Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Best Memorial Day Weekend

Holiday weekends are hit or miss in the Business. Everyone either has time off to see us, or they’re too busy. The one exception is Thanksgiving. For some reason, that’s usually our biggest weekend of the year. Personally, I think it’s a combination of the weekend travel plus the incentive to spend spend spend for the holiday season.

Now I had been looking forward to a long weekend of nothing to do – especially since I dumped Jackass a couple months ago. Audrey closed the Business for Memorial Day, and I wasn’t scheduled to work anyway. Then my phone rang Sunday morning.

“Hey it’s Audrey. Can you cover for Trina today? Apparently she went to a BBQ yesterday and had some undercooked pork sausage…”

You know I love working on my weekends, but you know I do choir for the 12 o’clock mass…” is what I should have said if I were a good Catholic girl. Ahhhhh fuck me. “Sure Audrey,” was all I could manage. “I need the money anyways.” Well, that bit was true.

So I trudged my tired butt into work on Sunday and ended up having the best day ever. My first customer was a college kid passing through who claimed “I’ve always been curious about these places, but never had the nerve to try.” They all say that. But I thought his nervousness was cute, so I let him slide when he ended up being $20 short for a topless. Besides, I would have sworn that he was going to be the only customer I’d see all day.

Then around noon, one of Trina’s Regulars came in. This guy Simon is really nice and didn’t realize Trina had called out. Get this – he brought in one of those disposable, instant BBQ grills – the kind you get at the convenience store. Plus hamburgers, hotdogs and a 6 pack of beer!!!! He set up right outside the back door, and we had ended up having a real picnic right there in the parking lot behind the building!

He wasn’t interested in taking a session with me, but I didn’t care since he’s fun to hang out with. Simon stayed there and hung out for the afternoon. So when the next 3 customers came in, he would just grill up more food and have it ready by the time I came back out. It was the coolest thing – I normally don’t have this much fun even when Trina is here.

Well, after he left and I got ready to close up guess who called? It was the potential Sugar Daddy that I had met over a month ago! He wanted to know what my schedule was this week!!!! Wow. In one day I got some nice customers, a great BBQ lunch, made some good $$$, and found a possible new Sugar Daddy. This was one of the best days I’ve had at work in a long time. Let’s hope my luck holds out. Time to buy a lottery ticket.



Anonymous said...

Some days are diamonds, some are stone. Congratulations on having a great weekend!

I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading the posts. Thank you and take care.


Slutty McWhore said...

I'm glad that you made some money, but I'm not sure about this Sugar Daddy thing. It just seems that you'd be putting yourself in a vulnerable position with some guy who might want to lord it over you. Be careful!

Historical Wit said...

Just enjoy it for what it was. A good time.

cj said...

Mistress McWhore,

I hear ya. But I have to confess that right about now I wouldn't mind the attention (and the $$) of a new Sugar Daddy.

Plus, I'll keep you posted on how it goes! Wish me luck.


Unbroken said...

Sounds like a great day at work! I agree you need to be careful about the Sugar Daddy. But you seem to know what you're doing. Thanks for another great post!

Anonymous said...

Are those posters wishing a girl good luck on scoring a sucker, I mean, sugar daddy... male?!

And CJ, since you don't like pervs who want to act out pedophiliac fantasies at the parlor, doesn't the sugar daddy/baby thing make you uneasy? Or do the $$$ make all qualms vaporize?