead - and he did.

The local cops showed up and asked us what the problem was. He said he was reporting us for forcing ourselves on him - a good law-abiding citizen. We told them exactly what happened - this perv demanded full service and we said "no." The cops hauled him away in handcuffs for harassment.

Of course it helps when one of the guys who shows up is a friend of a friend. And I swear that Audrey knows every cop within a 3 town radius.

And that's my take on the "crackdown." Don't worry - I'm pretty sure we'll still be open tomorrow.



JB said...


I would love to "buy American" as you've suggested in this post and several others. But in the area I live, there are no American parlors. There are only the Asian, "live in" parlors like the ones you've described.

So, what is a guy to do in that situation? Just not participate at all, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Cj you should just come to Canada and work up here. Parlors are legal so you don't have to worry about cops, the places are really clean with classy women, and they charge ridiculous amounts. It's $200 for a half hour session (hj and massage), and even though you don't do full service it's $250 for a half hour full service, and $300-$350 for an hour full service session. That doesn't even include the room fee. Apply here, I'll be your best customer


wait2cme said...

I used to go to a full service place years ago. As long as the place did not make noise they were left alone by the law. The problems started when the manager started charging the girls that worked there. The crop of girls went downhill. The girls started cheating and stealing from the customers. Causing such a ruckus that the other businesses in the area to complain. 90 percent of the locals did not know the place existed.

Anonymous said...

DO you feel that male customers that want full sex are different then those that want a rub and a tug?

What is a hobbyist?

Also, just to note:
Any product from New York city is American unless people from New York City are forced into prostitution.

A brother would not be a front for any criminal activity. A front is a false operation meant to disguise the illegal activity behind it.

A spa or massage studio is a front when it gives hand jobs. It is pretending to be a legit (in the legal sense) place when it is in fact doing illegal acts.

A noodle shop could be a front for the Asian Mob that is running a gambling center in the back

Keep up the blogging :)

G-Dragon said...

hi cj! why is catering to younger guys more trouble? lets say 19-26 range compared to the older guys say like 27-50? whts difference between how they act when u are catering to them? for ex, younger guys more nervous/anxious than older ones? Or they just don't know how to behave well as older guys? maturity? clue me in hehe. Cuz i am n da younger range. thank u!

Anonymous said...

Buy American?

There is a reason why the Asian massage parlors exist in such large quantity here.

American women (which many men I know are willing to pay more for) usually do not do FS.

The Asian girls know that American men are the world's most desperate. To them FS is just a service for money.

I love your blog, I wish you would talk more about the FS dynamic with regards to massage parlors.

My guess is that if there were no happy ending or FS services that 95% of massage parlors would close. I do not know one man who really wants the massage piece enough to go to an establishment knowing that no extras are available.

Remember, only a small portion of men in society are "alpha males". The rest have always and will always "pay for it".

cj said...

I hate to say it, but try Craigslist to find a private masseuse. Also, did you follow my advice on how to find the hidden parlors in your area?

I'm amazed at how things work up in Canada. I doubt I'll ever work up there since I consider anything more than an hour from my house as outer space. I chat with other masseuses up there, and it sounds like a pretty good deal.

Next Anon,
Depends on the customer. Some FS guys will act disappointed because touching is limited and they're only getting a HJ, but most of the time they are OK with it. The ones that truly need to get laid - we refer them to other Businesses.

A "Hobbyist" is a guy who routinely goes to parlors and brothels.

And I guess you could consider the girls at that AMP American, as far as you would classify a busload of Korean girls who are here illegally as American.

And finally, thanks for the correction on "front." What I meant to say is that the local AMPs turned out to be run by the Asian mob.

It's partly a maturity thing - like smoking cigarettes. We'll card at 24 to guarantee you're 21. Young guys tend to have little sense of discretion. Plus it looks really suspicious when really youg guys are standing in line for massages.

You make some interesting points, but I have to disagree with you. When illegal immigrants are being bussed in from 2 states away and forced to live on the premises, the idea that they are willingly catering to a market seems to go out the window.

The way I see it, organized crime sees a market that can be easily tapped with a readily available source of slave labor (illegal immigrants). Implying that Asian women in particular have a certain view about FS caters to that whole Geisha "me luv you long time" stereotype.

You are completely off on the therapeutic massage market. Legit places outnumber parlors 20 to 1. And men make up about a third of all therapeutic, and in the sports therapy world that number is even higher.

As for "Alpha Males" - they pay for it just like everyone else. Maybe even more so since paying caters to their need to be in control.


Anonymous said...

Asian women brought here illegally to work in AMPs can't go anywhere or earn their own income until they pay off their debt... so yes, I guess they are slaves for a few months.
But they become so willingly - it's not like they're grabbed off the street and stolen from their families, or "forced" to do revolting things, as they are portrayed.

Asians ABSOLUTELY do see sex and prostitution in a different way than we do in the West. And contrary to what we are told, many of those women were prostitutes in the old country, in particular in China and Korea.

I buy american in everything BUT pussy. Asian women are not for everybody, but those who dig them normally don't go back to the dudes with T&A we call women in the West.

Frankly, the Korean parlors run by rings, where the girls are very young and inexperienced don't do it for me. But I know I'll run into these girls in a few months or years. They'll likely be then legal and working in better places, saving money for a more respectable life.
They are very sweet and giving in ways foreign to white, and especially american females. Do slaves offer freebies? Or to pay the house fee for customers so they can spend a little longer with them? Do you?
They do all the things that you won't or can't do, and for a lot less, and that's why you can't stand them, CJ. The jabs at their accents just sound like bitter racism.

And for your naive customers who bought that ALL AMPs are mob-run shitholes... My favorite was a full-service house where all the masseuses were legal and/or citizens (buying american while enjoying asian feminity and grace!) AND LMTs (tested every month if I'm not mistaken). They wore lab coats and name tags in that spa that looked totally legit and boring at first glance. But once you knew them, everything was on the menu and the chicks treated you like a boyfriend.
The place unfortunately got closed down after about 10 years (not one of those fly-by-night outfits). Some american spa down the street probably dropped a dime so it could charge twice as much for a lame 2' R&T with attitude.
So you all will have to forgive me if CJ's ignorant comments can rub" me the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a "hobbyist" would be me. =)

Anonymous said...

JB, unless you absolutely HAVE to "buy american" (it could be a matter of taste), don't let the "live-in" sob stories keep you out of AMPs. The less customers they have, the longer it will take those chicks to pay off their debt...
So patronizing them IS the way to help them "free" themselves, unless one is into buying them out (you got 50 grand?) and supporting illegal aliens for life... lol

Asians are resourceful and hard-working. The sooner they're out of those low-rent AMPs, the sooner they can work toward legal status and financial independence.

It would be nice if none of this money went to shady people, but show me something we buy that doesn't end up fattening some scumbags. Gas? Taxes? lol
And how do you know that the tip you give to your "free" american masseuse isn't spent on shitty or illegal stuff? And why would it matter?
What I'm saying is: focus on the one-on-one interaction with a person, not potential geo-political consequences of the act, because if you think you have a say in them, you're fooling yourself. God, I hate those self-important and righteous asswipes who drive a Prius to show us how much better they are, and plug the fast lane going the speed limit in their plastic boxes. I just love to smoke 'em with my two tons of american muscle.

I patronized a Thai masseuse for a long time. She was legit (no extras), but illegal, and I gave her twice the normal tip because she was so nice and talented. One day she told me that I had helped her pay off her house in Thailand, and although she probably exaggerated, it warmed my heart.