Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Come on in and use your Stimulus Package for Package Stimulus!

Get it???

Damn - I shoulda gone into advertising.



Reggie Ray said...


Emm Jay Peee said...

Ha - put that on a sign outside your building.

I just got my $600 direct deposited. As much as I'd like to spend it on a relaxing session with a hands-on masseuse gal, I'm afraid it is going towards grown-up stuff like bills and savings. Bah!

What are you going to spend yours on, CJ?

Historical Wit said...

This blog so rules.

AR said...
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AR said...

i think i wanna pop my cherry with you CJ. never been to an erotic masseuse!

be gentle!!

cj said...

Come on in AR!

I won't bite! LOL


cj said...


I got my money yesterday. And let me tell ya - it's going straight into savings. But at the rate things are going, it'll probably end up in my gas tank! LOL


BizyLizy said...


I have enjoyed reading your post. I love your humor. Having been a stripper for roughly 8 years in my more younger days, the sex industry has always fascinated me. I never really knew what went on in massage studios, but had an idea.

My ex frequents them often and has for quite some time. In fact, I met him as customer years ago. It was until recently that I discovered he has a problem, and is drawn obssessively towards these types of encounters. Nothing freaky, but has an insatiable desire for sex, sex with strangers, watching others have sex, etc.

I went with him to a studio one night, and actually received a massage from a girl, while he watched.

Not sure why I am telling you all this, except that it was something that has somehow lingered with me. His obsession has convuluted my mind, and I find myself wanting to know what it is he sees, or wants, or is hoping to fulfill.

There seems to be an emptiness to him in his search for the next sexual fix.

I thank you for sharing your stories. It has helped me shed some light on my own curiosity, as well understand the people you see.

It also made me laugh a few times. Something I am sorely in need of these days. The Luna story is priceless!


cj said...

Dear Bizylizy,

Thanks for sharing. I'm just trying to shed some light on The Business and let people decide for themselves.

Weird thing about being in the "sex industry" is that I don't consider what I do as sex.


ez cheese said...

Clever girl