Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday Night Football brought to you by HappyEndingz! - and other reasons why handjobs should be legal

You want to know what I think about all this nonsense about police raids and legalization and AMPs and stuff? Personally I think they should shut down ALL full service parlors, AMPs and brothels. That's right - ALL the full service places. From my experience around here, those places are all nasty, the girls are dirty, and they bring crime to their neighborhoods. There, I said it.

Am I being a hypocrite? No - I also think that whatever 2 consenting adults decide to do with each other for money is no one's business. So I'm actually OK with the whole escort thing. It's the full-service places I have a problem with.

You see once a place goes full service, it stops being about massage and starts becoming a brothel. Then the place stops hiring masseuses and starts hiring dirty girls with VD and drug problems (or if you're an AMP, you bring in the slaves). And before you know it, 3 people get shot in the parking lot over a crack deal gone bad. THAT is what happens when a massage parlor turns into a brothel. I don't have a problem with a guy paying for a blowjob - I have a problem with the drugs and violence that full-service places bring to a neighborhood.

As for handjob-only places - I think they should be legalized. We keep our businesses clean. We do our best NOT to hire druggies. And the only thing I'm a slave too is chocolate.

Yes - there are AMPs out there that are not worked by slaves and run by the mob, but the ones I've seen around here are. I've been in this business for a long time and I've seen dozens and dozens of girls come and go - but I have NEVER worked with an Asian girl who came from one of the local AMPs. NEVER.

Don't you think that at SOME time during my illustrious career, a girl from one of the AMPs would have come over to one of the other places looking for a better job? I know for a fact that we make more money because customers tell us what they tip at the AMPs. Our Business is much cleaner looking. We're not located in a ghetto. And heck - we even have health insurance!!!!!!

So please stop thinking that it's just an amazing coincidence that 99% of the Asian girls in The Valley have chosen to live together in a converted garage next to the train tracks.

And thats what I think. I mean, if the full-service places were regulated, kept clean, and didn't attract drug dealers and stuff, then I might feel different. I know it works in Nevada, but that's the reality here in SE PA.

And if HJ only places were legal - think about what our advertisements could say!


p.s. Come up with some catchy slogans!


Anonymous said...

u really have it in for the full service market. Why don't u spend your energy putting up a new picture in the body of your page and not the profile. All this negative energy is a turn off.


cj said...

Actually, I was only planning on leaving this pic up for a week. But now that I'm all pissed off about this stuff I've gotten side tracked.

This is what happens when you guys distract me! Maybe I'll post the new one later this week. Remember - I had no intention of posting any new pics. These new pics are the result of peer pressure. And I will not post them in the blog itself. Once they're gone - they are gone! LOL


Catherine said...

How about, Pay Day? Blow your wad at 'The Business'

Dick said...

When life is a tug-of-war, we're pulling for you!

Advizor said...

I think your "negative energy" is really righteous anger and it's justified. If anonymous only wants sex stories, there are other places for him to go, and let him go.

As for me, i read your blog because it teaches (and entertains) me about an industry that i know nothing about. I've spoken with strippers about their careers, I've even met a couple of escorts (non-professionally) and the stories they have to tell are fascinating.

Your stories of the work place, the politics, the police, all of it are what makes this blog so fun to read. Don't stop. Please.

Anonymous said...

I think it's in society's best interest to legalize the exchange of money for sexual gratification period. Regulations would certainly make it safer for both the providers and the hobbyists. Not to mention the financial benefits.

The conditions you describe exist primarily as a result of the business being in the hands of criminals.

Anonymous said...

"Where our hands can be your whore"

Al Sensu said...


Just because your business keeps it clean doesn't mean that others which are HJ-only shops do. Some of them are skeevy rip-off joints.

Thus your argument about legalization applies equally whether it's just to HJs or FS. It should all be legal, taxed and regulated.

That said, I agree with LE paying attention to the worst of the FS joints and leaving your kind alone.

Anonymous said...


Legalisation goes two ways. I live in the UK where paid companionship is legal. I am not interested in most of the full service but the problem is you hardly find an HJ only place and many girls in FS places do not understand that I do not want to do the OWO or any oral at that and seem more distracted by that than they are concentrating on doing what I really want.

Twitch said...

I agree with you CJ...

What goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults should not be the business of the law. Personally, I do not go to AMPs or "full service" establishments. I enjoy the company of a lady who likes what she does and not one who is just trying to see as many Johns as she can in a day.

Anonymous said...

Advizor you dork. I'm not looking for a sex story, but I don't want to read an angry rant for 3 posts in a row. It's not very appealing. It's competition in her industry. Sure lets hear about it but get on with it and change that picture with the cardboard. Instead of ranting an raving about the full service parlors she could be using an edit tool to block her face instead of that silly looking cardboard. lol


...and I'm not anon I'm PJ lol

Advizor said...

DORK? Them's fighting words, my misplaced friend.

If you don't like what CJ writes, then don't read it.

If you don't like her pictures, don't look at them.

If you can't say anything useful, stop typing.

This is CJ's blog and all I'm saying is that you don't seem to be getting what you want so go someplace else.

Aand, to quote our beautiful host, "Remember - I had no intention of posting any new pics. These new pics are the result of peer pressure. And I will not post them in the blog itself. Once they're gone - they are gone! LOL"

Reflex said...

Charlie - Unfortunatly that has not been the reality. In western Europe sex slavery is now rampant due to legalization. The supposed tax boons are absorbed by enforcement efforts. It just changes one set of problems for another. Personally I prefer a 'decriminalization' approach rather than a legalization, with a focus on the pimps and traffickers over the providers.

PJ - If you don't like it, there are plenty of other blogs, written by people who just want to hone their "Penthouse Letters" writing skills. I'd suggest one for you since CJ has long been more about education than tittilation.

Anonymous said...

You two are ignorant. It's called constructive critisism. Not meant to be offensive in any way...

Anonymous said...


Advizor said...


But you miss the point.

Perhaps you don't understand what "constructive criticism" means.

You comments were not constructive. You are basically yelling at CJ to "Shut up and show us your tits."

wait2cme said...

Cj you could show us the money makers just to help out an old man! I will read you blog regardless. It has been an eye opener for me.

Anonymous said...

There's more than one anonymous poster. People are giving CJ here feedback. She's a big girl and I'm sure she could defend herself if needed. Advizor sounds like a loser, I suspect he gets off by imagining himself to be CJ's knight in armor.

Advizor said...

What a hoot. If you think CJ needs a night in shining armor you haven't been reading her blog very long.

And I appreciate you keeping the dialog on an intelligent level. We now have "dork" and "loser" in the mix. Who wants to join the anonymous 3rd graders with "doody head" or "dweeb"? "Nerd" is also up for grabs.

Anonymous said...

LOL anon #2 thank you. That is what I'm talking about.

Advizor, who said anything about tits? I said it would look more professional without the piece of cardboard and not to complain for 3 posts in a row about her competition. I don't see anything about "shut up and show us your tits". I also might add that the title of her blog "erotic masseuse" "happyendingz" does not imply a Nun or a creative writing class discussing why the sky is blue.

I throughly enjoy this blog and this section is for comments good, bad or indifferent. The only comments I have ever made were about that stupid cardboard(photoshop - hellooooo), not being so angry for 3 posts in a row aaaand if she wants a harmonious relationship with a decent guy she would have to disclose her occupation because hiding it would end up biting her in the ass in the end....aaaand "nerd" is not up for grabs because that would imply intelligence but we won't go there.

P f'n JJJJJ and that's all I have to say about that LOL

Yes CJ please get back to us on the busted pipe.

Advizor said...

What? did you really just write

"P f'n JJJJJ "

OK, you win... i can't type any more from laughing so hard.....

Anonymous said...

CJ nobody denies that some Asian MPs have workers there against their will, however, it's not true that they're all like this. What's more, do you not see how some people there willingly *would* say they were held captive against their will when busted? After all, saying you were here illegally and of your own free will isn't likely to get you much sympathy. Saying you were a naive victim might result in no charges and the right to stay in the country legally. You of all people should support the decriminalization of full service places. The people who are against it do not make a distinction between you and the full service providers, to them you're both whores.

And by the way, I have seen white attendants several times in Asian places.

Advisor I would suggest you give it a rest and grow-up already. I don't think CJ is looking for a boyfriend on the 'net anyway.

Reflex said...

Anon - I want to see proof that these places are on the up and up(as far as an illegal service can be anyways). Quite frankly I don't buy it in light of whats happened around here and other cities I've lived in. I just don't believe that that many asian women are that convincing of liars and that law enforcement is all so woefully niave.

Anonymous said...

For once I really feel like losing my cool and being REALLY harsh on CJ and everyone of her fanboys. But the latter are, by their own admission, VERY IGNORANT of the massage business, as CJ obviously is, whether she knows it or not. All she writes is speculation based on hearsay and what she observed from OUTSIDE AMPs. She has never talked to any of those Asians, but knows what's up, huh? Yes, well, I'd believe her like I'd believe what the media (i.e. not at all).

Now this IS CJ's blog and she can say whatever she wants, that's for sure. BUT, until she shuts it down, the comments section makes the site interactive, so frankly, some things have to be addressed. People cannot talk out of their asses, claim that it's The Truth, and then not expect rebuttals (pun intended). Other people with no clue are reading this and trying to get pointers. It's irresponsible for CJ to describe what's going on in some small PA town with "half a dozen parlors", repeat a few uninformed cliches, and state that she's "educating" people about the industry.

All I see is readers here enamored with her (first rack you ever see, fellas?), and believing all the hype. Ooh, bad asians, bad full service gals... it's so wrong... love ya CJ! Don't make me puke. There's very little intel, and many readers' questions remain unanswered. Most of what I see here, BESIDES AMP-bashing that is, is typical girly diary stuff: bitching about life, co-workers, plumbing, etc. No problem with that, and I don't have to read it either, but "education" is not the word.

Seriously, if you don't mean it that way, CJ, read yourself again: this post looks like a shameless attempt to convince people that your way is the only way, and should be legalized, while all others should go.
Hmm. Why don't all businesses think like that? Oh, wait, they do and lobby their asses off to outlaw the competition, don't they?
The gullibility of your readers is what really floors me.

Do some freaking research, folks.

SOME asians, I repeat, SOME, like every other immigrant group, come here illegally and get help from unsavory people (for ID, lodging, and work hook-ups). Exploitation is going to be part of it, it's human nature.
Who in their right mind would believe that an illegal asian chick who barely speaks English would knock on the door of an american parlor to ask for a job? So that somebody like CJ can call ICE on her and laugh about her accent?
And as others have said, why would those girls talk to The Man when they know they broke the immigration laws to do some whoring and that telling on the mob is, um, frown upon?

No, asians stick to asians, even if they rip-off each other, exactly like latinos do. They have first an obligation to repay those who brought (OK, smuggled) them here. Then what? Work with whitey? Anybody pick up on the amount of bitching and backstabbing at The Business? Among whites? And the racism? "Buy american"!


Anonymous said...

Asians do charge less, for massage (Thai), HJ (Chinese), and FS (Koreans). But they do OK, don't worry. They don't sit on their asses watching TV, work to steal someone's customers, or post their and boobs and diaries online. they just work their asses off. Literally, in the case of whores.

And if a girl charges less for FS than CJ for showing her tits... wouldn't that make you question CJ's motives a bit here?

CJ "wants" (try Santa, not Uncle Sam) HJ legal and FS illegal. How so self-serving of her.
If this country ever recognizes that its citizens should be treated as grown ups, and therefore free to do whatever they damn please among themselves and behind closed doors... who the hell is to say that this or that should be OK? Not CJ I hope.
Threapists and customers SHOULD be free to choose the kind of activity they prefer, but NOT impose their views on others: it makes them as bad as the prudish freaks who outlaw prostitution in the first place. Only in the US, people, only in the US. Check out Canada and Mexico, then Europe and Asia. Where not outright legal, prostitution is at least tolerated.

Anyway, the drugs, the slaves, the crime... listen to yourself, CJ! What a scarecrow and how full of it.
Like a couple of people who posted on this blog (2-3 max, the rest are trolls or adoring and naive fans), I have ACTUALLY been to many AMPs, sampled all types of massages and activities there, talked to the girls, alone and outside (where they had no reason or chance to lie), befriended and even dated them, and assure whoever has an open mind that the immense majority of what CJ says is BS.
If a white restaurant owner called for boycott and closure of all latino establishments for reason of immigration violations or possible ties to the Mexican mafia, the guy would be crucified. But asians don't lobby much (very low profile) and CJ, a small time whore with an obscure blog, is not gonna make headlines.

But readers, don't believe anyone, JUST MAKE UP YOUR OWN MINDS and talk from experience instead of repeating slavishly (irony!) her lies and/or cliches.

I encourage all to read the comments throughout this blog. Many readers are intelligent and articulate, and some have also presented the counterpoint I just laid out (I posted a lot myself, to be honest, and have hijacked this blog enough).
It's a free country; believe what you want, but not before hearing all the sides, unless you're just a born follower with a taste for prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Same anon, still hijacking CJ's blog to point out lies as I uncover them (I feel like Don "Monger" Quixote).

Tell me CJ, how do you reconcile this: "I know for a fact that we make more money because customers tell us what they tip at the AMPs." with your contentions elsewhere that whorehouses and AMPs are more expensive than The Business? You can't have it both ways, but this is what happens when people make statements in bad faith and make up stuff as they go along.

$40/$60/$100 are average tips for BJ/HJ/FS (1/2 hour). House fees are $35 to $90, from 1/2 hr HJ to 1 hr FS. You do the math, especially when it's the same in places with LMTs and decent decor...