Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Holy Rollers

OK, I thought I’d do something different today. Instead of one of my stories, I got one from another business. So here’s proof that it’s not just me making up this bullshit, but there’s wacky shit going on all over the place.

I was chatting with a customer today who’s from Ohio (we’ll call him Ralph) who passes by here on a regular basis. I didn’t tell him about my blog, but I did make a comment about how I’ve seen things so crazy over the years, that no one believes me. Well, he said he’d believe anything I had to say after this story he got from a masseuse in Ohio.

(Note from CJ – I can’t testify to the truth of Ralph’s story. But it’s kinda funny anyway)

This Other Place he goes to has an interesting setup. The Boss doesn’t allow her girls to do full service. Instead, whenever a customer wants full service, they are to refer him to The Boss who happily obliges. I guess it’s her way of keeping her girls honest and the big tips all for herself. I could say I’m in a similar situation since discovering that my boss does full service stuff with some of her Regulars, but I digress…

The Boss tells this story of one of her higher profile customers. Apparently a rather popular local Minister has been a regular at her place for a number of years. And to make things more interesting, he’s recently begun showing up with his WIFE. Now like I said before, I will not vouch for the truth of this story, but Ralph said you can see him on local Ohio TV Sunday mornings. And I hear he’s the real bible-thumping kinda preacher too. Anyway, this guy will only makes appointments at night, and he goes out of his way to park several blocks from the massage parlor and walk the rest of the way (married men – are you taking note?).

Ralph said they get the same thing each time. The Minister relaxes while both the Wife and the Boss do a full body massage on him. Then towards the end, the 2 girls take turns jerking him off, but double up for the finish. After he’s done, he moves from the table to a chair in the corner of the room. The Boss then does an erotic massage on the Wife, but for the happy ending she actually goes down on her! THEN, they switch places and the Wife goes down on the Boss!! And I guess all this time, the Minister just watches and plays with himself.

For her time and discretion, the Boss gets paid $1,000 per session. I guess it’s slightly more discrete than calling an escort agency – as long as no one sees him walking out the door!!! LOL - I see no reason not to believe this story. I mean, I’ve seen and heard weirder. But if you guys don’t like this story – don’t blame me!



Prams said...

wnt blame u on ths one CJ! ;)
i guess id like ur stories bettr!

zencycle said...

Based on the debauchery we see from alot of these bible thumpers, this isn't outside the realm of reason. In fact it's alot more tame than Ted Haggards shenanigans.

AR said...

yeah, i totally believe this one. anyone remember jimmy swaggert??


Em Jay PEEE said...

Wow, that sounds like quite a party.


the Bastard said...

Do you think it means something different when he's moaning "Oh God!"

Or does he moan "Oh GOSH!"

I'm callin yer bluff CJ--let's hear weirder.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. You are an excellent writer with lots of very funny and interesting stories. You definitly have the skills and stories to write a book.

I have been getting massages for quite some time now. I found that different girls do different things for different prices. My favorite gives such good hand jobs that I have to look to be sure she is not sucking me! She always has me come on her tits (although she is very small), I think she gets off on it more than I do! She also lets me finger her clit (no penetration allowed)and seems to really enjoy that too.

I have also had two therapists let me lick them and finger (penetrate) them. I'm a little afraid of this (but hell, if they let me do it I'm gonna!)as I don't need any diseases. How safe am I to do this?

Keep up the blogs - they are very enjoyable reading!

cj said...


Let me put it to you this way - if she's letting you lick her, how many other strange dudes is she also doing it with? It's definitely NOT a safe thing for you to be doing. Stick to the other non-penetrating stuff.


kaal boishakhi said...

yup, not strange at all.

blackdog said...

debauched minister stories are the best. I totally believe it...

Anonymous said...

I agree on not parking right in front of the parlor, but how discreet is a walk for several blocks if you don't want to be recognized?!

VIPs call ahead, get the green light over the phone (no one out back), and are ushered in through the rear door. They don't walk. I do, but only around the building and to look for LE.

Otherwise, if you're afraid of playing, don't. There's always internet porn and girlfriends. I pay to play so I want full service, not a "show". DFK, DATY, 69... all vanilla , but all the way, baby! STDs happen, I'm sure, but I never caught anything or know anyone who did at a parlor. I fail to see how that's more risky than bars, building sluts and cheating GFs.

Anonymous said...

i can believe it, we get clients at our spa asking if we do couples.