Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Someone asked the question on whether this job impacts my personal sex life and vice versa. Well, I started thinking about the answer to this question a couple days ago and realized it’s tough to answer when you haven’t gotten it in over 2 weeks.

Yes – the Jackass and I are fighting again. And this time, I swear, it’s not even my fault. Tom was always a prick I guess. Very inattentive, but nice to look at. I don’t know what it is – I just seem to be drawn to that type. They say that nice guys finish last, and in my case that’s true. Give me a bad boy who treats me like shit and I’m in love.

So if I skip back in time to before the Jackass, I kinda recall having a sex life. So I’ll start from there…

I think I can honestly say that most of the things I’ve learned off the clock, I use on the clock. And only a few things I’ve learned on the clock, I use off the clock. Make any sense?

For example, the only thing I’ve learned after 10 years of erotic massage that I use with boyfriends is knowing when they’re about to cum. I can read a guy like a book to see how he’s doing. But that’s about it. I’m not full service so the only real technique I practice on a regular basis is the hand release. And in those cases where I’m NOT using MY hand (i.e. breast release, butt release, foot fetish, etc.), the customer is pretty much doing all the work for me. So as you can see – not a whole lot to learn on the job.

As for my coveted, money-making hand release - I only rely on it in my personal life when I'm feeling lazy, or when I'm trying to avoid oral. I'm not a big fan of the BJ, so I'll try to worm my way out of it with a healthy HJ every now and then. Someone asked me if I get tired of dicks since I work with them all day (pun intended). Let me put it to you this way - I love getting laid, and I certainly ain't getting laid at work!

Come to think of it - I ain't getting laid at home either. LOL

The masseuse in me gets to practice her craft every now and then. Believe it or not – boyfriends rarely bug me for massages, and I don’t offer them too freely (most guys think I'm just a shampooer). The jackass was an exception (notice how I use the past tense?). He works out with weights, so oftentimes I’d give him a sports massage (I did go to massage school and get my license – remember?). Off the clock, I actually give more massages away to friends and co-workers. When things are slow at work, we’ll occasionally do a therapeutic for each other.

Now on the job, I use techniques I’ve learned from my personal life. For example, I knew how to give a wicked hand job way before I started working in the business. I started my sinful ways with my first boyfriend back in high school. I learned how to give him hand jobs before we started having sex, so my patented double-handed crisscross technique was mastered well before it was considered a job skill. I guess another thing I bring to work is the dirty talk. It was my 2nd or 3rd boyfriend who got me into that. And the titty-fucking you ask? I had already done that a couple times before I ever got paid to do one.

However, just because I don’t use work skills in my personal life, doesn’t mean that I haven’t learned a thing or two. Funny thing about erotic massage – since we don’t offer sex, we tend to attract the fetish people. At a full service place, you’re paying for the sex – but if your kink doesn’t involve actual sex (i.e. cross dressing, ball busting, breast worship, etc.) then a massage parlor seems the better (and cheaper) alternative.

Now if I were to ever date a guy who was curious about foot worship… he’d probably wonder how I knew the proper way to wrap a pair of thigh-highs around his prick. But in the near future, I really don’t expect to be bringing any of my work home with me.



zencycle said...

wow. tit fucking _those_ monsters (how big are they, anyways?).

I'm sweating.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. It seems pretty common that the worse a fella treats a woman, the harder she falls. I find that interesting because on balance, women are smarter than us men ... so, not sure why this is a blind spot.

As for your techniques and performance, I wonder if you would be considered the norm or exception? I would most definitely visit you, but am a bit apprehensive to visit a "Spa" or "Parlor" here in Atlanta.

AR said...

have you ever or would you ever make housecalls? is that abnormal in this business?

Anonymous said...

You say guys want more of their fetishes satisfied in the massage environment. Do you ever dress up or wear lingerie? Do they bring you stuff or do you have some on hand?

I'm into pantyhose and would like my masseuse to wear them during the massage. Would she think I was nuts if I brought a new pair for her to wear?

Also, do you let your clients give you a massage, switch places?

cj said...


What I was trying to say is that fetish guys find our environment relatively safe and convenient for some of their needs.

As for dressing up, we keep NOTHING on site for obvious reasons. And yes, customers ask me to wear stuff and occasionally bring stuff in. I've worn lingerie for some of my Regulars only - but it has to be new, and they have to supply it themselves.

You can try asking your masseuse if she'll wear some stuff for you - I think your request is pretty harmless, but be prepared to offer a little extra $$. As for me, we have to establish a level of comfort and trust first.

And for your last question - when a client massages me it's called a "Mutual Massage." Read my post "Q&A 1" for a full explanation.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so open and responsive to your commenters! You've got fascinating life experiences and a talent for writing-- now I just hope you'll QUIT guys who treat you shitty, because "bad boys" need to GET OVER THEMSELVES-- and scoring smart attractive women is only encouraging them!! :-(

Em Jaye Peeeee said...

Another good post, cj.

Bad boys are lame. They are usually not very bright, and they invariably cheat on ya and bring home a raging case of chlamydia.

Nice guys with checkered pasts are the new hotness.

Slutty McWhore said...

Bugger, I just tried to leave a massive (fucking MASSIVE) comment, and it disappeared. Oh, well. Thanks for popping by my blog again....Girl, you need to get rid of these bad boy losers if you want to have a good relationship. They'll just wear you out in the end.

Marcelle Manhattan said...

Oh my gosh! Cool blog! I almost went into this business but the girl I'd be working for turned out to be a nut job. Very cool to read about what I'd have been doing. :)

cj said...


You HAVE to tell that story!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"I find that interesting because on balance, women are smarter than us men."
Uh, what's that again, Ronald?!

Women do mature faster, I'll give you that. Females have to in nature (responsible for the young & the survival of the species), just like animals not reared by their parents need to get up to speed in a hurry for survival. Those animals have less to no playtime, which actually stunts their development, BTW.

And it's best if I stop there, but you're either a eunuch or trying to score to say shit like that, pal.

Anonymous said...

"Give me a bad boy who treats me like shit and I’m in love."
Thanks for proving my point, CJ.