Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back

And I haven't quit (yet). The short story is that I finally got around to talking to Audrey and we came to an "arrangement." We both agreed that The Business needs some real management, but her slutty baby sister is not what we would call management material. So Audrey's older sister is coming in to manage us. She won't do any massage - just answer the phones, order toilet paper, and keep the place clean.

Long story to follow...



Continuous But Plural said...

In any case, I hope that's helpful for you, if that's what's going to happen.

Semi-A said...

Sounds like a doable situation, so far. Can't what to read what's coming next.

Matt said...

a collective sigh of relief!

Anonymous said...

just please get back to blogging

Brick Henry said...

Thought you were going to stand up and quit?

Why not?

Anonymous said...

Talk about keeping it in the family, also gives more meaning to the phrase hand outs.

Seriously though how is all of Audrey's family available to fill in. Does any of them have a legit job?

Matt said...

looks like the older sister will be the Office Manager and CJ will be the Operations Manager.

Brick Henry said...

ah, but the assholes are up to no good again. one of them posted under my name, asking CJ why she hadn't stood up for herself and quit.

i am not surprised that the asshole would do this, and am sure he is unaware that his IP address was recorded when he make that fraudulent post. he can be tracked down by his IP address and that is a very good thing to be able to do, and it would be easy to have him loose his IPS over this.

GC85 said...

Does this make your life easier? I mean, was being manager hard?
Maybe the advantages outwiegh the disadvantages? or vice-versa?

Be Strong

Anonymous said...

I have gone to two places -- one place that advertises Acupressure and one that offers Table Showers and has a buzzer. I wasn't offered a HE at either!!

However, after the flip, both masseuses asked me "how old are you?"

I am CLEARLY over 21, but is this code they ask before offering you a HE?

Is there a proper response you are supposed to give so you are not be labeled and a narc/LE??? Help!

Anonymous said...

When they flip you, do you have a towel on you or are you naked? Because they know a cop won't get naked. So what I noticed they do, is that they bring to a room and they leave for you to take off your clothes. So then you lay naked on the table on your stomach and don't but a towel on your ass or anything, and I don't think she will be asking you if your 21 when she flips you over, she will be asking you what you want?

cj said...

Brick and Phony Brick,
It's still a valid question - why haven't I quit yet? It's the devil you don't know that you fear more than the devil you know. I'm a big coward when it comes to stuff like that. But this little episode is the closest I've actually come to it in a while.

This will probably make my life easier in the short run.

I HOPE you said you were over 21 each time. What you described are both happy ending places. You must look young. Next time make sure you point out you've been there before and you want "the usual."

The towel thing is the other code. Make sure you're not wearing a towel.


Anonymous said...

Look everybody, we're all looking for rules and sure shots where they don't exist.

1. LE sends informants to parlors, or turns customers into snitches. Some conflicted morons go to a parlor, get off there, then feel guilty and tell the cops about it. So that the provider who thinks she's safe because she saw the guy's ass or he grabbed her... really isn't. If they want to get you they will.
I've made girls nervous AFTER we'd done the deed (some comment I'd make) and this is why.

2. I did the "naked" thing (once) when still a rookie because I was getting tired of the "are you a cop?" routine. The girl watched me getting undressed, gave me a shower, and sent me to the room where I waited for her in my B-Day suit on the table, just so she'd be clear on my intentions. Upon entering she freaked out ("No, you can't do that here!") and threw a towel over me. 15 minutes later she was mounting me on the table (full-service joint), but the sight of my cheeks apparently didn't fly. I think she was concerned about somebody else getting a load of this through the open door when she came in. Once locked in with me, anything went.

This just to tell you that every advice I've seen dispensed by mongers or masseuses has been at least wrong once.
Again, my technique is to show some confidence (NOT cockiness or attitude!) and act like I belong there and know what's up. Being nice and relaxed tends to create the same in people. But it's always a crapshoot for everybody concerned.