Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mr. Perfect

Someone asked me if I'd give up all this for the "right" guy. I thought about it and the answer is no. Seriously. Not the answer you were expecting, is it?

After much soul searching (and a VERY long phone conversation with Trina the other night), I realized that I'd only leave if Mr. Right could support me (at the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed or a little better of course!). Anything short of that, and I wouldn't leave. Ya see, I'm very independent and have been pretty much taking care of myself ever since 10th grade. Because of that, it's really hard for me to depend on anyone. And if Mr. Right can't take care of his little CJ, then I see no reason to quit.

I like my job. I don't love it, but I actually like coming to work. What on Earth could I possibly enjoy about jerking guys off you ask? Well, I like most of my Regulars, the pay is decent, the work is a no-brainer, I get all the Lifetime TV shows I want, and I get to hang out with my BFF all week. What more could a girl want?! Sure, it gets weird sometimes, but it's my weirdness and I'm kinda used to it.

Some of you are probably shaking your heads and saying "Yeah, but how can you be happy when you constantly have to lie to everyone about your job?" To those people I ask you this - do you truly know what anyone else does outside of your little work world? Let's say you were an accountant, would you really tell the boring details of your day to a room full of firemen? I didn't think so. Not only would they not understand you, they wouldn't even care. Instead, we all just make general statements about how happy or miserable we are.

For example - with my co-workers I could say "I had a bad day...That last customer wanted to stick a finger up my ass..." But with a boyfriend, I would just say "I had a bad day... That last customer was a real pain in my ass..."

Exact same sentiment, different wording. So where's the lie? This approach has worked for me all these years, so I see no compelling reason to "confess" anything to anyone (other than all you beautiful, loving, adoring fans of course - that's what YOU guys are for!). So if I won't leave work for a guy, you only have yourselves to blame. Don't you feel bad now?

I think a better reason for leaving The Business is this lousy economy. I've never seen times this bad before. Once I can't make ends meet, THEN it's time to move on - not for some lousy stinking man. LOL

There, does that answer your question?


p.s. I would also like to add that I am now accepting applications for the position of Boyfriend/Fiance. Must be able to keep me in the following:

1) Fully clothed in the latest fashions from Abercrombie
2) Scantily clothed in the latest lingerie from Victoria's Secret
3) Smelling pretty with the latest scent from Gaultier
4) Sparkling in the latest designs from Tiffany
5) Cruising in a late model SUV
6) Entertained with Lifetime on a HD TV
7) Typsy with the finest beers from Mexico
8) Weak-kneed from daily furious fucking
9) And tanned from semi-annual trips to Cancun

Please e-mail me a pic of the SUV.



Neilc999 said...

looks like a poker player would be right up your street then...No not me, im already married (and crap at poker lol)

wait2cme said...

I hope you don’t think you will be able to make the same money as you get older? Without full service? Even with full service your money will began to drop off sooner or later. As an older person take my advice and use this time to get an education or trade then settle down and start a family

Anonymous said...

My point really was not whether or not you'd be willing to sacrifice having a career for a man, I don't expect anyone to do that, dependency is a poor choice for anyone, especially in this day and age with 50% divorce rate. My point was whether or not you'd change to something else.

But that said, you somewhat answered that question here, stating that you enjoy your work and prefer it to others. Honestly, I think your financial standards are a bit on the low side, and speaks more to the class of men in your area than some sort of unrealistic scenerio. Come to Seattle and you'd certainly have your choice of guys making $80k+.

But even then, I don't think anyone should give up their ability to be independent, regardless of what their partner makes.

I know this: You want a Mr. Right but you don't want him to know what you do or to do anything similiar himself. You do not wish to give up what you do. I think these requirements are mutually exclusive, which is really too bad.

Anonymous said...

Blunt assessment, bordering on the really harsh:

Ready? Here is comes. You like some "things." So what? That's no big deal. I'm not going to lay a big value judgment on that. And I agree with ReflexVE that you haven't set the bar particularly high in that regard. You also value your independence, which seems like a good thing. But concealed beneath that you seem to have some trust issues that you might want to work on. Or not. Totally up to you. But I'm thinking that having a secret career in sex work does two things for you. One, it pretty much dooms you to either a series of short-term failed relationships with nice guys or longer relationships with losers because no matter how you rationalize it that kind of secret just doesn't bode well for a solid relationship despite the whole fireman-accountant analogy. Wow, serious run-on sentence there. Two, unless you are frugal and financially savvy it seems like limited window of opportunity work, i.e., you aren't getting any younger. The economy might improve but gravity isn't pulling any less hard on "the girls."

It seems like you are being presented with a false dichotomy: keep doing exactly what you've been doing frozen in time forever OR meet the most wonderful man alive who happens to be perfect and gives you a magic bottomless credit card. I'm thinking that the alternatives are more than the cartoonish two that have been discussed so far.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very vain and like a goldbricker. No shared love, joy commitment, sorrow or what makes life interesting. At least you did not mention having kids, they are a life changer and great responsibility if you plan to raise them right so they turn out to be descent humans.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 - Those qualities were assumed, thats why its "Mr. Right" and not "Mr. Moneybags". The question was what would it take to give up her career(or switch her career in my case), which necessitates a list of the physical/monentary requirements.

cj said...

Thank you Reflex,
The question was what it would take for me to quit and it's basically financial security. That and the SUV. LOL

Anyway, if all I was looking for was a handout, then I would have just followed the footsteps of many a Sugar Baby and just shacked up somewhere - waiting for my SD to sneak out of his house every now and then, and returning to The Business only between relationships. But that's just not me.

You need to be careful when you start talking about finding the "Perfect Guy" because you run the risk of soundling like a preachy asshole. There's no less chance that my Shining Prince is a friend of a friend of a friend, than he is a stranger on, or even (yes I'll say it) a future customer. The point is that you never know.

So in the meanwhile I'll do what I know best and keep flirting with guys in bars along with all my other girlfriends, and occasionally try the blind internet date thing.

Or maybe I'll just hook up with a poker player!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for being honest! I will say that it makes you that much more attractive.

Fan/Blogreader said...

I too am curious as to what you plan to do when you get older.

PS I am totally not hatin', just curious!

Dude said...

u'r probably a depressed lazy person.. i wanna see u post this again when u reach 35-40 lol.. poor poor u.. i bet u'll be in debt, taking anti-depressive and a single mother... do u invest ur money? did u grow up or do u really think u'll make money like u do now forever? u have so much to learn kid!

u can fake u r happiness but we both know u live a LIE.. if u don't have real goals u'll end up empty and sad, u'll die inside.
talk to retired escorts u may learn something.

btw i had a friend like u.. she was always "happy", but everytime i talked to her about life she had a breakdown crying like a baby without a path to follow
poor girl

i just hope u wake up in time

Anonymous said...

At least she speaks English. What exasctly is that shit you typed into your computer? Translation, please.

Dude said...

I'm just using internet slang and acronyms, no mistakes except this one: "u can fake u r happiness", what I wanted to say was "u can fake ur happiness", it's a typing error, not lack of language knowledge. We are on internet this is pretty understandable, it's also called evolution of language and one day we'll probably use a lot of it on books.

But your case is serious, WTF exactly is "exasctly".
Translation please!!! xD

Give me a break, ignorant!!! -.-

Aelric said...

Holy Crap!

You guys are unreal. First off assuming that she's unhappy, miserable, standards are too low, is financially incapable, and all of the other crap?

And to post back analysing her and how she really is? Several of you aren't unemployed psychologists are you? Or worse yet, unemployed psychiatrists, who think cuz they can scribe meds, they are 'cologists?

That cracks me up you guys telling her she should get out before she's to old, or do something else to make herself happy.

(not bagging on you Reflex, actually liked your original question/thread)

I'm thinking that she sounds like a pretty smart cookie, and I'm guessing if she was really damn miserable, she WOULD have left the business. AND, it seems like I read in her blog (and excuse me if I don't get the quote exactly the same) that:

"I like going to work"

Ya guys remember that???? That is the purpose of the blog... for her to share with us, which means ya gotta read it!

What the hell? I think she just beat out probably 70% of America then. A BOATLOAD of people hate work, and go to work because they have to for the paycheck - to pay the bills. GOOD for her if she enjoy's going to work... and she probably takes home 6 figures to boot. And heaven forbid that her trigger for leaving her current job is financial security??? (Stop the presses, that is so abnormally unheard of it is just ridiculous... oh wait, crap, that's MY SAME TRIGGER. Nevermind.)

As to her standards too low... the hell with that! WHATEVER rocks her boat, rocks her boat. So what if you can afford Dom... if you like mexican beer, you like mexican beer. I can afford cavier, but I'm not gonna eat any damn fish eggs just because I can afford them. Your standards are based on what you ENJOY. I personally think her list is exceptional (especially #8) :)

Anyway, CJ... sorry for the rant, just pissed me off reading some of the comments. AND, just wanted to make sure you knew that your TIME and EFFORT in typing out your blogs is GREATLY GREATLY appreciated, so hope some self-righteous pricks'er posters don't tick you off too much.

We love'ya!

OH YEA... and where's the official application at? Can I fill it out on-line or do you require postal delivery of a hard-copy? You're standards seem entirely reasonable! (and did I say #8 is awesome?) LOL

Aelric said...

BTW... Do you realize how intense and exhausting your list will be for you?

If you need:
Someone to carry all of your Abercrombie bags;
give you honest feedback on how awesome the Victoria Secret's lingerie makes you look;
properly spray that heavenly Gaultier scent on you;
bodyguard you and your Tiffany sparklies;
a chauffer, an SUV waxer;
a channel changer / volume adjuster / DVR rewinder / tv muter;
beer-boy / beer fetcher / beer partner in beer-pong;
handy shoulder to lean on when your weak-knee'd and/or personal body catcher to make sure you never fall and hit the ground (yea, the other job for #8 is just too obvious, I'm sure you already know I'm good with that, so won't even mention it LOL);
and/or travel escort, travel security, cabin-boy, beach-boy, boat-boy, entertainment director, tour-guide, gopher, gaffer... or just someone to make you laugh...

Ummmm I'm AVAILABLE. ;)

Dude said...

@Aelric I like some parts of your posts, u are right, most people hate their work but on the other hand their life are usually more stable, with less lies and probably more friends, I mean they have advantages in other parts of life in the short and the long run not only short and no matter how "modern" u are society still affects u.

Anyway this girl is living an illusion, she is like a lil kid addicted to candy who cries when the candy is over. She is shallow and hell, the typical american empty lil girl dominated by media, completely lost, lindsay lohans alike.

Actually I think she'll keep up for some years but after she lose her beauty I'm quite sure she'll get miserable with this mindset of a 15y old school girl. But as I said only time will prove what I'm saying.

MONEY isn't a goal, it's just a mean to reach your dreams. I mean if any of you had like over 10 million dollars and a lot of free time you'd get bored of doing exactly nothing other than living the good life in no time. Poor stupid people don't understand that because they lack imagination and mainly cuz they never lived such life.

About her standards, successful men get bored of beautiful empty women Extremely fast, such girls r easy and not a matter that's why I'm saying this girl is completely out of her mind. NO successful men will ever be with her for other reasons other than looks unless she changes, her beauty will die soon in some years so she'll worth Nothing on the eyes of such men, just and old used piece of meat.

I hope she open her eyes and realize she is going directly to a hole of despair, living an illusion but considering her post she'll ignore what I said and learn later in life the hard way.

Aelric said...

Dude - absolutely society affects us... and unfortunately a LOT of society is negative pissy people that see that it's 50 and muddy in February, rather than it's a beautiful 50 and snow free in February...

and I would entirely disagree with you that "other people" that hate their "normal" jobs are inherently more stable because they are in "normal" jobs. That is why most companies (big and small) now have EAP's associated with their health care coverage.

(employee assistance programs in case you aren't familiar with it... where you can call for help (usually getting assistance from a shrink) on something as minor as quiting smoking, or because you feel like a failure and your life is going down the drain, or you are thinking of ending it, etc.) Society's "regular" jobs are full of people with problems. Which leads me to a statement I will go out on a limb and make as a statement of fact:

People of any race, any color, any sex, any PROFESSION all have an equal chance at being F'ed up.

I'm guessing that you are basing a lot of your assumptions on the stereotypical sex worker (hooker). High school drop-out, run-away, no way to get food and sustain their life without being a hooker.

So are you assuming she's an uneducated, high school dropout? Read back in June 08 and lo'n'behold... you'll see the words "graduated highschool". You'll also notice somewhere that she is an LMT (remember, they send her in if they think the customer might be a cop?). An LMT is a licensed massage thereapist... which you have to have training to obtain. (I think 5 or 600 hours or so, but am not sure.)

So we're not talking an uneducated highschool drop-out here who's only choice is to keep doing this in order to get money to pay for food. She's making a conscious choice to remain in this business because she makes good money (and as stated in my previous post) likes going to work. Sounds like a pretty sound decision.

You are probably right... customers probably don't want a massage from a 60-yr old woman... but hmmm, ya think it's possible she might not be planning for that, whether she deigns to tell us or not? I know if I was a woman and had the looks to parley into this business... I would give it some SERIOUS consideration. Hell, it'd be awful nice to be able to retire at 38.

And why do you assume she has no friends? Are you saying unless you are a successful business man or woman (in a field perceived as desirable) you are incapable of making friends, or worse yet, no one would be willing to be your friend?

I'm guessing that garbage men (what I would consider a pretty undesirable job) probably are mostly decent guys, that have families, friends, a dog, a mortgage, kids to put through college... all of the normal trappings of society. And in fact, one of her previous blogs discussed when her "friends" set her up on a date. (So I know she has some.)

You also keep discussing her mental capacity... living in delusion? shallow? How do you get that? In her list of desires, no where did I see anything about blond guys, Brad Pitt look-alikes (okay, she's mentioned a previous boyfriend kinda looked like him), or any other requirement that a guy would have to LOOK like, while she has mentioned sense of humor (that blind date that she thought they were on the same devious page), etc... which doesn't lead me to think "oh, she must be shallow".

And I do know a few blond "bimbo's" who are stereotypical blonds... not one of them would know how to operate a computer, let alone create a blog, keep the blog updated with funny and entertaining info, and carry on converation with their fans...

I have no idea what she looks like (other than generally she has quite generous breasts), but having followed her blog, I could forsee any number of guys that would be happy to date her (including me, and that's even with me knowing what she does for a living) with her not having any problem keeping interest in her (or getting bored, or whatever you said).

And yea, I have to admit that I am MAKING ASSUMPTIONS about her too...

but mine's based on what I've read, how she writes, what she writes, her wit, etc... not just "she gives guys hand jobs, she must be an evil slut".

We're probably both wrong... but I'd lay money down that I'm closer to right than you are!

Anyway, I've rambled on enough, hate to waste anymore of her space, cuz I personally find reading her blog refreshing and fun after my hard day at work.

And she certainly doesn't need me to defend her, she can ignore us all quite easily (please don't CJ :) so we'll have to agree to disagree and let it go.

I have just one last question (and it's rhetorical, don't really need an answer, just want you to think about it)

If this is really how you feel, about her, about what she does for a living?

What in the HELL are you doing on this blog?

Dude said...

Hello Aelric, about the friends thing I've read other blogs talking about how hard is to trust people and to make friends on her profession.

Anyway, I read escort's blogs because they are less likely to lie about what they think of men. They also tell us what they like and what they don't from us and this is quite interesting.

Besides I think some things are better not to be said. It may hurt people badly and I try to avoid it but sometimes I forget this and my emotions take over. I've lived a hard life, people treated me really badly in past and anger grew up with me so I'm constantly paying attention not to say unnecessary hurtful things to people. I try to think if I'm not going to help, better to say nothing and let them at least enjoy what they believe. I don't think CJ would be a good girlfriend but I just realized I shouldn't throw what i said on her face in a mean way.
So I'm sorry guys, I have to admit I should write in a more friendly way and avoid some stuff.

CJ, i just think u should save a bit for future and look for other goals in life other than just objects and trips. something u like and that u can do at any age.

have a nice day people

cj said...


That was kinda mean, don't you think? Since when did I imply that I have no friends or that I was miserable in what I do? Sure - I'm not exactly a movie star, but at least I'm more happy with my life than most of the customers I see every day.

What I disagree with most is that you're assuming that my current career choice is a path to nowhere. Well let me ask you this - If I were a secretary, would you still say the same thing? It's not a path to company president, so I can only assume you look down upon them too.

You talk about how money is not a goal - well duh. But it's the single reason that anyone has a job - and that includes you. The question of the day was what it would take for me to quit my job, and the answer was financial security. And that's probably the biggest reason why anyone quits their job - for something better.

And finally, you went on about how my looks will fade and I'll be lonely and desperate. Well I've got news for you... looks aren't what drives this business - it's attitude. Haven't you been paying attention? My boss is almost 50 for Gawds sake! Being successful in this business is about putting customers at ease and helping them to forget their troubles - 1 hour at a time. Looks will only get a customer in the room, they won't get him to come back if you're a bitch.

So why don't you take a chill pill and maybe read more of the stuff I've been saying here. Then maybe you won't be so quick to judge next time.


Anonymous said...

"[...] I'd only leave if Mr. Right could support me (at the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed or a little better of course!)."

"Ya see, I'm very independent [...]"