Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Freak of the Week - The Couple

Work has finally started on the torn up rooms. This means that we're back to an evening schedule for the rest of the week. The guys will have the place to themselves in the mornings, and the girls will have it in the afternoons.

Yesterday was weird because I came in at 2:00 and the guys were supposed to be completely gone. Instead, there were like 5 men just sort of lingering around pretending to be cleaning up. You could tell they were trying to check us out as we came in for work, so I reminded Audrey that not a single customer will walk through that door as long as they were here. She finally said something to their supervisor and they were gone 10 minutes later.

Massage Parlor Rule #7 - never let the customers see other guys.

I hid in the office until they left. Every minute they're here after 2:00 is a waste of my time. It wasn't until about 3:00 that we were finally able to open. I was pissed and told Audrey so. She promised it wouldn't happen again.

But I won't complain too much since I did pretty well over the weekend. Everyone came in to make up for the loss of work last weekend. It was funny - so many guys were worried about us that Saturday and Sunday became a sort of homecoming. I'd say business was almost double that of a regular weekend, despite the bad weather.

But my most interesting session wasn't with an overly concerned Regular. I had my first couple! Well technically second, but the first where the girl wanted to get involved.

They were a pretty good looking couple in their late 20's I'd say. And it was obvious from the beginning that they were still in the honeymoon stage and totally obsessed with each other. An erotic massage was the girlfriends idea for a birthday gift for her man. She insisted on watching and I think it was partly for the turn-on and partly to make sure he didn't get more than a hand job.

Now I mentioned that they were obsessed with each other, right? The girl practically shadowed me from the moment I entered the room. I explained the options and she offered to pay for a topless which more than made her boyfriend happy. She made me a little nervous and annoyed with the hovering, so I made sure that I did a professional job with the massage to make her feel like she was getting her moneys worth.

The boyfriend notably kept his hands to himself during all this. I think she would have chopped them off if he tried to touch me. Hey - I wasn't complaining. The two of them were doing some sort of lovey-dovey baby talk while I was doing my thing, so I kept it quiet and just described what I was going to do before it did it - just so there were no surprises.

Then when it came time for the happy ending, I let her know directly what I was about to do, and she nodded her agreement. So I grabbed the bottle of oil from the warmer and lubed my hands up. As I started to work his shaft, I noticed that he got quiet and tensed up as if he shouldn't be enjoying himself at the hands of another woman.

Then I noticed that she got quiet too - as if he shouldn't be enjoying himself at the hands of another woman. This is when she asked if she could "help." I said "no" since the double handjob is really awkward for the guy and I could probably finish him off quicker than she could (I'm a professional).

Then she got weirder. "What do you do with the cum? I mean, shouldn't he be wearing a condom or something?" I think I may have paused mid tug on that one since it's probably the oddest thing anyone has ever asked me in session. I wanted to tell her that we collect it in test tubes and sell it to blackmarket sperm banks, but instead I said I usually let it shoot on the guy's belly and then I wipe it up with a towel.

I guess this treatment wasn't nearly good enough for HER man's precious seed because she still looked uneasy. So then she got even more weirder. "Can he cum in my mouth?"

Now when you read this, it appears as if she's just this kinky bitch who loves pleasing her man. BUT... the way she looked and sounded when she asked told a different story. I swear to you guys - I totally got the feeling that this girl really didn't want me touching this guys semen. His dick in my hands was pushing the limits, but his man-essence? Forget it!!!

It takes A LOT to weird me out nowadays, so I took it in stride. I decided to take control of this session back from psycho girl so I get this over with quickly. "Fine," I ordered, "Go over there and lay your head right here on his stomach." She walked obediently to the other side of the table. "I'm going to aim him directly into your mouth and he's going to tell you when he's cumming."

I think they were both relieved by this solution because she smiled and he got noticeably harder in my left hand. I continued to work him up and down, only at a steeper angle that pointed the head of his dick towards her open mouth. Finally, the boyfriend started to moan and she inched her tongue to within about an inch of his cock. He moved his hands up to the back of her head and said "Now baby, now!"

I expected her to open her mouth and just let it shoot in, but instead she actually grabbed his dick out of my oily hand and then totally deep throated him - oil and all. I pulled my hands back just so they wouldn't get sucked in too. He made some sort of growling noises for about a minute while she continued to aggresively blow him.

And the weirdest part out of all the weirdness that happened just now was my initial reaction. Now you guys out there know that I actually enjoy watching a man cum. Those little jets of semen are my proof of a job well done. Well, when this overly protective girl pushed my hand out of the way and took over the happy ending, I actually felt a small pang of jealousy.

Not that it had anything to do with an attachment to the guy. It was totally about me doing my job. My first thought was "Hey bitch! I did that - not you!" I know that makes me sound nutty as well, and you may not believe it but that was how I felt.

What can I say? I take pride in my work and I felt like she was taking credit for it. Next time I get a couple, I'm making her do all the work while I supervise. And I'll probably charge extra.



Anonymous said...

If you have her info, pass it along. I think I found my wife.

Anonymous said...

That was probably the best narration i've ever read. Not only was the account incredibly erotic, but i can totally see a few married couples i know doing that. Now i gotta tuck it in to stand up and goto lunch.

Can anyone say 'indie porn plot'?

Keep 'em ...uh... ...coming... CJ!

HighOnPoker said...

So, this will probably ruin the mental image of this fantastic story, but would you mind describing the couple?

Fire said...

Thanks for the story, CJ. You know how to get me hard.

Anonymous said...

What was your reaction when she said, "can he cum in my mouth?"?

Were you like... Dude, are you serious? I mean...really.

Anonymous said...

What are your top three facial stories

Al Sensu said...

Too bad they both couldn't relax and enjoy it. I'm sure there are other couples who could. Ever watch Cathouse?

Maybe next time you just set the rule that you and you alone handle the stick, but that she can rub his thighs or balls or whatever she can do to participate without getting in your way, and after all, aren't they here because you're the pro?

cj said...

Dear High,
They weren't a bad looking couple. He was tall and lanky with a rock hard stomach. Blonde guy with that little scraggly beard thing that's popular in trailer parks. She was also skinny. No breasts worth speaking of, but a very pretty brunette.

Like I've said, it takes a lot to weird me out nowadays, so asking to swallow her man's load only meant less clean up for me. The weird part was how I think she did it out of some perverse possiveness over the guy.

Other Anon,
3 stories? Not sure what you mean by "top" but the 3 most memorable occasions were because that shit burnt my eye.

Dear Al,
I really just don't know the proper etiquette for servicing a couple. And I'm in no hurry to practice either! LOL


Mike said...

I can only imagine the conversation in the car on the way home.....

The only thing more uncomfortable than the awkward silence, was the conversation...

Anonymous said...

Was jw if you could fill is in on a facial story with more detail

Anonymous said...

now if you want to make it more like a Cinemax flick the next time you get a couple, and she wants to get involved, tell her to get naked and hop on him to blow him.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I love it.

Great story!

Anonymous said...

Hope she likes the taste of massage oil. How mfing revolting.

Anonymous said...

As a customer let me tell you about my freak of the week. I went into some place I'd never been to before, not knowing what to expect. Greeted by an attractive smiley blond MILF in her 40's who was saying how happy she was I decided to come, lol. Anyways, she had me massaging her ass cheeks at one point, and spread her legs for me to finger her, one thing led to another and I was sucking her nipples and eating her meaty cunt while she was laying on the table jerking me. Once I exploded she said "oh fuck don't stop" so I kept licking her clit and fingering her until she came. She stuck around afterwards for a few minutes to chat before I showered. Now that's what a massage should always be like.

Anonymous said...

So now you know why some of us guys prefer the older chicks in these places. The most memorable of my many trips to spas have been with older ladies. I find in general that they're much more relaxed, easy-going, confident, and many of them ooze sex appeal from every pore of their being. I prefer a natural older woman with a full bush, real tits, and some meat on the bones instead of all the shaved cunts, anorexia, and bolt-ons we've been spoon-fed by Hollywood and porn. For the record, I'm 27.

They also know how to please a man and they're not shy. I'm not a full-service kind of guy either.

P.S what does Audrey look like? lol

cj said...

Dear Anon,
That's what I thought!!! That oil tastes nasty, but didn't slow her down one bit. THAT is how desperate she was to keep that man-seed to herself.

Next Anon,
You call that a massage? Dude - you had sex, so what? Any crack ho can fuck and suck. But if you want knots removed from your back from a woman who studied anatomy and massage technique, then go see a proper LMT.

BTW - so how's Audrey doing? LOL

Last Anon,
I've described Audrey before and I think I compared her to an aging rocker chick. Imagine your mother if she were stuck in an 80's timewarp and still had the giant hair and glam-metal T-shirts and painted on jeans. AND she was only 100 lbs. That's Audrey.


Anonymous said...

The session I described was preceded by a massage... If I wanted a *real* RMT massage I would go to a RMT place and I wouldn't care what the masseuse looked like, so long as they knew what they were doing. I don't go to rub and tugs for the kinks in my neck, neither do many other guys.

FWIW some of the massages I've gotten in massage parlors have caused soreness and tenderness a few days later. Sometimes it's best not to have amateurs playing with your back, ass, and legs.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of freaks, have you been asked to do (or do you know of places that have done) a guy in the ass with a dildo or strap-on during, or before the HJ? I guess that might be more of a full service thing. Just curious.

cj said...

Last Anon,
Look at my post in March on "Job Satisfaction."

Yes, I've used strap-ons and dildos on guys. I have no problem using toys with customers as long as nothing is being inserted in me. Feel free to ask your local erotic masseuse about toys. Remember - there is NOTHING she hasn't heard before.


Continuous But Plural said...

hahahahahahahahahahah! I cannot stop laughing at this one!!!!!!!!!

I understand I understand I understand!

It WAS like she was stealing the credit for your handjob! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anon at: 10/25/09 5:40 PM was RIGHT ON.

And CJ, please quit playing the LMT card: some FS girls ARE licensed and we then get the best of both worlds from them. But usually, we see providers for the action, whatever it is, not therapeutic skills...
And saying that anyone can fuck is like saying that a HJ is "up/down/repeat/grab balls if necessary"... oh, wait a minute... lol

You see, hobbyists love whores, and are so tired of the same BS they hear from "amateurs" (dicks are dirty, I don't do this or that, etc.) that we're really turned off by getting that from pros. You're not getting any respect by describing your state of denial and silly boundaries.
You sound like someone trying to have it both ways: jerk off strangers but be seen as a real therapist, and be a parlor whore but without giving foot rubs or more than a HJ.
Frankly I'm just reading your blog to correct you (for the newbs' benefit) at this point.
I think that some guys insulting you are trying to (virtually) slap you until you wake up.