Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Massage Parlor - A Fetishists Best Friend

I've had customers from NYC, LA and other big cities tell me about these fetish "clubs" that are actually like a massage parlor, except it's for fetishes only. So instead of getting a massage therapist for your session, you get a domme or a slave or whatever. And I assume these people are experts in whatever kink you're in to.

I once met a girl at another Business who said she used to work in a place like that. She was a "sub" so her specialty was having guys do stuff to her.

She claimed there was no straight sex involved, but the clients would get very creative. For example, customers were allowed to cum on her as long as she was covered with something like a towel or a plastic sheet. Customers could spank her, squeeze her breasts, etc., but they couldn't insert anything in to her. She did confess though that for "special" clients, she would offer to use a dildo on herself. It's also interesting to note that she described most of her clients as "mild mannered." LOL. It's always the quiet ones...

Most of the stuff she did involved getting tied up, spanked, etc., with lots of pleading and begging and whimpering. I asked her about all the exotic leather outfits and torture contraptions you see in the movies, and she said it was usually not that elaborate. Anyway, I've told you about my friend Wanda who's a domme. Well, she works out of her own studio, but I would imagine that in a "club" it would be something similar.

Out here in the boonies, we don't have them thar fancy fetish clubs. So the locals have discovered that your friendly neighborhood massage parlor is a nice alternative. I've learned over time about some of the basic BDSM stuff. But in the rooms, you kinda have to keep it simple. For example, we couldn't do the candlewax thing - too messy. I draw the line at:

Restraints on me
(but I'll tie the shit outta you)
Spanking on me
(but I'll beat the shit outta you)
Little girl role play (I won't do anything that references kids)
Customers feet (I will NOT touch a guys feet - EVER)

Fetish things that I have done at work include:

Foot worship
Role play
(no insertion)
Costumes (lingerie, high heels, boots, etc.)
Ball busting
(I could write a book on this alone)
Cum play
Dirty talk

Foot worship I just talked about, and I did older posts on dirty talk, smoking and dildoes/strap-ons. So that leaves...

Role Play
This is kinda fun for me, and it breaks up the monotony of the standard rub-n-tug session. I don't get requests for it very often, but when I do it's usually the "You've been a bad boy" kind. I've been asked to put my hair up and wear glasses as a school teacher who has to spank her bad student.

In my professional acting life I have played such dramatic roles as:

Bad Student
(in need of discipline)
Seductress Teacher (you've been a bad boy)
Sexy Nurse (checking your temperature)
Police girl
(I get to handcuff you)
Secretary (pleading for her job)
Boss (you plead for your job)
Ex-girlfriends (a weird one where I put on a wig and get called "Mary" or "Rachel" or whatever for an hour)

But my very personal favorite was Pizza Delivery Girl. A Regular had this detailed fantasy of seducing a Pizza Delivery Girl, so I agreed to do it. He got an outfit for me and even showed up with a fresh pizza! I put on A T-shirt with the name of some local pizzeria and had to knock on the massage room door while carrying the box. The fantasy revolved around him complaining about a cold pizza and how I could "make it up" to him. Of course it ends with a handjob and he tips me extra. And the best part about it was we got to have pizza afterwards!

I'll wear outfits as long as they're new with the tags. I'll put on a Catholic school girl outfit, but I draw the line at any references to "little girls." Mostly I get requests to wear sexy lingerie. But occasionally a Regular will bring in something fun like a prison guard outfit or sexy nurse.

Now the serious guys will bring in very specific outfits such as conservative blouses and long skirts for a "secretary" or "she-boss" roll play. I think the most unique outfit I've ever had was a Burger King employee uniform. Complete with name tag and ugly hat! You can only guess what that role play was about, but let's just say that the outfit ended up needing a serious washing afterwards.

Ball Busting
This is a whole thing in and of itself. This is where guys want you (actually NEED you) to do extreme things to their balls and/or penis in order for them to get off. Some guys have virtually no sensation in their junk, so they ask you to do all sorts of weird stuff to them like punch, pinch, squeeze, and in some extremes stomp. I haven't said much about it in the blog because I haven't had a good one in a while, but I've got some stories of the things I've been asked to do that I swear none of you would believe.

Cum Play
This is a messy one that I'll only do with Regulars that I like and trust. Guys in general are fascinated by their own cum and just marvel at the little messes that they make. That said, some customers take it to extremes.

Breasts and face are the most common requests I get. I don't mind breasts, but only a very priveledged few have ever popped on my face (that shit stings the eyes!!!). Next most common is feet, and I'll get the occasional request for ass or stomach. I draw the line at hair - no fucking way.

Another variation of this is with clothing. The guys who bring in lingerie often request to cum on bras, stockings, and occasionally shoes. Weirdest request I ever got was from a guy who wanted to cum on a cowboy hat while I called him my "Pimp Daddy." The runner up to that was a guy who came on a pair sunglasses, then took them off me and licked them clean.

So for all you closet foot worshipers, diaper wearers, cross-dressers, role players, and spankers out there - don't give up. If you're tired of paying full-service prices at brothels, or you can't find one of these "clubs" around you, then give your local massage parlor a try. Don't be afraid to ask about your particular kink. Remember - there is NOTHING we haven't heard before.



Al Sensu said...

We'll never understand why so many people (mostly guys) have such fetishes, but it's great that you can provide this service and do it in a way that is not demeaning, except when they want demeaning.

Anonymous said...


the sunglasses!!!


ok. i think i need a shower.

it was disgusting and funny that bit!

RIV said...

I knew a male escort whom I had just met (at the time) and confided that he was on his way to a hotel to perform the very thing you mentioned; "Ball Busting."

I couldn't believe it and he described what he did afterwards saying it was no big deal and he's done it before.

Having heard about it, but never knew anything about it I was stunned.

*MY* balls hid and turned into ovaries while he was describing what he did to that guy.....for $500 an hour.

Man, whatever floats their boat.

Anonymous said...

"Ball busting"
More please! ;-)

cj said...


I wouldn't even know where to begin!


Bhaktimat said...

"but only a very priveledged few have ever popped on my face (that shit stings the eyes!!!)"

OMG It does! It stings like getting shampoo in your eyes. Every guy I've ever told about that laughs like they don't believe it but you might as well have one of those Aliens with the little head coming out of the big head and spitting in your face.. it burns!

Anonymous said...

Let's pretend I'm one of your trusted Regulars. My perverted fetish is to cum on The Girls and lick them clean. What would that option cost?

cj said...

Wow - I haven't had a licker in a while. My standard charge for anything above and beyond is $100 on top of the option. So Topless options plus cumming on The Girls would be $180. The licking part I wouldn't charge for, but I'd only let you do it if I was comfortable with you.


Anonymous said...

Couple of years late, but another request for more details about the Ball Busting. That's one of my thangs as well. =)

Justa CBTguy said...

You "inspired" me to ask at my local Massage Parlor for a good ball busting.

The "boys" thank you very much for the lead :)

They were properly slapped, punched and even bitten (though that's not your thing, I get it.) I didn't expect it, but she apparently enjoyed doing it and I wasn't going to complain!

A lot of us guys, as you point out, need that kind of abuse for all sorts of reasons.

Now where's that tip jar????