Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So You Wanna Be a Sugar Daddy?

Hi guys – sorry I’ve been gone so long. Last week was really weird and it took a while for me to get my thoughts straightened out. Did you like my cute little attempt to poll you guys as to what you want to hear first? I guess not since only 3 people said anything. Oh well. You’re gonna hear those stories anyway, but I see that you’re not interested in hearing about the new skank at the place across town that just got implants. Things like that are a big deal to the girls, but I guess boys don’t care.

So let me tell you about Sugar Daddies. The basic definition of a Sugar Daddy (or “SD”) is someone who takes care of you financially in return for sexual favors. In the massage business, it’s an overly generous Regular that you’re willing to do “extras” for. Now any guy can offer you a wad of cash in the hopes you’ll do something extra, but a real Sugar Daddy hands you a wad of cash in every session, no matter what happens in the room.

Now before you start yelling “Aha! I knew you screwed customers!” - let me explain what I mean by extras. If you’re willing to bump up your game to the level of Sugar Daddy, these are some of the perks you can expect.

Blow Jobs – This is one of the most common extras that SD’s ask for. Remember – this is supposed to be erotic massage. So replacing the hand release with a mouth release is a really big deal. You're crossing the line between masseuse and whore. You can get fired. And if rumors start getting around, you'll attract unwanted attention to the business.

VIP Treatment For example, I won't watch the clock during session. I may offer a hand release at both the beginning AND end. I'll wear any outfits you bring, and if you ask nicely I may give you one of the more exotic releases like breast or thigh.

Fucking – This perk usually takes place outside the business. And a SD must be VERY generous before he can start asking for it. At this point, you've pretty much just agreed to be an escort for a rich customer. And this leads me to the next one…

Meeting Outside the Business – Another popular extra. SD’s assume that you’ll be available after work for drinks or whatever. Hey – they’re paying extra for it, so why not? Most of the time, these outside meetings are little more than booty calls at some local motel. But sometimes you’ll be asked to meet your SD’s in public so they can show you off to their friends.

(True Story – my old co-worker Cindy and I once met our SD’s at a local hotel for dinner. Well, I was there for dinner - Cindy was there to fuck. We got all slutted up for the occasion and headed out. While we were waiting in the parking lot having a smoke, hotel security approached us and told us to “…go work elsewhere.”)

Ya wanna know what I do with my Sugar Daddies? It’s not a big deal talking about it since I've never had sex with any of them. Well first off, all my SD's get the VIP treatment. Shit - I'll fan them with a palm leaf and feed them grapes for all I care - the money is THAT good. Also, I'll agree to see them outside of work. Sometimes it's to a hotel room or condo for a private session, but usually it's out for dinner. Occasionally I'll be asked to set their friends up with one of my less virtuous friends (Yes - I've pimped out my friends before!). I've even had offers to go spend a weekend somewhere, but I've only accepted a few times, and that was for a particularly generous Sugar Daddy.

This SD (let's call him Fred) took me to Miami for a weekend business trip. He gave me money for shopping and only had 1 stipulation - I look good each night we went out with his "Colleagues." It was a pretty sweet deal. I spent the days shopping with one of the other guys "Assistants" and in the evening I just had to look hot and act flirty. Didn't even have to blow the guy! Had my own bed and everything. Now before you start rolling your eyes and clicking on someone elses blog, just remember that this guy was VERY wealthy. I guess after a certain point in your life it's more about appearances and less about getting laid. Maybe he didn't want to cheat on his wife - I don't know.

So what does it take to be called a Sugar Daddy? Well it takes more than walking into a business and flashing a roll of bills. If a guy wants to be your SD, he'll always drop a fat tip after the first session to let you know he's interested. And I don't mean an extra $20. I'm talking an extra 2 or 3 hundred on top of the regular tip. That kind of money grabs your attention. Now if this guy comes back and does it AGAIN, then you know he's serious and not a recent lottery winner. They'll also lavish you with gifts. I've got a chest full of jewelry from Sugar Daddies past and present. But the best gift I've ever seen is the pair of tits Cindy got from her SD. Funny story - guy spends $4000 and then gets tired of her 2 months later. I gotta start telling you guys more Cindy stories...

Now why have I not talked about Sugar Daddies till now? Cause it looks like I may have met a new one this week. Guy came in - decent looking elderly guy. Thinning gray hair, kinda skinny, good conversation. Anyway, he came in and we had a rather nice, normal session. Didn't ask for anything weird or kinky. But afterwards, he tips me $500, then says he'll be back. I was floored. I haven't seen anything like this in a long time.

So what exactly am I supposed to do if he comes back? I could really use the money considering how bad business has been, but this amount just makes me nervous. Why couldn't he be a cheap creep like the rest of them? THAT I can deal with.



Black Tears said...

I've read through all your blog entries and enjoy your writing a great deal! It really offers a new perspective.

Em Jay Pee said...

Sorry, I missed the poll. Don't fret though - nothing you've written so far has been dull.

Having said that, let's hear about your first trip over to "the Dark Side!"

cj said...

My first trip over to the "dark side" was not a pleasnt one. In fact, I don't like thinking about it. So that's why I haven't covered such an obvious topic. But give me some time to think about it, and I'll probably write something about it in the near future.


Em Jay Pee said...

Sorry to hear that, CJ! Forget I asked...

Here's some other topics I'm curious about (and hopefully others are as well...)

Have you had any close calls with Johnny Law?

Do you get a W-2 from your employer? Is it organized just like a regular business (except for the touching of genitals?) Do you have to claim your tips?

Do you have to do anything special to keep your hands/wrists from getting sore? Do you have a special workout regimen?

Do you serve all ethnicities in your practice? If so, is it true what they say about african-american men?

Do you have an end goal in mind (I just need to make X dollars and then I'm done) or are you just trying to figure it all out still? (like the rest of us...)

Do you feel that there is anything wrong with what you're doing? Is massaging genitals really all that much different from rubbing shoulders, backs, and legs?

Historical Wit said...

Alright, I gotta comment. Reading your blog is like crack addiction. I can't freaking stop. I am methodically working my way up from the first entry. Fucking awesome voice you have with your fingers there cj. and i haven't read the whole blog yet, but you need to come back to some of the things you started. More Cindy stories! And did this SD come back? And whats up with your boss? Have you ever read "what color is your parachute?" What if she really fucks it up and your out on yourown.Will you startyour own place? You got the moxie to run it. Great blog. You had me at your rack....

cj said...

Dear Wit,

Keep reading - I have a lot more Cindy stories.

And I've thought of my own place, but it's a big step and the way business has been over the last couple of years, I don't know if it's a good move anymore.


Historical Wit said...

Hey get in on the bottom and the money will be really good when it hits. Just think about it. Or keep it in the back of your mind.

Anonymous said...

So... did Cindy's SD get HIS TITS BACK?

OK, I get what kind of customer is a SD now. And what kind of masseuse is an ESCORT. Face it, that's exactly what they do. Exactly, including the "pimping" part, Ms. Therapist.

Oh, and BTW, I just realized that, by your definition EVERY customer is a SD at a FS AMP. What you think is so risque and special, Asians just do it all the time and for a LOT less.
I've slipped a Benjamin to the mamasan, too, if she was nice. The thing is with Asians, the money is a short-term investment since those places get shut down on a regular basis due to complaints from ASSHOLES.