Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stalker Stevie

This has been the worst week ever. Business is bad. I found out that Jackass (my soon to be ex-boyfriend) has been calling his ex-girlfriend. I got a parking ticket. My boyfriend from JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL has come out of nowhere. I think Luna stole from me. I've been drinking way too much. I caught Audrey stealing another customer from me. And to make matters worse, Stalker Stevie is back. And they say bad things happen in 3's.

Stalker Stevie was just Regular Stevie for a while. He was just a normal customer who used to come in on his payday about once a month. Nothing special, just took the topless option most of the time, never asked for anything inappropriate. Conversation was normally about his work as an electrician.

Then one day I left my cell phone in the room.

During session, something came up and I had to leave the room for a few minutes. Apparently, Stevie saw my phone, called himself, then somehow erased it from the call log (or maybe I just didn't notice). Anyway, about a week later I get this phone call. Now I've given my cell number to customers before, but it's usually WAY after I've felt comfortable around them. All these years in the business have really hardened me to trusting people, and you can see why.

So he calls up... "How ya doin'? It's Steve! It's so nice to talk to you outside of work. We should get together... blah blah blah..." At first I was confused since I didn't think I had ever given him my number. I asked him, and he said he got it from one of my co-workers from those days. Sounded credible enough since I worked with some really stupid girls back then. I tried not to get mad at him since he was a regular, and he seemed normal enough.

The first call was OK I guess. Then they just started to get weird...

Did I mention that I live with my parents?
Yeah, I got a coke problem
Whatcha doin' after work tonight?
I owe this guy money and I swear he's been following me

Then he started with the text messages...

y wont u call me?
I luv u
ur a bitch
i saw u 2day @ ur house
is that ur boyfriend?

Needless to say, he stopped coming by the business about the same time the calls got weird.
And I started noticing his work truck more and more. It would be parked across the street, it would cruise by my house, etc. I can honestly say I never encouraged the guy. Two Christmases ago during one of his last visits, he gave me some cheap ass jewelry. I didn't even thank him since he was getting weird in session too. Ugh.

Finally about 6 months after the calls started, I actually picked up the phone and started yelling at him to leave me alone. He said he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it again. Why can't we be friends? Can I see you to apologize? Blah Blah Blah... I got rid of him on the phone and the calls stopped for a couple months.

Then the hang ups started. You know how you can tell it's a certain person just by the circumstances? Well, I was positive it was him. Then the text messages started again, and usually at weird hours of the night...

dont u dare send over ur bitches 2 get me. i will fuk them up.
u thought I didnt see u but i know u ben following me.
i will tell ur boyfriend everything and call police on u.

I think he only sends these messages when he's high. Well, that last one about telling my boyfriend and the police shook me up at the time, so I called up a friend of mine who's a cop. He called this guy up from the police station and gave him a line about how a complaint has been filed and we're monitoring your calls, etc. A bunch of stuff just to scare Stevie off.

That seemed to have worked for about 6 months or so, but now I got another sicko message this week.

i c u got a new car.

THAT really scared the crap out of me. I haven't seen his truck in almost a year! I told Audrey about the message, but she said she hasn't seen the truck either. Now I don't know what to do. Should I ignore it? Should I call my cop buddy again? Should I call and yell at him again? Audrey suggested I change my number, but I've had this number for a while now and I don't really want to give it up.

If any of you guys out there know how I can just block his text messages, let me know.



AR said...

scary. i think you should be able to call your cellphone service provider and have them block this dick's number. that should do it, but then he could always use a different phone number. it's best that you probably change your number..

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Blocking his # won't stop him from stalking your home and work-- it's Restraining Order time!! SAVE all his texts and voicemails so you can apply for one; in fact ask your cop friend if you have enough already to get one NOW. I don't want to be scary, but people can do some crazy paranoid/violent fucked-up BS on coke.

EmmaK said...

I think you might need to get tough and get a restraining order on this jerk. Nothing seems to be getting through his thick skull.

The Girl in the Mirror said...

A. Restraining order time (trust me)

B. You can not only have his number BLOCKED, you can have it FORWARDED. So every time he calls you, it will forward him to another number. Think: police station. Or better yet, psychiatric hotline? Your worst enemy? Up to you. :)

Em Jay Peee said...

Don't let him threaten YOU with police action. He can't prove anything.

He's more vulnerable than you - he's probably got a pile of coke at his mom's house. What a loser!

What's he gonna say? "yes officer, those ARE my drugs, but I know a girl who gives handjobs! What about that?!?"

Do you know where HE lives? I'd call in an anonymous tip and get him busted.

Reaver said...

There's always this: http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Destruction.html

But seriously, I hope things work out for you, because I love reading your blog. Good luck.

KinkyBuckFan said...

Not good, I would be inclined to go back to cop friend!

ez cheese said...

I'm sorry but a restraining order is not going to do shit but get a laugh, it never has. If anything it makes it more exciting for him. All I will say (and take this how you want) is that you sure as shit need to make sure yo ucan defend yourself. Yes yes, I know guns are evil. I don't wanna scare you but I have know some crazy fuckers in my day.

Anonymous said...

Evil people say that guns are evil: they're projecting.