Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sayonara Suckers

Let me tell ya - the shutdown of those Asian places has been the main topic around here for the last few days. I mean as far as we're concerned, it can be good and bad. Good in that we'll eventually get some of their customers, but bad in that it'll scare off everyone from all parlors until it all blows over.

Did I know the places in the article? Kinda. One of them I've driven by and the other I've heard about. Let me tell ya - they all fit a type of mold. It's always a low rent, hidden kinda place like an old house in a bad part of town. What these mob guys do is find a place they can get for almost nothing to set up shop. Then they throw in a couple of beds (not massage tables), a "table shower," and finally some high-security doors and they're in business.

How do I know? I've been talking to the customers about it all week. I'm a little surprised at how many guys have actually tried an Asian place at least once. But the stories are all the same.

For example, I knew that their typical sessions are different from ours - but now I have a better understanding of why. At the AMPs, the sessions start off with a "table shower" then move to an actual bedroom. No massage tables - that would be too expensive. They just use regular beds for the massage and happy ending. Then some of the places offer clothing options, some don't. Odd thing is that I've heard that the massages can be pretty good. Anyway, after the massage, the girls may then offer options.

This is where it really departs from what we do... The guys will take the money and leave it on a table - THE GIRL DOES NOT TOUCH IT. She leaves the room, usually to get a condom, and ANOTHER woman comes in to collect the money. I remember guys telling me this and it made no sense to me before. After reading that article, I realize it's because the girls NEVER GOT THE MONEY. It makes perfect sense now. At first I was guessing that it was some weird legal thing to separate the exchange of cash from the happy ending, but now I know the truth.

Then the girl comes back in and performs whatever happy ending the guy paid for, then sends him on his way. Now this routine may differ in other parts of the country, but this is pretty much what guys around here have told me.

Someone asked if this is typical of Asian places only, and now I know it's not. There are so-called "European" massage parlors that have fresh-off-the-boat Russian girls. I know they have them in NYC, but none around here.

Customers have told me they're pretty much the same routine as the Asian places in that the girls actually live inside the business and aren't allowed to handle the money.

So how do you identify a place thats run by the mafia and uses unwilling girls who are little more than sex slaves? Well, the first hint is a giant, locked and barred security door covered with Police Brotherhood Assocation stickers. That security door may be more about keeping the girls in than keeping the cops out. And the PBA stickers have no meaning, I mean anyone can get them and I don't want to go around saying that the cops condone this sort of thing.

Am I worried about us at The Business? Nah. These raids are a "feel good" PR campaign right before the local elections next month. Happens like clockwork in the fall - just like the roads getting repaved. "Re-Elect Mayor Douchbag - he's tough on crime!"

There's nothing to gain by bothering us because we fly below the radar. Raid an AMP and you get piles of cash, condoms, 3 tatooed henchmen, and 8 bewildered girls who are unaccustomed to sunlight blinking for the cameras. Raid a local parlor and all you'll get is some dirty sheets, a couple aromatherapy candles and 3 very pissed off girls.



Anonymous said...

You just revealed where you live.

JoJo said...

Right. Because naming a COUNTY in a post and then saying you're in the vicinity PINPOINTS HER EXACT LOCATION.

Go die in a fire, idiot.

Soul Powers said...

Those AMPs sound grimey. Eww! LOL. I'm kinda glad I haven't gone to one. I 'have' gotten an Asian massage (sans the H.E.) and it was AWESOME! These tiny women are STRONG! LOL. Hell, mine had her knee in my back it seemed like.

Douggie A said...

anonymous, you seem kind of obsessed with where she lives. her regular non serialish viewers don't really care where she lives, we just like her blog. get a life, please.

Anonymous said...

I bet if the popo raid the parlor you work at they would find condoms and party favors. Now lets stop pretending that all Asian MPs are slavery, and that your MP is staffed by women who sing in the church choir, to hear you tell it.

Anonymous said...

Anon - All the AMP's around here that have gotten found out/raided have indeed turned out to be asian slave traders. Most are tied to a infamous west coast human trafficking operation, usually the raids happen in several states at once.

There are two AMP's in Renton that I know of. Both have multiple reviews online confirming what the interior is like. Both have been shut down at least twice in the past for human trafficking.

Sorry, but if the stereotype fits, its probably true. Not sure what your issue is.

I have 100 days off work starting in November. I intend to get the AMP near my house shut down during that time.

Al Sensu said...

Anon has obviously had a bad day, or perhaps many bad days. Probably went into a place looking for a happy ending and it was a rip-off so he blames everyone in the biz. he should blame the fact that making it illegal means it is unregulated and under the radar until the D.A. wants to make news.

The shame of the AMP news from a p.r. point of view is that places like "the business" get lumped in with the AMPs and every other skeevy place.

I've always liked the argument that prostitution attracts the criminal element. It does... when you make it a crime!

PS - best captcha ever this time: braworst

Anonymous said...

It is not always like that. Here is a blog, written by a feminist lesbian (!) that goes into the true nature of AMPs. She has become an activist for them. She dispells many myths.

Anonymous said...

I am not defending sex slave shops - that's freaking wrong, but I am a frequent visitor to a couple of the Washington DC suburbs AMPs. The experience does not sound very different that the one described on this site, Mama-son collects the $80 for the room, you get a table shower and massage (on a real massage table), get to the flip, either negotiation for happy ending or previously agreed tip, and off you go. You give the money to girl and they have nice cars in the lot.

Vegas is about the same, but expect a large initial bid from the lady and haggling (which dulls the experience for me).

Anonymous said...

Very interesting topic! I've never been to a massage parlor and have no idea how they work. Clearly any business which keeps people against their will needs to be shut down immediately. As for the others...leave them alone. Harmless fun!

Smithy said...

To the chick who's trying to promote her own blog: No one cares and you're such a wordsmith you misspelled dispel. Good work. Douchenozzle.

Anonymous said...

There is a blog by someone who actually works at an AMP at cuntlet dot com

Anonymous said...

Ding ding ding! A comment from the OTHER side:

She knows what is happening. She knows she is a fake person. She knows she is taking big risk. She is after money, and freedom (mostly freedom). She is not stupid. She had nothing before, and no choice and no future. Now she has possibility. She will risk everything, and knows this. Most were whores in Korea already. They can never undo that. In Korea, they are whore forever and their children are whore children. They have no future. No options. This way, maybe children can have options for better?

...n New York, she has choices. Work in factory - all day for little money, under nasty boss. Work in restaurant. Very dirty work, very hard, little pay, nasty boss. Or if she is pretty, she can try massage work. If she is big whore, she can go direct to whore place. She has to want it. She has to try and learn and work hard. Again, she is not stupid. She knows what she is choosing to do for money and choice. Many women will whore for their keepers and managers to stay out of hard work, too. It is not forced. It is what they chose to do. Are some forced? I would say of course. But i would also say of course many american women are forced, too, to submit to boss or landlord or friend or policeman, too. Those women are not in newspaper, and not saved from slavery.

And this AMP worker linked to the exact newspaper article that CJ did.

Anonymous said...

Well the Christian Taliban that runs this country thinks all work of this nature must be stopped. The puritans will not rest as long as someone, somewhere is having fun. You should only be able to get your rocks-off within the confines of a heterosexual marriage, and that only with the lights turned off, the twin beds pushed together, in the missionary position SOLELY for the purpose of procreation. Legalized prostitution? Puhh-leeze, it ain't happenin' here.

cj said...

Dear 2nd to last Anon,
I read her stuff and she's full of shit. She makes some good points that prostitution in general should be legalized, but that crap about how AMPs are all victimless businesses that donate lots of money to police brotherhood organizations can only come from some college-educated bitch who's never had to put a dick in her hand to pay the rent.

I would like to know how many parlors she's set foot in. The parlors she has described sound like they are not mob owned since the girls were free to leave. The slave places keep the girls onsite and they NEVER EVER leave. Don't you get that?

Dear 2nd Anon,
I never said we were angels at my business. What I have said is that we are not full service. We give out handjobs - dozens and dozens and dozens of them every week. What you won't find in our rooms is condoms or lingerie or IV needles or whatever. You're thinking of the full-service parlors.

And no - not all AMPs use slaves. But the ones around here look like they do because the girls live there.

Look - I live in the backwoods of Bumfuck PA, and there are not a whole lot of Asian folk living around here. Yet somehow they found a dozen 20 year old Korean girls who just love to have sex for money and stuck them in the same house?

Yeah right. But if that's what you need to believe in order to make yourself feel better about giving your money to these places, then go ahead - lie to yourself.


Anonymous said...

"Soul Power" likely got a Thai massage. Completely legit, very skilled, and cheaper than dirt. No slaves, no mob... but still AMPs and therefore lumped with all the others in CJ's anti-asian propaganda.

I've been to AMPs owned by the West Coast ring mentioned (some were shut down and named during the big '05 raids). Ironically, I WAS initially looking for what CJ derides (isolated, run-down, boarded up or blacked-out windows, CCTV, etc.) because specifically trying to score FS. And score I did, but I later moved on for fear of getting busted and also for a higher quality of service.

So I guess I did patronize what you guys call "slaves". But I have NEVER, EVER seen another person take the cash. I ALWAYS paid the entrance fee at the desk, then handed the tip to the masseuse. I'm sure she had to return most of it to pay off her debt, but if you wanna look at things that way, I'm also a slave to my credit card companies since a lot of my income goes to them. I'm not crying: I OWE THE MONEY, just like those girls do.

Anon of 10/2/09 3:34 PM has it right.

Come to think of it, I remember going to one of those joints and being let in by one of the masseuses, alone on site. We had to wait a few minutes for the mamasan to show up so we could proceed to the room (I killed time by showering and she could have run away). The girl had taken a liking to me and we had exchanged phone numbers. Slave my ass!

And as a repeat customer, not
someone who "drove by" and spits out opinions, I have NEVER seen an enforcer or even a man (other than the rare bump into another customer) at an AMP - I was looking for them, BTW, because I hate pimps, gangs and the mob.

So IF true, the stories about the "other woman" are either about a local SOP they implement to deflect prostitution charges (the masseuse may have had sex with the customer, but no money was exchanged), OR the guys were confused, I don't know. On occasion, I have seen the mamasan come into the room (for all kinds of reasons, such as flirting with customers or watch them if they smelled like "bacon" - I do), or the girls simply switch (usually because a regular showed up and they want to service HIM).


Anonymous said...

Another stupid assumption: if people live on site, they are automatically held against their will. Outside of the US (I know it's the case in Europe, and I'm betting Asia), the owners frequently live in the rear, or right above the business. I have seen at least a thai parlor that was live-in in the US, and it was LEGIT, like most thai places are. But some of the staff WAS illegal and found convenient to just stay there. Guess what, it's the best deal when you don't have a car or can't show a landlord ID.
There is much speculation here that comes from prejudice and ignorance of the facts and ways of the rest of the world.

It is possible that to prevent people from running away before paying their debt, the owners keep them in. It would actually make sense. But unlike many, including CJ, who speculate on this blog, I have never seen evidence of it. And in any case, if patronizing those places helps free the girls a little faster, I don't see what the big deal is... unless one works in another type of parlor and wants all the monger money to herself.

Unlike the US Taliban, CJ wants people to have fun... but ONLY in her kind of place, you see, and at her rates. So she does point the finger and calls the kettle black. Hypocritical? You be the judges.

I didn't want to advertise for somebody else, but Missy's blogs (mentioned here) tell the other side of the story. She's Korean-AMERICAN (for you, CJ) and talks about life in AMPs, from THE INSIDE. From a long time AMP-goer, I can tell you that it's A LOT more accurate than what is presented here, even if I take issue with some of her intel and opinions. And her blogs seem dead at this point, but deserve a look for those interested in the truth.

To me, the "sucker" is the guy who gets excited about a simple hand job from someone like CJ. At her rates, she won't even rub his feet or blow him, let alone do more than that. His dick is dirty to her. White skin and a diploma...
But I like clean places too, and my ATFs are KMPs staffed with LMTs who'll go all GFE on you. Oh, and they have massage TABLES, too, as the majority of AMPs do. They'll just fuck your brains out on them and for $150/half-hour.

Tough competition, eh? Drop the superior airs, grating voice and attitude, admit that you're a whore and act like it, slash the prices, and I MAY buy american again. Nah, probably not.