Saturday, July 4, 2009

To The Guy Looking For A "High Quality" Massage With Happy Ending...

Don't worry...

Several states in the northeast are trying to implement some new laws forbidding anyone without an LMT license to advertise "massage" services. PA plans to start cracking down on massage parlors next year by fining businesses and individuals without licenses, or with less than 5 years of "documented" experience. Other states are even shooting for jail time!!!

So if you're lucky, you'll be able to find a Business like ours that still employs LMTs to do the dirty work. The bad news is that it'll shut down a lot of the smaller places, and the ones that are full service.

The problem of course is that it'll be tough to implement. A lot of Businesses pay girls under the table so there's no proof that you've hired anyone without a license. And the Asian places have the ability to shut down in 1 day and open the next since a lot of them work out of rented houses instead of actual office space.

Then there's the internet and Craigslist. People will still be advertising their non-licensed services and it'll be almost impossible to track those people down. So in the end, it really is just a big waste of the cops time.

So just hang in there! Pretty soon all the amateurs will have to resort to "back alley" massages! LOL



just bob said...

Welcome to the "land of the free" United States. Not so free is it?

Anonymous said...

I can understand requiring a license to practice medical massage for sports injuries and such, but it just doesn't make sense to me to require a license just give a regular old massage. Do they really think they're going to stop people from getting paid for hand jobs? This whole thing is ridiculous.

I could never be a politician. I'm too fucking practical.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: a good friend of mine is a Licensed Massage Therapist and she often gives happy endings to her regular clients because she enjoys it and they tip her well after. Why not? Who is she hurting? I don't see anything wrong with it. Laws are supposed to protect people. So, where's the victim? I'm preaching to the choir here, of course. :)

Corkdork said...

One of those things I've never understood -- sex is legal. Paying for stuff is legal. Paying for sex is not.

Or, to use another analogy, a woman can walk into a bar, pick up a guy, take him home and have sex, no crime. Hell, she can ask him to take her to dinner and a movie first, and there's no crime. But, the instant that "dinner and a movie," becomes "$300," crime. We're a weird culture.

Riggstad said...

Not so "weird" when you think of the financial implications.

The government can't tax it, or "make money" off of it.

By doing so, that means some politician said it was ok for women to be paid for sex. And no one becomes a politician by running on a campaign platform that's pro prostitution.

Not weird. Just stupid.

Happy 4th everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

actually taxing prostitution is no harder then taxing any service worker.

zzzzzzzzzthe reason prostitution is illegal is we have married women who vote. commercial sex is a threat to women's sexual monopoly. if commercial sex were legal adultery could not be grounds for divorce

Anonymous said...

Several local governments have become so desperate for cash that they are talking about legalizing and taxing marijuana, which was political suicide not that long ago. Commercial sex is already legal in parts of Nevada. It may not be so unthinkable that your job becomes legit in your lifetime, C.J.


wait2cme said...

The only reason it’s illegal is because it’s hard to track the money. If a “crime lord” owned a massage parlor how would we know that the money he made from drug trade was not washed through the parlor? In my area the only places that get busted are the ones that are the so called up-scale ones located in prime retail spaces. The ones located off the beaten path are still around. The one I used to go to have been around for at least 20 years. Discretion is the key. Does not have to be a dark alley but the less fanfare and glitz the less likely the place will draw the eye of the law.

Anonymous said...

"The only reason it’s illegal is because it’s hard to track the money. If a “crime lord” owned a massage parlor how would we know that the money he made from drug trade was not washed through the parlor? "

s/massage parlor/pizza parlor
s/massage parlor/fairground/
s/massage parlor/Movie theater
s/massage parlor/cab company/
s/massage parlor/donut shop/

note Tony Soprano own's a strip club

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - It was illegal in most areas long before women ever got the vote.

Anonymous said...

They will just call it Aromatherapy

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure what you mean, by Illegal or
most areas...

Prostitution was a major industry in DC prior to the 1890s. Most of the western territories had legal prostitution for most of the 19th century.
The great awakening/progresive revolution and the Temperance movement combined to make prostitution illegal.

Anonymous said...

I had a woman who was a LMT who worked out of her house. She also included happy endingz. She used to put her ad on Craigs list. Unfortunately she moved away.... No known "parlors" up here in NH. In NH you have to be licensed to collect a fee for massage apparently as well. Maybe that is why they are hard to find??

Anonymous said...

yup that is the hole grail for massage conoseurs.

A great massage and great ending.

It's hard to find. But when you do it's great. It usually takes some work though. Multiple visits to a 'real' massuese, then you sweet talk and charm her, jump thru all the hoops then it happens, and it's kick ass. The other avenue is finding a rub and tug place, but for some reason has really talented girls who've studied massage.

Either way, when it happens it's great. but part of the fun is finding them though, the thrill of the chase.

Anonymous said...

ReflexVE, women have ALWAYS controlled men (and made them pay for sex, one way or another). Coco Chanel used to make fun of the suffragettes, saying that she couln't understand why women wanted all the things that men had (high-paying jobs, pilot or driver's license, voter's card, etc.) since the ONE thing they already had was... MEN.

Women have also always hated prostitutes because whores milk many men for a short-term gain, while regular women only milk one at a time for a long-term investment. So whores sabotage women's "market" with their freelancing ways, giving away a commodity that wives want exclusivity on.
Since politicians' balls are in their wives' hands, you know what follows.

Back to licensing, many GREAT points were made in the comments.

Legislation like that is only supported by a whore like CJ because SHE has a LMT, so she thinks it'll cut down the competition.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you, CJ, but in my neck of the woods one can't practice massage therapy without a license either. So ALL the providers who want to stay in business are LMTs, INCLUDING full service girls.

That idea that only HE girls are "therapists" while all other whores have to go because they can't do massage and aren't approved by The Man is a crock too often repeated and parrotted here!

Most attempts to legislate away societal "problems" such as prostitution are bound to fail. They just create hoops that the most industrious (like Koreans) have no problem jumping through.