Thursday, April 17, 2008

Q&A 2

Hey guys!

Time t
o answer some of your questions out here in the blog since I've gotten some good ones recently. Keep 'em coming... This is sometimes easier than trying to remember a weird customer.

Is someone with your technique and performance the norm or the exception?

A girl with my background (licensed massage therapist) isn't unusual for the "massage parlor" setting - an established, low key, NON full-service business. Heck - 2 of my co-workers are licensed. But we're hardly the rule. I have to say that this work also attracts lots of druggies, ex-hookers, and other girls looking for quick money. Their massages will be the kind a girlfriend would give you - not therapeutic but pleasant enough. As for their options - I can't speak for anyone else. Some girls won't let you touch their asses, while others might include a breast release at no extra cost. And lastly - independent contractors that I've known (the kind that work out of their own home or office) have tended to be real masseuses. If you a want a guaranteed quality experience - that's probably the safest bet.

Now if you want something exotic - try 1 of the Asian places. I heard that if you go there for a "therapeutic" you'll get one of those real shiatsu massages. I'm talking about the hard massage followed by the soft tissue, with back slapping, hot stones and even the walking-on-the-back thing! The secret is that they keep a real pro on staff for the "newbies" and therapeutics. And another note about the Asian places you should know - sometimes they don't offer options up front. Instead, they may do the whole table shower, sauna, massage thing first. Then during the last 15 minutes of your appointment, they'll offer options. But unlike us, their options or HJ, BJ and fucking; while ours are topless, G-string and nude.

You wanna know where you won't find ANY real masseuses?... At sleazy full-service places - which are typically run by druggies and real hookers! LOL. But this doesn't mean you won't get a massage... on the contrary. Even though you've paid for sex, these girls will try to burn up your time with a cheesy little backrub so the actual sex part is as short as possible.

Now don't be scared about visiting a real massage parlor after these little stories I've just told. One of the reasons I want to share this info and answer questions is because I want people other than customers to know what we're all about. Besides - at the very least you'll get a happy ending! If you're apprehensive, just look for a place that appears relatively clean - that says a lot about the attitude of their girls and how they run their business.
But if you do decide to visit a place and the girls look nasty and the place is dirty - just leave. The point of all this nonsense is to spend an hour getting pampered, so if you feel uncomfortable it's the wrong place for you.

Have you ever made house calls? Is that abnormal for this business?

There are services that will do house calls, but 9 times out of 10, they are escort agencies (especially if they advertise something called "outcall" service). Don't expect a massage. At The Business, Audrey has a "No House Calls" rule since it smacks too much of escort service. But privately, I have done house calls for my Sugar Daddies only since I can trust them to keep it a secret and they know I'm not full service. I will not do house calls with Regulars since they almost always expect full service outside the business. This is because a lot of girls switch to full service during house calls - less trouble for the business and more $$ in their pocket.

Hope that keeps you happy for now! And keep asking those questions!



Anonymous said...

Interesting ... thanks again for the perspective!

Reggie Ray said...

Is it possible for readers of your blog to come to your business?

cj said...


Yeah right. Check out my post on how to find your local parlor. If you come in with the right attitude and treat the girls with respect, you can have fun right in your own backyard.

Unless you're a trucker from PA. In that case we've probably already met!


Cormac Mac Art said...

I once hitched a lift with a trucker through PA!

Edtime Stories said...

so that is what goes on back there...I love this blog.

KinkyBuckFan said...

I just read your entire blog! I really enjoyed the reading it! I have for some time been interested in visiting a parlor but have been kind of on the shy side. Maybe one of these days!

Em Jay Peeee said...

I've been to an Asian Spa/Massage parlor before, and CJ nailed the description of how it goes.

A large, homely asian gal had me strip naked and gave me a thorough scrubbing in a converted shower-type room. She used a giant wooden spoon thingee to rinse me off.

It wasn't very erotic and she didn't touch my junk, but my manflag was still at full-mast. At the time, I was high on something other than life. Just getting washed felt pretty good. I probably needed it.

I was given a towel and led to the massage room. A skanky tattooed asian gal came in and started rubbing my shoulders with a decent amount of force. After a few minutes, she tried to sell me extras. I couldn't buy anything extra because I blew most of cash just getting in the door. I had no more than $30 on me...getting high on something other than life used up all my funds.

After she realized that I wasn't going to be buying any sucky OR fucky, she jumped up on my back and walked all over me. All in all, not a bad experience. I went home and stroked myself off, saving $100 in the process.

AR said...

thanks for the answer cj!

Anonymous said...

Your frequent assertion that there are no licensed, competent, full service girls is a LIE.

Anonymous said...

Your take on Asians is like a virgin's on sex. Crazy stories overheard from "somewhere".

Anonymous said...

Like from guys like Em Jay Peeee (no offense dude, you usually make more sense), who go there high, funky, and with not even enough money for a 1/2 hour house fee.

AMPs aren't always all that great, but what is? You can't complain much for the price.
Here's a GOOD experience of mine, since you guys didn't ask:

The SPA (it's in the name) looks legit, but I know better. The Korean owner, the only old and out-of-shape female there (I have never seen a man on site) recognizes me, whispers that one of my regulars is there (I already know her schedule) and takes my $100 for the hour. She gives me $10 back, since the rate is $90, and I refuse to take the change, as usual. We do this dance every time, since she insists on not wanting to presume that I'll tip her. She walks around to unlock the door for me and I put another $100 in her hand, wish her happy holidays, and thank her for all the good times in her house over the past year. She hugs me and walks me to my room. There she goes in to give me a longer hug and a kiss, and leaves to send in my all time favorite (ATF).

I change into the robe and slippers, leaving behind several hundreds in my wallet that I know to be perfectly safe.
My masseuse enters. She knows it's me so the usual charade, with white lab coat and name tag, is unnecessary. She wears a sun dress with nothing under instead, a good thing because she's about to get wet! We kiss and she quickly takes me to the table shower.
She's in her thirties, good looking, but in a girl next-door way, and looks like a therapist, not a whore. Her body is fit (she loves to dance), but not in a western way - she's very feminine. Her skin is as pale as that of any white girl I know, and devoid of any scars or tattoos. She goes to Asian spas and her regularly scrubbed skin is as soft as a baby's. She doesn't have a boyfriend, had her heart broken by a customer that she couldn't bring herself to tell the truth to in the old country (he always thought she was legit), and is open, like many Koreans, to treat you to a girlfriend experience (GFE), probably because that's the only intimacy she can get herself.

I don't need a shower - I just took one and live 10 minutes away. But I want her to KNOW that I'm squeaky clean for what's next . And if we didn't know each other, I'd also want her to see me naked to prove that I'm not a cop, to test her boundaries and our chemistry, and so that she could see that my body is healthy and clean.
But this one knows me well, so we get the formality over fast. She grabs my ass on the way (no one around - ever), scrubs me from head to toe, and warms me up a bit with the hint of a handjob.
She throws a couple of buckets of warm water on me, dries me, and hangs the loofah on my erection, pointing straight at her for good reason. Getting down to do my legs she even plants a peck on it (my pecker). Just because.
With new girls, the hard-on is always an ice-breaker and another reason why I request the table shower: I pretend to apologize for what she "caused" - she says with a wink that it's a "good thing" that she'll take care of soon... and we both know what's next.
There is no surcharge for the TS. But I don't like wearing the salon's slippers or lay on that rubbery, damp mat where so many guys' packages (some who don't wash before going to get laid) have been before me. But the 10 minutes and effort are well spent for what I explained above.


Anonymous said...

Once in the room, I take the robe off and lie face down on the table, a towel on my ass just in case someone with a badge has the bad taste to show up. My ATF is getting ready (fetching the rubber from the secret stash).

When she comes in she massages me and we catch up. If we didn't know each other, she'd ask me what I "want" and I'd know to say "everything", but some guys only want massage, BJ, or HJ. The girls here are ALL licensed, as per city ordinance, and can give a mean massage. But mine knows that I go to other places for that, so hers turns into a full-on make out session. Towel and dress come off. She lays down on me to lock lips passionately, while giving me a few strokes. When she feels I'm hard enough, a BJ follows, and the condom (that I have NEVER seen come into the room or get into her mouth, ever) is rolled down expertly on me by her tongue.
I pull her hips towards me and she knows to straddle the table and offer herself in a 69.
After a few minutes of that fun, she'll ride me to get off. "Your turn, now!", she finally says, smiling. I could've continued like this, just watching her, but that means missionary, my favorite position. I like it because of the closeness. Humans are the only animals to make love face to face, and there's a reason.
So I get up enough to wrap an arm around her and she instinctively wraps her legs around my waist. I then turn around on the table and in one quick move, place her gently down on her back. I'm not that strong but Asian chicks tend to be on the petite side and that favors acrobatics. Her eyes widen and she lets out a little "whoo!", but she stays otherwise as quiet as usual - no loud behavior in those places.

So I do my thing and finish, while kissing her and caressing her breasts. I thank her in my bad Korean that always gets a laugh.
She gets up quickly to clean me up, puts her little dress back on, then leaves me to dispose of the used rubber and get some water. Mouthwash is always available.

When she comes back, she offers a massage that I always decline. She lays down near me instead, and we chat in each other's arms until the owner raps on the door.
Time to dress up and pay. I hand her $200, the going rate for one hour full service (FS). You can get it for much less, but not in that kind of place. If business has been good, she gets more, and I gave her $400 once. She doesn't like to feel like a pro and takes the money looking down, when she doesn't put her hands behind her back. "You deserve it", I say while giving her a hug. As she walks me to the door, the owner stands in our way. It's unusual, but she wants to offer me some candy, still surprised by my tip. We exchange pleasanteries, and had she not been there, I'd have gotten another kiss at the door before leaving.

There. My typical experience at a house finally shut down after a decade based on anonymous "tips" and some customers "field interviews" by our city's finest, some of them probably customers on their days off.
I combined several memories of various sessions to make my point without writing a book, but it's otherwise all true. Sorry about going so long, but all the anti-Asian bias and misinformation called for a counterpoint.
Tell me that was so "wrong" or not worth 3 C-notes. Slaves don't have cars or city licenses, BTW.

It's a free country. Go or don't go, but don't lie about AMPs.

Always open said...

Anonymous...not all workers get treated the same. Also it would be bad business to mistreat workers in front of patrons. To be honest I bet the slaves are either in really low budget areas or serious high rollers...I think the avg parlor worker does ok.