Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Business As Usual

Well, the repair work is mostly done and we're up and running again. The place smells a bit like paint, but I have to admit that I like the new color of my room.

Audrey did end up changing the floor plan slightly. Trina and I still have showers in our rooms but now they share the same set of pipes. And the shower was removed from the storage room since no one ever used it.

But I think the biggest and perhaps smartest difference is that Audrey took my advice and changed the room shapes to accommodate tanning booths in the future. The idea is that if and when we decide to hang up the massage oil bottles, we can convert over to a tanning salon with minimum remodeling. And in the meanwhile, we can add another booth whenever we want.

Audrey and I had a good talk recently about the future of The Business - in light of the recent water disaster, and the closing of the local AMPs. She knows I want to eventually open my own tanning place, and I know she wants to retire soon. So if she ever decided to retire and let me take over, this place could be converted to 100% legit in no time.

My dream business would be both massage and tanning - with 2 different entrances so the massage customers would still have their privacy. That way the real bread-and-butter money would come from tanning, but I'd still get to pocket a wad of cash each week doing massages for Regulars only. THAT would be a dream job!!!

Now before you guys all go into a panic about me converting this blog to "Confessions of a Tanning Salon Attendant" - it's just idol chit chat right now. These hands still have another couple of years of HJs still left in them. But could you imagine...?

"... had to replace a couple light bulbs in Booth 3 today... "
"Trina spilled a bottle of lotion on the carpet..."
"Mrs. Green fell asleep in the room - AGAIN."

How boring would THAT be?



Soul Powers said...

Crackin' up! Glad to know you still got some strength in those hands... Too funny.

I thought Tanning Salons were a threatened business because of the cancer risks...

Anonymous said...

Tanning salon? It's not a healty business or green. Why don't u sell cigarettes instead lol...I don't think tanning is a viable long term business plan. Good luck though if that is your decision.

Riggstad said...

Pay no mind to Donald Trump and Jerry Jones up there.

The tanning business is a good one.

Here's an article from 2008. Google the hell out the industry and learn yourself.


Have fun making a living at something you love to do. That's more than most can say.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the tanning salon. But for now I was hoping you could give us a facial story?

Anonymous said...

Saved the best picture for last...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back to business as usual. I wouldn't have thought it was possible for you to look sexier than you did in previous pictures...I am glad you proved me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Yeah all you'd need is for a massage customer to mistake a lady going for a tan for a girl who's gonna give him a happy ending and it'll be game over.

Anonymous said...

now thats a nice picture... I'm gonna print that and cut a hole in the mouth and fuck your face.

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's sweet.

And who said romance was dead?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear business is back to normal CJ.

Also love the new pic.

Very sexy, and nothing blurred out.

Anonymous said...

" idol chit chat" : Not to be a grammar cop but what you spelled out is a brief conversation with Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.

"Idle Chit Chat" is a brief conversation about nothing.

art said...

Awesome new pic! It's my birthday tomorrow, so I'll just pretend that was for me. :D

Escort Beijing said...

To Riggstad,
That a good story, I think is time to introduce it into China, now.

Anonymous said...

Next you're going to tell us that you eat meat, drive a gas-guzzler, and shop at Walmart... And you tell people to stay away from AMPs!