Friday, October 9, 2009

Half Naked Friday

Since this week has been so stressful and the blog has gotten so down, I decided to end the week on a high note. So here is the next pic in "Road To A Titty Fight" series. This pic was taken earlier this year. It was right after work, and Cindy and I went to Trina's place to have some drinks and relax.

Here's the background: after a few beers, we started talking about the blog and thought it might be fun to finally get a better pic for my profile. Trina fumbled around for a pair for dark sunglasses and I posed for a few pics taken on my cell phone.

I posed for a few pics, then Cindy joined me. Trina wanted nothing to do with it, but after a few more beers, she jumped in. Trina had her friend "Ron" over, so we let him take the camera. This is when today's pic was taken.

A couple more beers later and Ron suggests we flash the camera. "Hey! They won't know who you are with the sunglasses on!"

Remember, we were drinking.

Anyway, we were hesitant at first, but then tops started getting pulled up and Ron more than encouraged us. In fact, he even got Trina to flash the camera once.

Remember, we were drinking.

Right about here, somebody said something brilliant like "Who has the biggest tits?" I suspect it was the guy.

Well, tops got pulled up again and a few more pics later Cindy and I were mashing our breasts together. Meanwhile, Trina was laughing her ass off and our happy little photographer was clicking away with my phone.

Needless to say, all of the photos were funny, but none of them were suitable for use on the internet. A few I texted to friends, and that was the end of them. I just kinda forgot about them until you guys started making a fuss a couple months ago.

I tried my best to edit them so they were safe to post. I REALLY had to cut out Trina in order to get her permission. Cindy didn't care so much. Besides, I think she likes showing off her girls.

So enjoy these while you can. I'll be replacing them next week with the now infamous "titty fight" shot.



Anonymous said...

No offense but I can't even tell if there are humans in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Is that girl pregnant?

The Cook said...

Gotta make them bigger (the pics, not the tits)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your photo series, but the ones that you have posted so far have been thumbnail size. Would you consider re-posting them in a normal resolution?

Mike said...

I got the feeling that the thumbnail sized pics are no accident.

Ya get what ya get.. 'Gotta be happy with it..


Joker_SATX said...

I am happy with what I get....I just wish I could live on the east coast and be a client!

Anonymous said...

Half Nekkid Thursday wooohooo. Ok it's a start, lol.


Anyone know what the "word verification" is for everytime I post? Ty

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of 2 bottles of beer.

RubyRuby said...

I'm a late poster but sorry to hear about the flood. And, for the record, I liked the original photo and the air of mystery about you. Leave 'em wanting more!!!

Anonymous said...

What fucking picture? I don't even see the beer bottle, much less any tits.

Anonymous said...

how about a bigger picture. So we could see it clearly. Thanks

cj said...

Sorry guys!

It's bad enough I have half of PA trying to find me, so what you see is what you get! LOL

Yes - I keep them tiny and blurry on purpose. And now that I think about it, it really is a nice picture of 2 beer bottles.