Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freak of the Week - Foot Lovers

Yesterday I had another foot guy come in. The foot fetish is so common that it never occurred to me to write about it, let alone elevate it to Freak of the Week. THAT is how common it is. So there I was, sitting on the massage table (fully clothed) patiently waiting as my fully naked customer was kneeling in front of me - my right foot in one hand, himself in the other – when it suddenly dawned on me that some people may consider this odd. So today I will talk about the Foot Lovers.

Of all the fetishes I’ve seen, I would definitely say that foot worshiping is the most common. Now before I go on about foot stuff, I have a theory as to why we see so many of them here at The Business. It’s not because PA is home to the most pervs who are into feet - I think it’s because massage parlors are the most ideal place to cater to their needs.

Let me explain… Any full service place would gladly take them as customers, but for the most part, the foot guys are not interested in sticking their dicks in anything. So why pay for full service when there’s an alternative? The guys that I’ve talked to about it say that in a brothel, they don’t really know how to accommodate a guy who just wants access to a girls feet. For example, they would pay $60 for the door fee, another $200 for a full-service session, AND THEN another $100 or more for “fetish” stuff.

Since a massage parlor isn’t supposed to be full service, our prices are lower and clothing options are available. So if a guy just wants to look at my feet and take care of his own hand release, then he’s looking at $45 at the door, $60 for the fully-clothed option, and maybe an additional $60 for my “foot fee” ($100 if you want to cum ON my feet). So massage parlors just make economic sense, which is important in these trying times.

Anyway, back to the foot worshippers. There are a number of different kinks including:

Toe sucking
High heels
Leg humping
Foot release
Toenail polish
(yes, some guy paid me to do my toes)
Foot massage

The most common are toe sucking followed by a foot release. With the foot release, I usually sit down while the guy gets on his knees (or lies on his back), holds my feet together and then slides his cock in between. Another variation has me on my back with my feet in the air while he fucks my feet from a standing position. And they almost always end with cum on the feet. I don’t mind, I just charge a little extra for it.

Some guys are just kinda turned on by it, and want to see my bare feet during a normal session (one guy insisted I keep wiggling my toes). Then they go all the way to the hardcore “I only wanna see your feet” kind. I LOVE those guys! They only take up 15 minutes of your time, you only have to take off your shoes and socks, and THEY do all the work! LOL.

My customer yesterday was one of them. Easiest session I’ve had in a while. He was new to The Business and he had trouble asking for what he wanted. Luckily I’m quite skilled in the language of the foot, so I quickly figured out what he wanted. I swear, he looked like a kid in a candy store as soon as I went over some of the foot-friendly options I offer. He settled on the barefooted, do-it-yourself Happy Ending, with jizz on the side (or the #2 as I like to call it). What was unique about the session was that he insisted on getting completely naked himself, except for his socks and shoes (yes, he put his shoes BACK on).

So I guess there are a few foot enthusiasts out there who are a little odd as well.



greenhornet said...

Hey cj, I never understood the foot fetish, but to each their own. But you forgot to mention the odd ones that like toe jam, or want to sniff dirty smelly feet!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Cum on your feet? Ewww...

I guess this is just not my thing.

RIV said...

That's an interesting insight to that fetish.
I have a friend that has a high heel /foot fetish and would give his lovers some AWESOME footwear.
The only way you'd know he had a foot fetish was his extensive miniature porcelain "shoe collection."


To me it's no different than a woman wanting you to cum on her tits or face. Although, I don't get that either.

Anonymous said...

Never understood this one, but hey, of everything you do this has to be among the most harmless and quickest cash I imagine.

cj said...

How could I forget about the sniffers! Ewwwwww.

That's why I love these guys. They're relatively harmless and they just want someone who will "play" along with them.

The other fetish people get more complicated. I'm talking diapers, cross-dressing, ball-busting, etc. Then we're talking about gear, costumes, and extra work on my part. I'd take the feet guys any day over these others.


cherry said...

I have one foot fetish client who is severely into feet. It's actually a good leg and bum workout for me. He lies on the floor while I sit on the massage table above him working his cock and walking all over it. He takes 100s of photos of my feet every single time. He even picked up my shoe and put his cock inside it and took a photo... :| (As if his cock is wearing the shoe)

Anonymous said...

CJ - Ball busting and diapers would be on the disturbing side.

RIV said...

OMG. I knew one pro that did that for a variety of clients. He would tell me, in detail, on what he would do. My voice got higher as he went along. Geez!

See? We're all quite open to anything you have to share about. LOL

Double Trouble said...

How do you go about the cleanup after a foot release? Do you hose off in the shower or do you use some special moist towelette?

Fetishes gross me out on so many levels I don't even like reading about them. Obviously you have had to become cold to a lot of it. Is there anything that really just gives you the fetish creeps?

cj said...

You gotta share that photo! Cameras make me nervous, but I'll let a Regular I trust use one as long as you can't see my face.

Usually just soap and water, with the occasional sanitizer. We usually don't use the showers ourselves unless it's the end of a shift or after a particularly messy session. LOL

As for fetishes, I mentioned that I no longer consider the foot guys as weird. Yes, you get used to seeing these things after a while. And since this is my job, I have to approach each new kink with an objective eye. A customer wants to put on a giant diaper and ask me to spank him? - Been there, done that.

What gives me the creeps? ANYTHING that involves kids. Any guy asks me to do the Daddy/Daughter thing - I throw his ass right out. Those fuckers are sick.


Anonymous said...

"We usually don't use the showers ourselves unless it's the end of a shift or after a particularly messy session. LOL"

And this is why you'll never see me in any kind of MP aside from opening time anymore.