Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Inner Circle

As I've been trying to figure out who the fuck's been telling people where I work, I have sorted out my friends into the "knows" and "don't knows." Some of you may be shocked to hear this, but the career field of Erotic Masseuse is not necessarily cherished and respected by all aspects of polite society. In fact, some would go so far as to hold us in less esteem than say "Hooter's Waitress."

So we are forced to keep a low profile. Now most of my friends and family know that I'm an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). The whole "shampooer" thing I only use with guys I meet, or anyone else annoying who just has to know what I do for a living (like salespeople).

Out of all those people, most of them think I work in a normal day spa. Then there are the privileged few who know I don't work for a "normal" spa. I'd say maybe a dozen or so know this. What they think is that I work in a massage parlor where all the girls wear bikinis. I would call these people the "Outer Circle" because they have an idea that it's not a normal massage place, but they know better than to ask too many questions. This group consists mostly of close friends, a couple ex-boyfriends, and my sister.

Then there is the "Inner Circle." This is the handful of people who know exactly what I do for a living. If you don't include co-workers (current and ex), Ex-boyfriends (who I confessed to), and customers-turned-friends, there are exactly 4 people who know I'm an Erotic Masseuse. Now if you add in the co-workers, ex's, and customers-turned-friends, that number jumps up to maybe 2 dozen.

And that's not a bad number to manage when you live in a small town where everyone knows your business. And for the most part, they've all proven to be trustworthy (except for that slip up last week).

As for this blog thing... I can safely say that only 3 people in the whole world know about it. That's 2 co-workers and my Techno-Geek that helps me with the computer/internet stuff. And that's it. Luckily, no customers have surprised me yet with "Have you read this blog called 'HappyEndingz?' I think you'd enjoy it."

So my secret identity is still safe for now!



RIV said...

As far as suspects, it might take time to figure it out. But it could be that geek simply found out on his own somehow and simply used the "friend told me" as an excuse.
Just sayin.

I'm glad that you keep the blog so secret.

Up until teaser found out about it, NO ONE knows about this blog except for other bloggers, and of course, readers.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

It is always good to fly under the radar.

Riggstad said...

You have such a goldmine here. I wish you could throw all the bullshyt (not yours, others) aside and realize that. Anonymity might be good because of exactly what you speak of....

But if you were to throw caution in the wind, you could really turn this into something big. Your writing is very entertaining and I think given some direction you would be surprised of how commercial (really not a bad word) this could be... you might think it's nothing more than a personal blog for you to use an outlet to get things off your own chest, and get some sort of therapy out of it, but you are doing the general public and yourself a disservice by not taking a shot.

As a blogger myself, I've seen others (and myself) make a living out of blogging. A very good one. You may never have to do spa stuff again. Just sayin'. The opportunity is there.

Anonymous said...

How did your customers turn into friends, can you tell us about that? Or have you written about it before?

Also, I was just wondering, are you ever sexually attracted to a customer? Or have you pretty much attained the ability to just switch off your sex drive when you work?

Anonymous said...


I’m a huge fan and usually I’m entertained by your posts and sarcastic sense of humor. But, this “Inner Circle” post is kinda sad because it highlights how much you give up to be in the sensual massage world. To live a lie and have only 4 people in the world who know the truth must be very lonely for you. Most of your loyal readers think you’re smart & sweet and so much more than your average rub & tug girl & hope you realize your potential. ^_^

Posted by: Sad in Scottsdale

Mr. Poopie said...

I'm appalled. Disgusted even. There is absolutely nothing bad about a hooters waitress!

Anonymous said...

WTF is a Shampoo girl and why does it require big boobs? Maybe it sounded believable when you were in your early 20s, but I think you need to come up with more credible job title. You could say you work at a Spa doing facials and also you’re a freelance writer. What do you think?

cj said...

No... someone had to tell him. And that person had to know that guests are not welcome.

So how could I write anonymously and talk to a "normal" audience? I mean, eventually someone would get too nosey, or I'd have to share details with more than my Inner-Inner circle of 3 who know about the blog.

But any ideas would be welcome! Can you imagine housewives and college students and taxicab drivers all over the country reading the adventures of a lone massage therapist! How cool would that be? LOL

I could write several posts on customers that became friends, and even more on customers who just ended up being stalkers.

As for dating or being turned on by customers, I suggest you set aside a few minutes and go back and read some of the older posts.

Sad in Scottsdale,
EVERYONE knows I'm a massage therapist, so where's the lie? What I wear (or don't wear) and how I conclude each session are just details. Does everyone in your life know EXACTLY what you do for a living?

Mr. Poopie,
If you enjoy mediocre chicken wings and over-tipping a waitress just because she sits at your table and touches you on the back (oh yes - it's all scripted), then I guess there's nothing bad about Hooters waitresses. LOL

No one would buy the freelance writer thing. Most guys looking to hook up don't give a rats ass what you do for a living. I tell them I'm a shampooer so they won't ask any other questions.

"Spa doing facials" !!?? I just got that!! Very funny!! LOL


Anonymous said...

If you really need to be anonymous, you might want to reconsider this blog entirely. Look at what happened to Lena Chen (Sex and the Ivy). Harvard probably has nearly as many students as your small town has people, and although she started anonymous it didn't take long at all for vindictive snoops to figure out who she was (and the people she was dating) and harass/stalk her, to the point of actually contacting Harvard about it.

If you've pre-empted that possibility by already obfuscating where you live/work (e.g. you are actually in Denver or something, and NOT a small town in Pennsylvania) and what you look like (you're actually a dark-skinned, petite masseuse of Asian descent, and not a blonde with large breasts) then you're probably in the clear. But if what you've posted about yourself, your looks, and location, so far is true, then it would be really easy to find you.

Anonymous said...

It's not that big of a deal, strippers are more or less public aren't they? They aren't too different. Yea, someone could stalk her, but this isn't exactly celebrity status.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site so maybe you've covered it, but how about the prostate massage as part of the happy ending? My wife won't so I gladly pay for it. The prostate is the male g-spot!

cj said...

Personally, I am an expert at the prostate massage! But I will not do them at work. I know some girls do using rubber gloves. You'll have to ask your masseuse.


Billy Smith said...

Hi CJ,

Hope you are well. Long time no speak. Have some new stories for you - strange but tru!

I sent you an email yesterday - shoot me one back so I know you are still around and behaving (I guess that is an objective notion!). I may be coming back to your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks - let the games/teasing/clues begin.



Anonymous said...

I find CJ entertaining and a good writer, but... "sweet"? What are you guys using that word smoking?

She HAS said elsewhere that customers may turn her on, but she never fantasizes or even thinks much about them afterwards. Sounds like pretty cold sessions to me, but the disconnect is probably how she keeps her sanity. Fine.

But she's judgmental too: now Hooters waitresses, after strippers, full service girls, escorts, and Asians...
You have to have a "license" to deserve respect in CJ's world (she still has to wake up to the fact that many of those girls are LMTs, too, who just offer much more than she does).

Personally, I respect people who tell it like it is and are not deluding themselves. Ever heard of the concept of "whole truth", CJ? Leaving the HJ (and facials, and russians, and foot jobs, and strip teases, and...) part out, the part that this blog is based on, the part that screws up your love life, to say that you're a "therapist", and not seeing where the lie is shows a certain lack of self-awareness, to say the least.

We don't owe strangers the whole truth, thank God, only ourselves. Well, a blog being a diary of sorts, a window into someone's inner world (especially if anonymous)... you can see why the world "hypocrite" comes up a lot more than "sweet" in comments.