Thursday, June 12, 2008

Official Results of the Readers Poll

OK boys and girls. I’ve added everything up and even weeded out a few cheaters and confused people. The final result (for now anyway) is:

Boys: 37 (62%)
Girls: 23 (38%)

Interesting. I honestly had no idea what to expect. But the good news is that it’s not going to affect what I write about.

What I really enjoyed was reading all of your comments, and I hope to get around to addressing all of them eventually. There were a few in there that I found really flattering – like the 10 year married couple that learned a better way to give hand jobs! Too bad I don’t have any video of my patented double-handed criss-cross technique (actually I do, but that's a whole other story). Then there was a girl who wanted to watch her boyfriend get a massage and happy ending. I also got a few shouts from some of my fellow colleagues. It’s always nice to hear from people who find some of this shit perfectly normal.

Then there were a few comments from guys who had bad experiences in massage parlors. And even one from a girl who discovered her boyfriend had gone to one (more than once I've had an angry wife on the phone wondering what "massage" was doing on her husbands VISA). One guy said he was kinda put off by some of the things I’ve described here. Believe me – not my intention. And one guy actually said he stopped going to parlors because we made him "cum too fast." Can we help it if we're good at our jobs?

But let me thank you guys again for speaking up. I got some good feedback, plus several ideas for future posts.



Emm Jay Peeee said...

CJ -

You're really doing well with this blog. You update regularly, your writing is colorful and efficient, and your stories are interesting.

Have you thought about where this project is going? Is it just a diversion for you?

I'm thinking that there is a market for this kind of inside information...I could see the men's magazines being interested in buying a story from you.

PS - let's see that video of the double-handed technique!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have found your blog. It is presently my favorite. You write well, you have a sense of humor, and you convey your subject perfectly.

cj said...


If you haven't figured it out already, I have no idea what's going on in my life anymore. No boyfriend. Work is slow. Hate my boss. Strange rich guy throwing money at me. Haven't been to the community college in 2 years. Who knows where this is going?

In the meanwhile I just find this blog thing to be a relief for me. I can bitch all I want and finally say some things I've always wanted to say. No one would have known (or believed) about Captain Haircut if it weren't for the internet! So I guess you could call this a sort of therapy/diversion from my stressful life.

As for that video, I almost forgot that it existed! I'll make some inquiries...


Anonymous said...

CJ -

There's a Russian woman I see about every other week - solid massage followed by a hard tug. She's all biz about both. She's one of about 4 providers - all with their own style. Married to very cute woman who is not above this silly play, but can't break my habits. I do just love the way a woman controls it. It's about power, respect, tenderness...Wife doesn't know about the providers..very hard to live this life...I guess I cannot break the need to get jerked off. Why did the hand job vanish from our popular culture?

cj said...

It didn't disappear, it just went underground. My boss talks about the "good old days" when she used to make money hand over fist (no pun intended). Back in the early 90's, she said everyone was scared of AIDS, so guys switched from brothels to massage parlors.

Apparently this business boom lasted until the end of 90's when AIDS no longer made the front page news. I got in at the end of the so-called "boom" and I can tell you that our services have definitely become less and less popular through the years. But as long as there's still cool customers like yourself, there will be a need for the massage parlor!

Thanks for sharing!