Friday, May 23, 2008


I got an interesting comment from my last post about the perks a male boss would have in this business. I have to admit that I have worked for a guy who had to be serviced if I wanted to work for him. But let me explain first that I worked for this guy just long enough to make a few bucks before he got tired of hearing me make excuses for not putting out. Fuck him.

I had another male boss who didn’t touch the girls. All he cared about was the “Cha-Ching.” That’s probably the main difference between male and female bosses. Men want you to bring in as much money as you possibly can. Meanwhile, women bosses will try to steal as much money off you as they possibly can. Let me explain.

When a man owns a business, he wants each girl to make as much money as possible because guys usually skim off the top. This means you are always welcome to work extra hours and extra shifts. It also means turning tricks in the room. That’s why I’ve never had much success working for guys because a girl who only does hand releases isn’t going to bring in as much as one of his full-service Ho’s. This is one of the reasons why I’ve never seen a business owned by a man that wasn’t full service.

Now as far as the “perks” go, some bosses will ask for them and some won’t. If a Business is a cash cow, then some girls will put up with it because the money is good. But I will tell you right now that girls will always go towards the easiest money – so if they can earn the same across town WITHOUT having to fuck some asshole, they’ll switch businesses real quick.

What this all means to you (the consumer – LOL) is the sleazier the owner, the sleazier the business. This is because any girl with even a tiny bit of self esteem won’t work for them. I know it’s kinda odd to talk about “self esteem” in an industry built around the hand job, but even with all the perversion around – work is still work, and a job is still a job. If you hate your boss now, imagine if you also had to drop to your knees and suck his dick whenever he wanted! I may hate my boss Audrey, but at least all she does is steal my customers.

Women bosses are a whole other story. The good thing is a female boss will never ask you into her office for a blow job. The bad thing is that they’re all bitches who will rip you off in a heartbeat. Now a woman boss will usually treat you more fairly by not taking a percentage - but she’ll try to squeeze more out of the door money, and she will always screw you out of a customer every chance she gets.

The other thing about women bosses is that they’re women who are bosses. Imagine all the catiness that women usually have when they work together – now double it. I’ve never had a male boss say anything about my clothing or makeup. Now women I've worked for – whoa! They will constantly ride you about what you wear, what you eat, what you drink, who you date, what you watch, etc. etc. etc.

Ugh – now I’m all worked up. I can’t stand my boss and bitching about her didn’t help. Oh well. Hope this cleared a few things up for you guys. Have a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about opening your own place?

cj said...

Dear Anon,

I play with the idea now and then. I have enough in savings to actually get started, and I could probably hustle up a few of my old partners in crime to run the place.

I don't know. Sometimes I feel I'm getting to old for this.


Reggie Ray said...

how could they care about your clothes or makeup when your rack looks like that?

Historical Wit said...

good post, but it was Eric that got the killer perk. I'd call some cheese ball and ask what kind of dumbshit he was up to also if you let me cum on the rack. Shit I'd call dude twice on sunday...

Anonymous said...

Why don't you offer an email option on your blog? I love your blog and would like to try your services sometime.

cj said...

Sorry kiddo! But I gotta maintain a low profile for obvious reasons. But if you try visiting some of your local places, you may see some of the wackiness I've been talking about - and have a good time in the process.


Anonymous said...

I can understand that, but if you allow email you can screen everyone first. I'm not that far away from your area and could be a good customer...maybe we can figure out a way...

Anonymous said...

Guys don't feel that sex is such a big deal. I don't know that it's "sleazy". I do know a lot of female owners who'll fuck the occasional (lucky?) customer, like Audrey does.
So in my book that makes them hypocrites. "We don't do that... unless you're an exception, of course, otherwise we're a respectable business, you see?"