Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guys Are Really Cute When They're Giving You Things

I got some interesting questions from you guys about what kind of favors guys do for me. Well here is a small list of things people have done for me in the hopes of getting in my good graces (both customers and friends):

1) Insanely generous tip
2) Car wash
3) 6 months of my cell phone bill.
4) Car payment
5) Every CD made from the band Dirty Looks
6) Fixed a speeding ticket
7) Free hotel room
8) Play Station 3 (right when it came out!)
9) New clothes
10) 2 new car tires
11) Foot rub
12) A Prada purse

And of course, being the wonderful, giving person I am, I returned the favors in kind. Here is a small example of things I've done to show my gratitude. (Try to match the favors given to those received!)

1) Free 45 minute session
2) Dinner
3) Breast release
4) Undying gratitude
5) 10 minute back rub
6) Nothing
7) Harley Davidson Leather jacket
8) Facial
9) Lunch
10) Butt release
11) Thank You card
12) Hand job on his boat

Happy Guessing!



zencycle said...

I can't play match game, I'm too distracted over the thought of a 'breast release' with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm more curious about the butt release. Is it "in" or "on?"

ez cheese said...

You have to put the gifts and the rewards next to each other, next time. That way I can draw lines on my computer when I connect them. Don't you remember grade school.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous"--> http://happyendingz.blogspot.com/2008/01/massage-parlor-code-words-and-lingo.html
And cute, fun post CJ :-D

Anonymous said...

I'll play.

1) Insanely generous tip -> Handjob on his boat
2) Car wash -> Nothing
3) 6 months of my cell phone bill. -> Breast release
4) Car payment -> Butt release
5) Every CD made from the band Dirty Looks -> 10 minute backrub
6) Fixed a speeding ticket -> Free 45 minute session
7) Free hotel room -> Lunch
8) Play Station 3 (right when it came out!) -> Dinner
9) New clothes -> Thank you card
10) 2 new car tires -> Harley Davidson Leather jacket
11) Foot rub -> Undying gratitude
12) A Prada purse -> Facial

cj said...


You are GOOOOOOD! But I have a confession to make. When I was writing this, I wasn't consciously trying to create matching lists, it just kinda ended up that way. So there are a few non matches! Sorry! You made some damn good guesses though. Now that you got me thinking about it, I will post the actual "answers" later and dedicate it to you... LOL


cj said...

Dear Anon,

NOTHING ever goes "in" since we're not a full-service kinda place. My technique for a butt release is to lie down on the table or floor and let the guy rub my ass cheeks with oil. Then he'll position himself above me and slide his cock in between my cheeks. It's kinda like dry humping, except we use oil. When he's ready to cum, he usually just shoots it on my ass or back.


PrevAnon said...

did I see an online ad for your place titled "Best Massage Place?" I'm still hoping to find it one day so I can make you my first erotic masseuse!

Anonymous said...

Case in point...

Rottie said...

how lucky your customers are CJ! to have found a masseuse like you! In my dreams you'll be my favorite masseuse, and be your customer everyday!