Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Readers Poll – Results So Far

As you can tell by looking at the comments, there appears to be more boys than girls reading this nonsense. I had to double check the boys results since I noticed there were a few cheaters logging in more than 1 comment.

But I’m also very happy to see how many girls are out there. I wasn’t sure if the results of this poll were going to have any impact on me, but I have to admit that it feels pretty nice to tell some of these stories to other women and actually get positive feedback. Guys seem to gobble this stuff up, but I have always been hesitant to share some of these things with my girlfriends who aren’t in the Business. So thanks to all of you for being so supportive.

Now I’m going to leave this poll up for a bit longer before I share the official results. Heck – sometimes I can’t log on to the computer for days at a time, so I’ll give everyone out there a little extra time. In the meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve learned.

From the Girls
It’s nice to see that I have some fellow colleagues out there that have been in the Business in one way or another. None of you have called “bullshit” on any of my stories, so I guess you all know what I’m talking about! I also noticed that you guys seem to be quiet when it comes to making comments in general – so please feel free to ask questions about anything you read about in here.

From the Boys
I was happy to see that a few of you have already been customers of other Businesses. The rest of you who are still curious – what are you waiting for? LOL – one particular comment I liked was “I’ve been – but I wouldn’t call it erotic”!!! I feel for ya brother.

And THANKS to everyone who voted! Your comments were great.



Anonymous said...

OK, first question: How did you move from the massage only business to the "enhanced" massage business?

cj said...

Dear Anon:

That's a question for another day! It's a LOOOOOOOONG story and I really have to give it some thought to pay it justice. Let's just say that I'll probably get around to it eventually.


Anonymous said...

i'm reading your blog, haven't commented before, and am a girl. just so you know haha.

wait2cme said...

How do the girls get us to finish fast? That’s why I stop going.

cj said...


mark said...

Actually, the main reason that I hesitate to go to a massage parlor, is I am a little dubious as to what the masseuse will look/be like. If I knew I'd get someone as bright and attractive as you I'd give it a go, but you have apinted a rather grim picture of a lot of the people that work or apply to work in massage parlors and I'd hate to walk in, see some who did not appeal to me and have to either walk out on her or go through with it.

zencycle said...

cj said...
> Depending on the maker, it's >34DD or 36DD.

You must be really tiny, because they look like 38's or larger in your photo.

cj said...


I hear ya. But you'll never know until you try. At the very least, you'll get a massage with a happy ending. And if the girl you get isn't your thing, always feel free to ask - just don't be an asshole or creepy about it.


Gee - thanks!

Anonymous said...

“I’ve been – but I wouldn’t call it erotic”.
Maybe those girls thought of themselves as "therapists" and got all rude or clinical on the dude.

We all have had the mechanical ones, but it's apparently in bad form to mention them on a masseuse's blog, where the customer is always at fault for not coming fast enough, BTW...

Anonymous said...

Mark has it wrong, BTW.

For one thing, you're not marrying the girl, pal. You're just in the same room for an hour. She puts her hands on you and makes you come, which, as CJ often admits, ain't brain surgery. So why make it complicated on your end?

Then, unless she's filthy and/or repulsive, my question is: are you gay?
I'm a sensitive guy, but I don't need to "love" the girl to get it done, if you know what I'm saying.
The majority of women working in parlors, extras or not, are reasonably young and attractive.
When they send grandma to service a young guy, it's because they smell "bacon". Older providers give fantastic massages, BTW - you don't HAVE to take any extras.

And finally, a bit of advice to all, if I may. The woman is not your girlfriend - she's selling fantasy. The least you can do, for yourself, to enjoy the experience, is to play along.
For an hour, I treat the chick like she's my date. I overlook her shortcomings if necessary, just the way she does mine.
If you can't muster a little acceptance for a few moments... then, yes, by all means, stay away from "pay for play", read blogs like this one, and jerk off alone.

Don't you all forget either that CJ is also constantly putting down all other sex workers to toot her own horn. I've seen bright, educated, smoking hot providers. And very few tattoos, no drugs, and no weirdos.
Now were they all loving and beautiful? Get real. But it's just sex, Goddammit.