Sunday, June 6, 2010

That motherfucking bitch audrey. I've had it up to here with her shit. After we argued about me closing the business for memorial day, she calls me up tonight and tells me that she's making her little skank sister the new manager. Well fuck her. Fuck that slut sister. And fuck the business.


Semi-A said...

This doesn't mean you're quitting does it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, CJ. We can tell you So Pissed! Just get out and start your own "business" -- tanning or what not.

Just Visiting said...

I'd be happy to be your first customer for "what not" :)

Anonymous said...

Can't you go to another establishment at least so you can get out of that crappy place?

Athena Marie said...

Wow. What a Twat. That's all i can say. Just be careful. Slutty sister could draw unwanted attention to the business especially since the AMP are being busted.

Al Sensu said...

I hear the sound of water circling in a flushed toilet. I agree with Athena Marie that you need to be extra careful if you continue to work there. By the way, how much extra were you being paid to manage? My sense from earlier posts was "not enough." This may be the time to step out on your own and start a competing business, perhaps in partnership with one or two other ladies who share your philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, CJ. I hope you can somehow find peace in this, perhaps taking the plunge and setting up your own space.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, we all know you're gonna take this like you always take it from Audrey. If she demanded that you clean the floors with a toothbrush after every shift you'd probably do that too.

Have fun with the new boss.

Anonymous said...

Money's too good.

Anonymous said...

Take yourself, your clients, the other girls (who I'm guessing would leave with you) and their clients, and open up your own place. You seem like you would run it pretty good, and you'd make a shitload of money.

Anonymous said...

Open a place right next door so when you see your regulars you can catch them before they walk in there.

Mike said...

Start pricing tanning beds and business space.. It's time. :o)

Anonymous said...

Audrey may be a bitch but at least she's got the guts to open her own place....something which you obviously lack. So stop whining about her and start asking her sister what shifts she'd like you to work.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why she doesn't trust you. It's not like you talk shit about her behind her back or anything. Or have clients jizz on her chair and keyboard.

jim said...

Too many anonymous a-holes hiding behind the internet. Would you jerks really say that shit to her face? CJ has given us a brutally honest window into her self. Quite a gift, really. Something I doubt you would do. I doubt you have a tiny fraction of the self-honesty that CJ has displayed in this here blog.

Thank you CJ. Hope you find a resolution to this that works for you. And....stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, Why not go for a total change. Come on over to Aus where RubNtug's or erotic massage places are legal and you don't get hassled. Maybe even open up your own place, I'm sure you'd get plenty of takers.

Matt said...

Ya know CJ, fuck them all!!!
Do your own thing, just keep wrting here!

Anonymous said...

Deat tough guy Jim:

How can you have the balls to criticize "anonymous" posters when clicking on your name reveals the following:

Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile.

Get down off your high horse you fucking hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Jim: Its quite sweet of you, but I assure you this won't get you laid. Also, she's a big girl who seems to have come to terms with jerking guys off while in a varying state of undress for money.

A spade is a spade, and bad habits are hard to break easpecially when they not only enable but fuel your lifestyle.

While some others aren't particulaly eloquent in making the observation, it can still be a valid point.

Brick Henry said...

i can see that a lot of asshole motherfuckers read this post, probably beating off while they read, and then are thrilled to call cj a whore or suggest she deserves whatever she gets from the asshole boss of the place.

it is my experience that those miserable enough to harm others are immature, insecure, inexperienced in the world, and mostly are closet homos. they have no friends. they have no sexual outlet other than internet porn and their left or right hands. they will attack and attempt to would anyone they perceive as being vulnerable. they suck.

my email address is listed below to boldly state that i will stand behind my words without having to resort to anonymous attack.

now for my comment to cj...

let the sister take it over and run it further into the ground than audrey did. as the business is failing and the ship is going down, step off with your like-minded colleagues and start a new business that is run in a rational manner.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure most of these anon posters are the same person *eyeroll*

well i wouldn't put up with it, full stop.

Also to whomever said 'rub n tugs' are legal here, that's not true, they may be put up with but they aren't legal.

GC85 said...

WHY THE F*** DO PEOPLE POST BAD COMMENTS? You a**holes are obviously not enjoying CJ's blog so what the f*** you still doing here?
Unless you enjoy making other peoples pain worse? If this is the case you are a f****** wierd b******s
who have obviously never expierienced a hugely popular thing called F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P. Lets all say that together now, Friendship.
Friendship involves bonding with other human beings, yes human beings, just like you. Other human beings have a thing called F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S. Feelings. Feelings make human beings feel happy, or sad or a whole range of different feelings.
E.g. After a good-sized portion of your favourite meal, most humans feel SATISFIED.
Now imagine there was only 1 plate of your favourite meal left in the world, and you had it. Then imagine your brother comes and throws this meal on the floor. Most humans feel ANGRY after this.
Now imagine the everyone you know is now teasing you about your spilt meal. Again most humans would feel ANGRY. They would also feel SAD, and DEPRESSED. I(a human with real FEELINGS) think that this is how CJ(another real human with real FEELINGS) is feeling right now. So please, cut her some slack(this might make you feel SYPATHETIC and REGRETFUL), and next week i might teach you about EXCITEMENT!


Anonymous said...

Jon Script you are a moron sir. I quote "it is my experience that those miserable enough to harm others are immature, insecure, inexperienced in the world, and mostly are closet homos. they have no friends. they have no sexual outlet other than internet porn and their left or right hands."

Why do you exclude CJ from the ranks of those that would harm others? She wanks married men for money. Is your only determination as to whether someone is moral or not whether they can get laid or not? And what do you have against homosexuals anyways, whether they be closeted or not? You seem very much like the typical douchebag male enablers that comment on this site. Your entire philosophy seems to be summarized by the idea that CJ is hot and thus can do no wrong. Kudos to you for being such a manly man that you attempt to get laid by sucking up to over entitled amoral whores.

Continuous But Plural said...

Well, I feel for you CJ. You've been putting too much work for Audry to completely overlook and disregard. I hope Audrey just realizes it before she for really real puts her sister in manager.

(and hey, anonymous trolls would be taken more seriously if they left their names, they don't have to really have a blogger profile)

Brick Henry said...


First of all dipshit, you are not replying to Jon Script, you are replying to Brick Henry. Not Jon Script at all.

Secondly, you correctly quote my (Brick Henry’s) experience about cyber bullies who hide behind anonymous comments. You have attacked me and do not have the courage of your convictions to post your own email address, so you are living on the edge of being thought by me (Brick Henry, not Jon Script) as another cowardly cyber bully.

It is usually the case that bully-minded people blame the victim and not the perpetrator in sexual situations. I was on a criminal jury recently where the female jurors felt that the woman kind of deserved the sexual attack she received because she was a stripper. These same female jurors did not want to “ruin” the man’s life because of the lifestyle of the victim. Go figure that one out if you can.

I do not blame CJ for giving hand jobs to married men because it is the men with the dicks who come into her business and pay her for the hand job. She is not out there on the street forcing these men to come in under duress and get their meats beaten. She sits there and they come to her on their own volition. The married men are the ones cheating on their wives or their girlfriends.

I personally do not know if CJ is not or not. This is Brick Henry speaking, not Jon Script; he will have to speak for himself as to whether or not he thinks CJ is hot. I have never suggested she can do no wrong, I only correctly stated that some mean-spirited individuals were acting the coward and posting hurtful comments under the protection of ANONYMOUS commenting.

I have a problem with homosexuals because as a child, I Brick Henry, was molested by two chicken hawk pedophile cock suckers. The first time when I was too young and scared to do anything about it. The second time I left the bastard bleeding and turned him in to the police. That, Mr. Anonymous Mother Fucking Cyber Bully, is why I, Brick Henry, do not like homosexuals.

But, I suppose, you support pedophilia as well as misogyny. Hatred of women and love of butt fucking preteen boys. Are you a member of NAMBLA? Do you support their motto: Sex Before Eight Or Else It Is Too Late?

Grow some balls Mr. Anonymous and stop hurting human beings just because you can do so anonymously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Brick, if you're so concerned about people hurting people anonymously why don't you care about the wives of CJ's clients? Or their kids for that matter. Infidelity tends to cause divorce which generally isn't good for kids. Yeah, the cheating husband is a scumbag but guess what? Profiting off of people's bad behavior regardless of the consequences is not worthy or respect either. Do you absolve a heroin dealer of any responsibility too? Money is the root of all evil.

Brick Henry said...

reply to anonymous 6/10/10 1:10 PM

straw man arguments won't get you anywhere in life other than making yourself feel self important. I fail to see the connection between disliking cyber bullies who post hurtful and hateful comments anonymously my somehow being obligated to support the children of deadbeat fathers.

it is illogical for me to tell you that since you do not like my comments you should eat more frosted miniwheats for breakfast. but if i were to use your straw man example i might just decide you needed more frosted miniwheats for breakfast, or more fiber anyway.

but here is a genuine question for you. what gives you the right to harm someone simply because you disagree with them? what gives you the moral high ground here? where is your hostility for the married cheaters who are getting hand jobs?

and for the record, i am very much against all drug dealers, crack, smack, ice, pot, the whole menu of drugs.

grow a pair and stop posting anonymously. if you are morally superior enough to rain down on someone's head you should be man enough to stand behind your words.

if you don't like cj or what she does, don't come here and read her blog. boycott what you consider to be her immoral behavior by not reading her material.

GC85 said...

I cannot comment about how hot or not CJ is. All i know is that all the posts on this blog indicate feelings of a mature human. So i suspect CJ is a mature human and is capable of living her own life. I imagine a lot of people in CJ's current position would be angry and depressed. When people are depressed critisizing thier lives doesn't exactly cheer them up, right? So do everyone a favour and only open your mouth if you're absolutly sure you're not going to let s*** fall out, ok?
Hell, You never know, maybe one day you'll say something nice without thinking. Maybe.

Jon Ethan Script
Northern Ireland

Anonymous said...

I love how some of you are blowing a gasket over some of the pretty obvious facts here.

One, she's repeatedly pointed out the awful things she's done to Audrey. Sure, Audrey may be a cunting bitch, but the fact is she's the owner and the manager.

Two, we're talking about a woman who's job consists of getting paid to deliver a sexual service. Let's not forget this fact, and let's not sermonize each other for someone being better or worse for using or providing the services. It is what it is, but its certainly not feminist freedom fighting.

Are my fellow Anonymous being dicks about it? Of course they are! How can they not be with the rest of you fawning over the whole thng here, and screaming indignation. Its hard to NOT have fun at your expense.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that you can be a cock wanker, an assembly line worker, an office worker or whatever and the job will always suck, the boss will be a moron, and the boss's relatives will get the better job. I wish you the best CJ.

Anonymous said...

anon said:

Are my fellow Anonymous being dicks about it? Of course they are! How can they not be with the rest of you fawning over the whole thng here, and screaming indignation. Its hard to NOT have fun at your expense.

6/10/10 10:47 PM

So, according to you it is the fault of the people who find the hurtful comments unnecessary that there are hurtful comments? That is the stupidest goddamned piece of shit i have ever heard.

And since it is hard to NOT have fun at their expense, I can hardly wait until you in a ditch by the side of the road, and your horse is standing around with blood on the saddle. It certainly will be hard to not have funat your expense then, too, you fucking dickwad. i'll be laughing at your ass, laying there bleeding, because your right to have fun at someones expense offended someone and they shot you. hahaha



and stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

OHHHHHH I laugh at the one Anonymous who clearly posted many times, spouting his holier than thou BS.

Isn't it funny how those same people who are so quick to cast judgement go and listen week in and week out about following a pure life that doesn't pass judgement (that duty if you pay attention is supposed to fall to a Higher power than you).

Isn't it also funny that most of those ultra-conservatives casting their views are the very same ones who have been caught tapping their feet under public bathroom stalls - or taking boys from internet hire sites to Euro vacations!

Something tells me that Mr Multi-A poster has had a run in or two with same of his boy buddies or maybe he's even picked up a tranny late at night when he's driving back to his lovely wife and kids (you know the ones that are having their lives ruined by a 10 minute HJ).

Give me a break - time to grow up and be a big boy and live in the real world. It's not pretty, but it's reality.

NO, I'm not in love with CJ or foolish enough to think I could meet her - let alone get laid by her.

2, yes I'm the same chickenshit as you posting Anonymously - I figured what's good for the goose...

3, I have a wife and kids and still look at porn on the net -- please help me and lock me up

4, Rush Limbaugh is my hero (and just a bet, but yours too).

5, I'm sure I misspelled and grammer mistakes -- any idiot who grabs that low hanging fruit in ANY comment reply is a TOOL.

6, I'm quite sure, you're a tool.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the last anonymous post except for number 5 - anyone who uses the term "low hanging fruit" is a complete tool. :)

Anonymous said...

You're a bit quick to level assumptions at my morals, chief.

As for the rest of your post, its so hamfisted and poorly written I'm not entirely sure what your point is. But, I'll tell you what, you let me know when you slay that windmill...

Anonymous said...

can we all just agree that we wanna hear more from CJ about what's going on with The Business?

Anonymous said...

CJ, You seem like a great person and I love how you show enough courage to share your thoughts and feelings. You hang in there. These idiots who criticize you are mean spirited and they are not your audience. Hang in there and don't think you are weak just because you stay there..... No job is perfect and in today's economy, you are doing pretty good and to put up with some stuff isn't saying you are weak. If you want to break out on your own, do it, but not because what others say or because your pissed.
Thanks for your posts and sharing your life!!!

Anonymous said...

cj if it isn't too late the only option is sabotage. but some icy jot in her massage oil, break the security camerad and superglue her cardoor locks get some regulars to give her a hard time.

GC85 said...

YES! I agree! what a great idea!

romase said...

revenge is a dish best served cold. sometimes it is best to just forget revenge. getting back at someone for their injustices to you can feel good but can also engender retaliation, and karma can be a bitch. my suggestion is simply be bigger than her and go on about your business, whatever you decide your business is. stay there. start your own shop. get a job in the straight community. whatever.

on the other hand, if you desire to really fuck her up, you might consider this...


get employment elsewhere.

turn in the old business to the vice squad using anonymous methods.

laugh as they go to jail with the asian parlor employees and bosses.

or something like that.

i once put icy hot on my crotch to cure jock itch, as suggested by my so-called friends. interestingly enough the cold then hot sensations were pretty cool, and it didn't cure the jock itch. some of the real jock itch medications created much worse sensations than the icy hot.

what finally cured the jock itch was quitting the jock lifestyle and becoming a dope smoking hippie.

Anonymous said...

That's the only intelligent thing offered here.....if you don't like it, quit.

OTOH, you'll have to get a real job. You ready to be a secretary or customer service rep? $11/hr, taxes, 8-5, business casual but probably jeans on Friday, huh?

Oh, I guess sis ain't that bad eh?

Just Visiting said...

Wow - some people are just mean-spirited jack-asses.

Anonymous - I'd rather hand out with CJ than you any day... and I think most people would feel that way.

Please go find someplace your posts are welcome - this isn't that place.

Just Visiting said...

Errr... I meant 'hang out,' not 'hand out.'

Though I guess that slip-up was understandable, and even truer :)

Anonymous said...


take 2 weeks off,

decide if you need 2 weeks more


Anonymous said...

Hey CJ,
I read a few blogs and web forums. Most seem to be very good and then for some reason, a few make it a place to vent or argue. I come here to read and laugh. I hope you can laugh this stuff off and not let it get you down. I have enjoyed your writings.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ,
You do a great job with this blog. We want to read whatever you want to write because this is YOUR BLOG.
I hope things are OK. Audrey is a pain but most bosses are....
Luv U

Jezebel said...


I've been following your blog (without commenting) for a long time. With all the crap going on in the comments here, I just wanted to write and offer my support.

I'm a woman, and I used to be a stripper. And no, I wasn't somehow "saved" from my "dirty" job - hell, I would still do it if I could, because I loved it. Just like with any profession, you have to be able to work in a place that makes you feel safe, respected, and happy. I hope that you can find that.

And, on a selfish note, I hope that you don't stop blogging, because I love reading your stories.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, had to stop because the lifestyle was grinding away at you and you just wrent pulling the tips anymore...But it sucks, coz it's fun and easy and fat cash.

Thanks for proving my point.

Just Visiting said...

Yep... mean-spirited jack-ass. Thanks for proving mine.

Brick Henry said...

anonymous at 6/13/10 7:00 PM proves the point of what is wrong with anonymous commenting. you cannot prove (PROVE) this guy eats the corn out of his father's shit because you don't have his name and cannot therefore ask his father what it is like to have his son suck the turds directly out of his ass. on the other hand, if anonymous commenting were not allowed, those faggoty pimple-faced greasy haired shithooks living in their divorced mother's basements would have no outlet for their rage against the wasted and useless lives they live.

i'd rather be able to go ask the father if his shit sucking son also sucks his cock. i think that would be far more interesting, don't you? i mean, after all, the sickness and perversion that finds its way into the lives of some american families is far more interesting and entertaining than many things i can think about. let's leave those sad souls to find something else to do in their mother's basements.

looker said...

Remember what a boss and a diaper have in common. There always on your ass and usually full of shit!!

Anonymous said...

We'll all try to be more loving you Brick. You're a heck of a guy!

Anonymous said...

Quit? Yeah right. Once a HJ giving slut, always a HJ giving slut. Now get back to work jerking off 75year old grandfathers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when I'm 75, I too will appreciate getting blown, yanked, or ridden by a young hootie for a coupla bucks instead of having to pull grandma out of her coma for fun!
I bet you won't be so judgmental when you're past the expiration date for anybody remotely doable.